जाटणी स्टेटस : Jaatni Attitude status and photo download

जाटणी स्टेटस : Jaatni Attitude status and photo download

In today’s post, we have collected some desi status for the women of Jat society i.e. Jatani. In all these statuses, you will get to see the arrogance of the women of Jat society and a glimpse of their desi status. Along with status, we have also created some photos which you can make your WhatsApp or Facebook profile. Surely you will not find this type of status and photos on any other website, then share this post as much as possible.

jaatni status

Jatani I am also here Andy has come
Don’t chu-cha, put your face straight..!

Jaatni Where are you sick?
we just look

to Jatani Makeup not needed,
Because the smile of the jatani Cute manufactures.

on the face Innocence
and storm in eyes
or from
Teri Jatani Ki Puran

Jaatni Attitude status

Attitude So let’s do it in the cuticle,
Jaatni me to chaudhar hoya kare.

Your Attitude is chilling in front of me,
because my smile Too much killer!!

There will be thousands of you ‘loving’,
But son, millions of people are crazy about our attitude!

Come let me write something crazy about you…
as much as yours EGO Is..
So much for this Jatani ATTITUDE of A.

My look is not less than any princesses,
And those who show Attitude in vain
that’s not us

Jaatni Attitude image

png photo of a jatani
a jaatni sitting on a car
jaatni image quotes

Jaatni status in Hindi

Other girl names
love letter is written
And FIR is written in the name of Jaatni.

Jatani DiL No
direct brain damage

I Jaatni Who are you?
make me love
no alarm clock
which will be set

jaatni love status

Is Jaatni Ki Tere Gayle Bne Bhi Koni
Ar and who gayle jamai kony.

Ra baavle yo Jaatni ka haath s,
Don’t give up so easily..!!

If you talk about love, then you will get love
as seen strut
So this Jaatni ki jutti will be eaten.

Your dear friend and my dear friend,
If you are a flying bird
Or Jatani also hunter.

Jaat Jaatni status

Who am I those girls?
Who died as an actor?
I will marry the native Jatni Sunjat,
Which I take in the field should be tractor p.

I am born in Jaat caste,
Take pride in being a Jaat.
I am the daughter of whose Jaat,
I respect that turban.

I follow the lioness’s walk,
I rule like a lioness,
God has created Jaat’s house,
I am proud of this only..!!

Jaatni image

jaatni status image
banduk aali jaatni
jaat ki jaatni

Status on Jaatni

Rajasthani Jaatni hu,
There is both blushing and growling.

It is not necessary to beat in everyone’s heart, sir.
Knocking in the eyes of some people also has a different fun…

We have no interest in being in discussions, we have discussions about everything, so what should we do?

Jaatni photo

The cute little jatni who hid her face
cute and sweet jaatni text
haryanvi jaatni with banduk

Status for Jaatni

Jaatni Soooo, Single Soo Ar Cute Too Soo
And I should

Not a calamity that will pass,
I’m used to it..

your Attitude will hurt me
But my Attitude will burn you to ashes…

jaatni whatsapp status

Haryanvi Jaatni hu,
There is both blushing and growling.

su sun bawlai
Did you talk about Tama Guns?
New or Jaatni So
Ter jisya na aankhya ta udade se

Sun Bawle,
lioness hunger
Look of Jaatni
Both take lives!

I hope you will like this Jatani Status, Shayari and Photos, if you like it, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment. If you also have any additional status, then you can send it to us by writing in the comment, we will include it in our post within 24 hours.


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