कला से आप क्या समझते हैं ? कला का अर्थ एवं परिभाषा बताइए !

कला से आप क्या समझते हैं ? कला का अर्थ एवं परिभाषा बताइए !

Art is a very broad term. The term arts and crafts are being used in ancient Indian languages. The use of ART in the English language dates back to the thirteenth century, which means to make, produce or fix.

Initially, the word skill was used in its place and when artificial creation was done in a work using physical or mental skill, it was considered as an art. In the Natyashastra of Bharata Muni, the word art has been used almost in place of fine art. Before the Natya Shastra of Bharat Muni, the use of the word craft was prevalent in place of art.

definitions of art

Many definitions of art have been given by scholars from time to time. We are giving some of them here.

“Art is the characteristic that makes the form of an object beautiful.” -Shivsutra-Varshimini

“Man expresses himself in art.” -Doctor. Bhola Shankar Tiwari

Art is the narrow form of the duty power of God which we get for the sense of feeling. Jaishankar Prasad (Poetry and Art)

art is action

Nature performs various actions every moment. The occurrence of the moon, the blossoming of a flower, the formation of Indra’s bow. Human beings also perform many actions, out of which some special tasks which are done skillfully attract others. This clearly means that art is a broad term which is used in various fields of nature and human life. But nature is divine art which is separate from human activities, whereas the creation of artistic object or picture created by man is a process of creation which determines its artistry, then it is clear from this analysis that “art is that human action whose The special feature is to observe, enumerate or compile, contemplate, contemplate and express clearly.

art is a technique

To make any artwork, it is necessary to understand the material used in its construction and the technique of using that material. Without understanding that technique, it is not possible to create that artwork. The better we know the technology of using the material
The more efficiently we will be able to use it and the more excellent it will be. Therefore, it is clear that “art is a special technical process in which it is necessary to understand the method of use of the material used for the manufacture of the artwork.”

art is a craft

Bharatmuni in his Natyashastra has described painting and song as a craft in another scholarly book titled “Kaushit ki Brahmana”.

Cutting any material and giving it a shape is called craft, for this reason whether it is sculpture or architectural craft, metal craft or textile craft or plastic art all come under the category of crafts.

It is clear from the above analysis that “for every type of art, it can be given the form of an artwork only by cutting or carving some material. For the creation of artwork, the process of cutting or carving suitable material and its skill is essential.

art is a skill

In our ancient Sanskrit text “Aitareya Brahmana” it is said that any work can be called an artwork only when it has been prepared by special skill and has a metrical arrangement in it.

Apart from action, craft and technique, the mental thinking process of the artist finds many ways to make that work attractive and bring innovation in it, this is called the skill of the artist. Thus it becomes clear that “mental reflection is an essential process to make the artwork effective, new and attractive”.

art is knowledge

Sixty-four arts are described in our ancient Indian Vangmay. The knowledge of these arts was considered a process different from the highest knowledge. Knowledge is actually a specific mental process. If it is not analyzed and understood beforehand, then there will be no knowledge of it and if the knowledge is not there then it is not possible to use that technique. When the mind and brain considers any technique, object, event, action etc. to be true after analyzing it completely, then only it can get the knowledge of that technique, object, event or action etc.

It is clear from this analysis that before the creation of the artwork, it is necessary to have complete knowledge of the techniques, materials etc.

art is imitation

Plato said, “Art is the imitation of the imitation of truth.”

Truth is only God. This nature or creation is its imitation and the artist imitates this creation itself.

Anukriti means resemblance. Thus it is clear that “the superiority of an artwork depends on how much the original work, whether it is divine or man-made, is similar to that work.

art is a fantasy

According to Buddha Ghosh, “All the artifacts in the world are all a product of imagination. “Plato also believes that divine inspiration plays a role in artwork. The artist creates many such imaginary pictures or sculptures which do not exist in the world. Deities, divine incarnations, demons, heaven, all these are just imaginations. European scholars also believed that the artist clarified his imagination by creating new works of art. From the above analysis it is clear that “the basis of imagination is also worldly things. The artist reassembles them in the imagination and gives them a new form.

art is an expression

Scholars say that art is a kind of emotional language which is successful in awakening a mental state. Leonardo da Vinci says that the figures the artist creates are based on his inner expressions. That is, in the forms of art there is an expression of the feelings of the artist.

Just as we convey our thoughts to others by making language a medium, similarly through artwork also the artist communicates the thoughts of his mind. Art is a kind of emotional language which is expressed in artworks. Art has been called a social dream by some scholars.

Therefore, it is clear that “art, whether imaginary or resemblance to a real object, the expression of the artist’s feelings behind it plays the basic role.

art is a game

Various scholars have termed art as a sport. Anthropologists consider all forms of free expression to be related to sports. Havertz Reid is of the opinion that when many of our desires, thoughts, feelings and sensations are not expressed immediately, they create tension. They get an opportunity to be free from sports. The same process happens in art as well. Other scholars say that art is more than play. Play only entertains whereas in art thought is important. There is instant pleasure in play whereas art gives permanent pleasure.

Hence it becomes clear that “artist also makes art a medium to release his feelings and tensions and art takes him to a healthy mental world.


On the basis of the above description, we can say that art is a complex presentation in which the knowledge of technology and making it heart-warming, imagination and expression of the things available in the creation, beauty, contemplation, novelty and the artist’s own personality is a creation of greatness of righteousness. The role remains.

• Art is an innately restrained action and is different from the natural but mechanical action of nature.

• Art is a useful and powerful medium for the upliftment of society.

• Art affects the environment and things around us.

• According to the action of creation, the name of the work is done. Artwork made of wood will be called wood art and if the same artwork is made of brass then it will be named metal art.

• Art is the amalgamation of imitation and imagination.

• Contemplation and experience give an excellent form to art.


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