गुर्जर शायरी | Gujjar Status in Hindi

गुर्जर शायरी | Gujjar Status in Hindi

Hello friends, my name is Kapil and in today’s post we have collected some unique Gujjar Status that too in both Hindi & English languages.
friends, supposedly Gurjar (Gurjar) is a Sanskrit word. Which means enemy destroyer.
Also known as Gurjar, Gujjar, Gujar, Gojar, Gurjar, Gurjar and Veer Gurjar. The ancient great poet Rajasekhar has called the Gurjars as Raghukul-Tilak and Raghugramini. With respect to Gujjars in Rajasthan Mihir ‘, which means ‘sun’. The original place of Gujjars is considered to be Gujarat and Rajasthan. Historians tell that before the Mughal period, almost the whole of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Gurjaratra ( Countries protected from Gujjars ) or Gurjar-Bhumi.
That’s why in today’s post we have created some Unique Status and Photos for Gurjar brothers.
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gujjar status

Gurjar is the name of that person.
who is sure of his faith

kheti barga dhandha koni
and gurjar barga banda koni

desi gujjar photos

Gurjar Ki 2 Ride
One Bullet another Safari

gujjar status

Gujjar’s heart soft
Hey, please warm your mind.

gujjar status download

whose father and grandfather are hunters,
We Gujjars are heavy on them too.

gujjar status in hindi

Gurjar’s friend is the most beautiful
good patriotism and honesty

gujjar photo status

gujjar status in hindi

GurJar’s quote and
is always powerful

gujjar status download

like a gujjar boy
no heart is weak
no lath

desi gujjar photos

crocodile catch
Ar Gurjar’s strut
stand up

crocodile catch
Ar Gurjar’s strut
stand up

Gujjar ki yari…
And the lion ride…
lucky one gets

We are like Gurjar,
welcome me later
Ar section 144 should be imposed first.

White is called WHITE
In front of Gurjar’s son
everyone becomes air tight

Gurjar I’ll do something special
useless talk in the land
blast straight

Lobby car and hokke suffocating,
Just fond of these 2 things
Gujjar’s son!!

gujjar status
GUJJAR is that celebrity
Whose HOBBY is just fun

gurjar shayari in hindi

Na Ho Ho Gujjar Ki Hoad
Whether to spend crores

gujjar status download

Gujjar’s friendship and wrestling
Both are strong.

In the name of Gujjar and
At the forefront of reporting!!

Propose that the child should do it,
Your Gurjar will marry directly,

TAZ of good deeds by wearing
Gujjar will rule this world

Your strut is the dust of my feet
Gujjar hu son don’t forget this

Gurjar Photo Shayari

Gujjar Status

na 16 ka dola
No 46 chest
son will kill by entering the house
Because Gurjar sa: my caste

Gurjar Shayari Images

The name is chale in the whole city
In photo lagare police station,
lion like jirga
In putting the hands of Gujjar !!

If it burns, let it burn
It’s not my job to extinguish
Do not burn to ashes
So Gurjar is not my name..

Birds dense in the forest,
But not like a peacock.
People dense in the world,
But not like Gujjar.

lion is injured
but don’t forget to roar
At a time
don’t forget to beat 100

someone asked,
Where is Bhai Gurjar Giri going?
we said
Brother, go wherever you say.

Gurjar shayari

We are Gujjars..
more than us money
Have respect dear!!

Gujjar’s life
There is only one principle,
I will give up my breath, but will be with you

I’m Gujjar, I’ll do something special
useless talk in the land
blast straight

gujjar status

There is breath in the blood,
Because we are Gujjars!

Gujjar’s children do not end the talk
just end the story

Strong Relationships and Strong Tea
Slowly it is made.

we don’t worry about anything
Because we worship Mohan Ram

You will keep on burning like fire,
And we will continue to bloom like a rose.

Gurjar’s Poot
eat and drink strong

gurjar shayari photo

gujjar status

Don’t talk about collision with Gujjar
The day we will face
Celebrity will be erased on that day…

This voice is not the roar of Gurjar, even if you stand alone in front, it is a mountain.

What did we live in a little simplicity, people understood that the era of Gurjar is over !!

right to right and wrong to wrong
dare to say…
That’s why nowadays I keep relationships less

gujjar attitude status

The style is different, we Gujjars
Everyone is fond of having Attitude,
And we decided to break Attitude

Tera yo ego to two days story
Ar Mahara Attitude So
From childhood to family

at the feet of a lion
if the thorn pricks
he didn’t mean
Now dogs will rule.

There is talk everywhere
of Gujjar Raj
are not needed,
give us a crown

we are gujjar sir
We are with 15% Battery
Don’t take warnings too seriously,
Somebody’s nonsense is a far cry.

I am the son of Gurjar
will do something special
fight fights
will destroy straight

gujjar status download

Gurjar Shayari 2022

Believe that with your one voice
The crowd gathers.
But we are also Gujjars,
by one of our cries
The whole crowd disperses.

grinding stone
never flour
Bow down to Gurjar.
such a mai ka lal
Wasn’t born

we have guts,
we are in
confusing us
Straight over!

God has distributed things to everyone
from builder
potter’s mat
text to brahmin
and gujjar chic

Veer Gurjar Shayari

I am the son of Gurjar wherever I go
I go alone
I don’t mind dying
and give me a hand
No one’s father has that much power.

someone said we are iron
someone said we are steel
mom swears a stampede
when we said
we are gujjar

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