मीणा स्टेटस & फोटो | Meena Shayari & Wallpapers

मीणा स्टेटस & फोटो | Meena Shayari & Wallpapers

Friends, Meena caste is one of the oldest castes of India. Many things are said in relation to its origin, in which the most popular is that the Meena caste has originated from the “Matsyavar” incarnation of Lord Vishnu, hence they are called Meena / Pisces.
The Meenas are a regional caste that ruled the eastern regions of Rajasthan till the 16th century. Generally Meena is a tribal caste, but after independence, if anyone has taken advantage of reservation the most, then it is Meena Samaj.
Meena Samaj knows how to change itself according to the circumstances, that is why people from other societies have written different proverbs and poems on Meenas from time to time. In today’s post, we have collected all of them in the form of Meena status. In this post, apart from Meena status, you will also find some Meena Wallpapers, which you can make Facebook or Whatsapp profile, if you like this Meena status too, then you can copy these and make your Facebook or Whatsapp status.

Meena Status

where matter grows up
Meena sahib is standing there.

Jin kama pai government ban
Meena ji is a fan of Un Kama.

Baby Meena not on date
Go on dates.

Meena sahib not on expectation
Lives on its own terms.

Meena is the name of that person.
who is sure of his faith

Meena Sahab she is a celebrity
Whose hobby is just fun.

Na ho ho Meena ji’s competition
Whether you want to spend crores

Meena’s son
I keep liver in my heart.

We are cheetahs of Meena dynasty
Those who live on their own.

Meena Status

Tevar to Meena will show when time comes
city ​​you buy
Only “Meena” will rule over it.

Meena’s mustache” and “Lion’s tail”
when it shakes
Doom comes!

Meena ji’s quote and
is always powerful

land price
And the courage of Meena sahib
never less.

Not a helpless woman,
There is no one dearer than mother
No friend like Meena!!

Meena sahib himself does not think
force others
to think

There will be no appearance, no witness,
Now whoever gets entangled with Meena sahib,
will just be ruined

Our Status is the only emphasis
so all over the world
Meena is the noise of the society

People have started burning with us,
Looks like even in this city
Meena’s coin has started running.

Meena Wallpaper

Meena Status
meena status download
meena ji photo download

Meena Shayari

Carrot Pudding
And Meena ji’s water
Both blow their senses.

We are Meena.
before we welcome
Section 144 is imposed.

I am Meena
I am single and smart too.
What else do you need now!

white is called white
In front of Meena’s son
everyone becomes air tight

Meena not with age
rather age
Walks with Meena.

crocodile catch
And Meena ji’s strut
Both were awesome.

Meena Shayari

Courts run on paper
We are the children of Meena
Decides on the spot.

gold jewelery
And Meena ji’s attitude
everyone is very expensive

Meena is not cute
hum to kasute hoya karte hain

don’t do bad things
We are proud to be Meena
Meena Samaj at the forefront

Don’t show off so much, girl
Like if this Meena has shown you
Will sleep after taking BP pill

Meena Ji Photo

Meena Wallpaper
Meena ji photo
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meena sahab
Meena name photo
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meena boy
meena status photo
Meena ji logo

Meena Attitude status

Bahm Na Palio Ib Meena Nai Rok Dayenge,
Whosoever brother-in-law will come forward, will strike brass in the chest.

When you say with folded hands, don’t make fun of the matter,
We had already said that we are Meena, don’t tease us.

I am a Ford Tractor Rakhu Su, Tane Chaska Long Car…
Ye iPhone ghalya wandering, ar meena fond of su weapon

What are you reading the story of Meena in the eyes…
Living in Attitude is a habit of their family

Shabak Meena is with the whole world of the society
So much so that I am stuck in the house…..Jitne Meena’s tantrums..

Meena Attitude Shayari

Meena ji’s friend…
Lion ride…
lucky one gets

If water breaks its limits
And if Meena breaks her limits

He who is afraid of Yamraj
eunuch says
fear of Yamraj
She is called Meena.

even if i die
write my identity
at some corner of my shroud
write meena

Birds dense in the forest,
But not like a peacock.
people dense in the world,
But not like Meena.

Adivasi Meena Shayari

someone said we are iron
someone said we are steel
mom swears a stampede
when we said
Meena we are

Believe that with your one voice
The crowd gathers.
But we are also Meena,
by one of our cries
The whole crowd disperses.

God has distributed things to everyone
wait for the banie
potter’s mat
text to brahmin
and meena ko chic

neither weasel nor snake
Neither BJP nor AAP
neither virtue nor sin
But one thing is clear
We are Meena, the father of all

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