पुलिस स्टेटस : Police Status in Hindi

पुलिस स्टेटस : Police Status in Hindi

Hello friends, my name is Kapil Tetarwal and in today’s post we have collected some unique police status, that too in our mother tongue Hindi. Friends, Police (Shuddh Hindi: Rakshak or Rakshak) is a security force which is used for the internal civil security of any country in the same way as the army is used to protect a country from external immoral activities. goes. The life of a police man is full of struggles, because a policeman has to face many types of people in his life, in which two important are thieves and leaders, for this reason it is said about the police that a true policeman. Either he is martyred or he is suspended. That is why in today’s post we have created some unique status and photos for Indian Police. These will definitely boost the spirits and intentions of a policeman and he will get a new energy. Surely you are not going to find this type of status & wallpaper on any other website. So I hope you will definitely like this Police Status, if you like this Status / Photos, then definitely share it with your friends.

police status

Let the blood of the enemy’s chest be shed through a rag,
That’s the fun of living as a police.

Being a cop is not an easy thing.
All dreams have to be buried in the heart.

police status

day or night, sunny or rainy
Police is with you for your service

Policemen also have different traps.
Here arrows have to be shot and birds also have to be saved.

police status in hindi

There is no sleep in the eyes, agreement in the heart,
This love is not the police job, my friend

Police Status in Hindi

When a policeman stands up!
So a hundred thieves hide!

Wa girl happy luck hoya kare,
whose husband is in the police

True police either die!
Or Suspend is done!

Play Khoon Ki Holi Politician like you!
No police!!

police status image

police logo
police name photo

police status in hindi

with khaki uniform
Power with him.

Learn to give life to the pride of this uniform,
don’t sell respect

The matter of police beating is unique
Dumb also singer Qawwali!

police quotes in hindi

Tricolor is our Shaan-e-Zindagi,
Wafa-e-Zindagi is the country of life,

We accept to die for the country,
We are passionate about the dream of a united India!

police status

Blessed are those who perish in their homeland,
Even after death, those people become immortal.

Let the blood of the enemy’s chest be shed through a rag,
This is the fun of living as a police

Police is the pride of the country
Whose identity is alive.

If the hero will be mentioned.
So the name of the heroes of India will be

police don’t love anyone
hate no one
Police only do their duty.

police status in hindi

Brothers, in today’s post, we have brought Police Status for you, hope that you must have liked this Police Status. You can use these Police status images in your WhatsApp status, Facebook & Instagram story can be done to make it unique, if you like this police If you like the status then definitely share it with your friends. Along with this, if you also have some unique police status, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment or you can also convey your status to us by following on social media. If we like your status then we will definitely add it to our collection. If you like this status, then you can add our website NewsBeats.in to the home screen so that whenever you need a quote, you can directly download it from our website NewsBeats.in.


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