दुनिया की 10 रहस्यमयी जगह

दुनिया की 10 रहस्यमयी जगह

Friends, although our earth is very beautiful, yes, there is more than one beautiful things and places. But along with beauty, there are some places which are very scary and mysterious. Today we will tell you about 10 mysterious places of the world (10 Unsolved Mysterious places on earth), about which even scientists could not find out till date.

1/10 nazaca lines
There are such art figures spread over 600 square kilometers in Peru, which can only be seen from the sky. Which is also called Nazaca lines. There are 100 such different art figures which are quite large in size which can be seen from the sky, it also includes figures of animals, birds and some humans.
Nazaca lines were first seen in 1930. It is thousands of years old, it is so big that it can be seen from several hundred feet above the earth. The most surprising thing related to this is that how many years ago man would have made these figures in a perfect way.

2/10 megenetic hills
Think if you have parked your car at some place and after some time you come there and see and your car is not there, then what will you think that someone has stolen your car. But this is not the case in Ladakh, India, there is such a hill in Ladakh that pulls the vehicles towards you, scientists believe that this hill has magnetic power which pulls the vehicles towards itself.

If you leave the vehicle neutral, it pulls the vehicle towards itself at a speed of 20 km/h. Even the ships flying in the sky are not able to escape from this magnetic hill, the pilots flying here say that when the ships pass over this hill, then the ship feels strong tremors, to avoid which they have to fly the ship. The speed has to be increased.

3/10 Pamukkale Turkey Natural Hot Spring
The pamukkale natural hot springs present in Turkey are a natural hot water spring, they are numbered 17, they have been there for thousands of years, the elements in this water come in contact with the air, they become calcium carbonate, which is It has been accumulating on the side of the waterfalls for thousands of years, due to which it takes the shape of a swimming pool, the temperature of these remains between 37 to 100 degrees. Where thousands of tourists come every day, it is said that bathing in such natural hot water improves our skin.

4/10 walking stones
A shocking incident has also come to the fore in Rustreak, California, where you start walking big stones, this thing kept the scientists astonished for a long time, how could this happen. On 20 September 2013, scientists saw 60 stones moving and took photos of them.
After a long time of research, scientists found that there is a fine layer of ice between the stones and the earth, which starts melting from the sun and the water particles come under the pressure of the air. Due to which the stones start moving on their own.

5/10 akoighara forest
Akoigahara is a forest in Japan. This forest is the scariest forest in the world. You will not like to go to this forest at all. Because where people don’t come to visit, if you go and see it, you will find dead bodies hanging from place to place and shoes scattered everywhere and absolutely silence. This forest is spread over an area of ​​1600 square kilometres. It is so dense that not a single ray of the sun passes through it.

In the world this forest is also called scary forest or suicide forest. Here the death toll has increased so much that the Japanese government has put a sign board in front of it, on which it is written that if you have come with the intention of killing, then do not do this, life is not found again, in this life help someone In the year 2010 itself, 265 people had committed suicide here.

6/10 easter island
This is one such lamp of Chilli country where 600 stone idols are kept. These are called by the name Movoi. Even after breaking these idols with a hammer, only small scratches come in them. These idols weigh several tons and are very big.
This idol has been here for thousands of years. But till date no one has been able to know who has kept them here and for what. The surprising thing is that till now no evidence of any human being is found on this lamp, then how did this idol come here, some of them weigh more than 100 tons and are 30 to 40 feet high.

7/10 Palmar Sur Airport
When a fruit company excavated to set up the plant, they found 700 round shaped stones from under the earth. Which are also called Shaphere stone balls. These weigh more than 20 tons and some of them are up to 7 feet in diameter. These stones are thousands of years old, the surprising thing is that thousands of years ago, humans did not have any such tool by which stones could be given a perfectly round shape. Some scientists believe that these stones came floating in the water, due to which the shape of them became round.

8/10 maracaibo lake vanazuela
There is a lake called Maracaibo in Venezuela, where the world’s fastest lightning flashes, here there is a record of 2,500 times per square kilometer of lightning every year.
From May to October, lightning flashes here 250 times in a night. Due to which people come from far and wide to see this sight.

9/10 Roop Kund lake
There is a lake named Roop Kund in Uttarakhand, which is in the middle of the mountains, in winter the water of this lake freezes, but as soon as summer comes, the snow melts and becomes a lake here.
The way to reach here is very difficult, in 1942 some people reached here after a lot of difficulty, they saw that human skeletons were scattered all around here. Since then till today it has remained a mystery that when humans cannot reach here, then how did this skeleton come here?

10/10 old faith
Yello stone national park USA has the world’s largest hot water fountains, which are also called natural geysers. In which hot water comes out on its own in the form of a fountain. There are 300 such fountains in Yello stone park, the most famous of them is old faithful, this fountain is several feet high and such explosions keep happening in it, but scientists are surprised that till now any debris with water from it. Has not come out You will also get to see old faithful in many Hindi and English films.

Friends, these were the 10 mysterious places of the world, about which scientists could not find out till date. And friends, how did you like this article of ours, do tell us in the comment. We have written this article very carefully, if still we have made any mistake, then you can tell us by writing it in the comment.
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