बेलपत्र क्या है इसका उपयोग महत्व एवं इसकी सम्पूर्ण जानकारी

बेलपत्र क्या है

Bel patra ke interactions : Although Lord Shiva is worshiped every day without waiting for any day in a month, but when it comes to Sawan, every Shiva devotee tries how to please Lord Shiva. Devotees worship Lord Shankar with Ganges water. They also climb Belpatra is also called Bilvapatra. In our Hindu religion, it is believed that Belpatra is very dear to Lord Shiva. Mahadev is pleased even by offering a Belpatra, so he is also called Ashutosh. From this we will know why Belpatra is so important and what are its other uses.

what is balpatra

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What is Belpatra?

There is a story related to Belpatra in Skanda Purana written thousands of years ago. It is believed that Girija is in the roots of the Bel tree, Maheshwari in the stem, Dakshayani in the branches, Parvati in the leaves and Mata Gauri in the flowers, that is the reason why Lord Shiva has so much attachment to Belpatra!

rules for breaking vine leaves

As we all know that how much Belpatra is dear to Lord Shiva, so when Gangajal is offered to him in Sawan, special arrangements are made for him, which is offered along with water when Lord Shiva is so dear. Yes, there are rules to break it from its tree, it is not that you can break it from its tree at any time, so come let’s know what are the rules of breaking Belpatra!

  1. Before and after plucking the vine leaves, one should bow down to the tree.
  2. Do not break Bel leaves on Chaturthi, Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdashi and Amavasya dates, during Sankranti and on Mondays!
  3. It is said in the scriptures that if a new belpatra is not available, then the belpatra offered by someone else can also be washed and used many times.
  4. The twig should not be broken while plucking the belpatra. Only vine leaves should be plucked selectively from the twig!

What are the benefits of Belpatra?

In Indian culture, as much importance is given to the gods and goddesses, the same importance is given to nature, due to which we also worship nature. The tree is the vine, which has importance not only in religion but also in our daily routine. If you know about its benefits, then maybe this summer they will not forget to drink the syrup of bael, come let’s see what are the benefits of bael fruit, from its fruit to its leaves, medicinal properties are found, let us see in detail what are the benefits of belpatra. What are the benefits!

  1. Cholesterol remains under control in the body by chewing on bael leaves.
  2. Bel leaf is miraculous for diabetic patients!
  3. It is very beneficial in any type of bloating, stomach related problem of the body.
  4. The use of bael fruit provides great relief in phlegm, vata disorder, diarrhea, indigestion, urinary disease, diabetes, dysentery, leucorrhoea in the body.
  5. Gives coolness to the body, the syrup of the vine is the most effective way to avoid the heat in summer.
  6. If a woman has become a mother in these days, then the syrup of vine is very beneficial for her, the production of milk in her breast is balanced.
  7. Drinking honey mixed with lukewarm water in the juice of bael purifies the blood.
  8. After roasting the fruit of the bael in a light fire, adding sugar to it and eating it 3-4 times a day, the complaint of diarrhea ends.


Today we have learned that what is the importance of Belpatra, in relation to religious and health, Lord Shiva is very much liked about the medicinal properties of Belpatra. When there is no nature then where will our existence remain and we must plant a bael tree in our own homes so that its availability increases and our coming generations should know about our religion and culture and they should respect it equally. And benefit yourself and your family with beneficial properties from it

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