चौधरी शायरी : Choudhary Status Photo

चौधरी शायरी : Choudhary Status Photo

Hello friends, my name is Kapil Tetarwal and in today’s post we have given some unique Choudhary Status That too in our mother tongue Hindi. Friends, Chaudhary does not mean any particular caste, it is a title, relatives of Bharatpur royal family, Nauwar of Mathura, Hunga, Khadai Gotra, Meerut and all Jats of Ambala commissionerate have the distinction of being called Chaudhary. All Hindu Jats of Haryana and Hindu and Muslim Jats in Punjab are also called Chaudhary. Jats have the distinction of being called Sahab along with Chaudhary. While talking in general, Jats are called as Chaudhary Saheb. On hearing the word Chaudhary, one gets the sense of ‘Jat’. The word Chaudhary has a great reputation. Even after getting the high title of ‘Sir’, Sir Chhotu Ram is called Sir Chaudhary Chhotu Ram. In view of the prestige of the word Chaudhary, in today’s post, we have collected the best Chaudhary status of 2020.
If you search on the Internet for Choudhary Status or Qoutes then you have come to the right place. In this post, we have shared the status of Choudhary as well. Choudhary Name Photos and Wallpapers You will also not find this type of photo on any other website. Friends you can like these status FacebookCan be uploaded on Whatsapp and all other social media websites. Or you can add it to your Instagram Story, and if you like this Status / Photos, then definitely share it with your friends.

Choudhary Status

Chowdhary sir bid and
is always powerful

Chowdhary sir don’t think for yourself
force others
to think

white is called white
Chowdhary sir in front of
everyone becomes air tight

Courts run on paper
We are Choudhary.
Decision on the spot does.

choudhary sa madam
I can change
not thinking

Ra Pagli Hum Choudhary Sa
ham not study first
Naughty Teach me

Chowdhury’s Mustache” and “Lion’s Tail”
when it shakes
Doom comes!

Choudhary Wallpaper

chowdhary wallpaper

Wallpaper Choudhary

chaudhari wallpaper

chowdhary name photo

Chaudhary Status

Chieftain name of that person
who is sure of his faith

where matter grows up
There Chowdhary sir Stands up.

whose father is a hunter
Hum Choudhary is heavy on them too

Baby Chaudhary sahib is not on date,
Go on dates.

gin kama pai government ban Is
Chowdhary sahib is a fan of those kama.

Chaudhari Status

someone asked,
Where is Bhai Chaudhar going?
we said,
Brother, go wherever you say.

na 16 ka dola
No 46 chest
son will kill by entering the house
Because the Jats are the Mhari castes.

If it burns, let it burn
It’s not my job to extinguish
Do not burn to ashes
So Chieftain not my name

Listen when you walk
Age stops,
But when I walk this chaudhary
The world bows down.

they feel cold
whose deeds are stained
we are khandani chaudhary
There’s fire in our blood too

Choudhary Status Photo

chowdhary attitude image

choudhary shayari photo

Choudhary sahab

chaudhary shayari photo

chowdhary name photo

Choudhary status photos

chowdhary status

Shayari Choudhary

We are Choudhary

We broke Bones not heart

Choudhary Ka Dil Naram
aur dimag Garam ho ya Karen

Baby Chaudhary Date Par Nahi
tarikho par jaate hai

Chaudhary naam hai use insan ka
jo pakka hai apne iman ka

Jahan matter bade hot hai
Wahan Choudhary Sahab Khade Hote Hai

Everyone Fears Yamraj,
Yamraj is only Afraid of Choudhary

Choudhary Shayari

Crocodile hold of
Ar Jat’s strut
Well done.

When the raga named Choudhary started,
So there is fire in water too.

Chaudhar Ka Hookah
Ar Jat’s Rukka S.
The real fear is that of a Jat,
Baqiyya’s Torah Sukkah s.

milk curd food,
Bath at the bottom of the tube well!
Tell brother without knowing,
yo sai mahara Jat family,

even if i die
write my identity
at some corner of my shroud
write jat

We have brought all these Choudhary Status specially selected for you. Hope you must have liked the Choudhary Status given here. So friends, do not forget to share all these status with your friends and loved ones at all. Along with this, if you also have some Unique Choudhary Status, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment or you can also reach your status by following on social media. If we like your status then we will definitely add it to our collection. If you like this Chaudhary status then you can visit our website newsbeats.in Home Screen But add it so that whenever you need any quote, you can directly download it from our website newsbeats.in.


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