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Barish Status

looking for the best rain status , If yes then you are at right place because here we have collected barish status in hindi, read these rain shayari status And also share with friends, relatives and on social media. Thank you

rain status


We don’t call that love true,
Who does not remember his beloved in the rain.


Even this rain tries to pull towards you.


By not saving myself so much,
If it rains, then get wet.


Hold on, when the rain stops, then go away
I don’t like anyone touching you.


Whenever it’s the first rain, you’ll find it in front,
We will be able to see your face full of drops.

rain status

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Now who will be able to stop the losses from rotating,
Your swirl that has opened, it seems that Sawan will come.


Rain soaked me for hours again
Even I was left blank of blank.


If you want to understand the rain, then read the faces of the farmers.
These poets have tied it in the realm of love.


Don’t ask me how much love is with him
It catches fire if even a drop of rain touches it.

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Surprisingly, the Sahara looks at the rain,
It has come from so far to shake hands with the sand.

-#1 1-

Today my wish has come true,
Heartwarming rain.

rain shayari status


Maybe some wish keeps crying,
it’s raining inside me


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I come out of the house wearing compulsions nowadays,
Otherwise the hobby is still there to get wet in the rain.


Whenever the clouds rain,
Heart yearns to meet Sanam.


If you were there then the last rain was life.
This time it is raining only.


Let me never slip somewhere while walking in your remembrance..
Stop your memories are like rain in my city.


The more I see, the more I feel,
As little as it sounds.
This rainy season looks like you.


Weather-e-see the thunder of rain
like you came


We often live in the rain of love,
And they are never ready to get wet.


The cloud of rain is crazy, what do you know?
Which path to avoid, which roof to soak.


It is a color like sunshine and it is itself like a shadow
Rainy weather filtered in his anklets..


Today the rain came, I remembered that era,
He stays on your terrace and takes a bath on my streets.


Who knew that dark clouds fly away without rain
Sawan came but no rain in your luck


A story remembered for its sweet smell,
This season’s rain and rain water.


Friendship is not good with these rains,
Raw is your house, take care of something..


Why do we make so many paper boats?
Neither are those streets anywhere, now they are not rain water.


The one that was coming on the face got wrapped around the feet,
After the rain, the nature of the soil changed.


There is a laugh on the lips but,
Do not let rain come in your eyes.

barish shayari status


The cloud of rain is crazy, what do you know?
Which path to avoid, which roof to soak.


How happy the weather in my city has become,
It felt as if the sky fell in love with the ground.

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