मोटिवेशनल शायरी : Motivational shayari in Hindi

मोटिवेशनल शायरी : Motivational shayari in Hindi

Friends, there comes a time in everyone’s life that he gets frustrated with his life. There can be many reasons for being disappointed in life. Like you are a student and even after doing a lot of preparation you don’t get a good job then you get disappointed. Or you are a businessman and dedicate your whole life to that business, yet you do not get much benefit in it. Or the reason for being disappointed can also be the weakening of relations with family members.

In such a situation, a person becomes very disappointed and sad, but at such a time we should motivate him and explain the true meaning of life.

That is why in today’s post, we have collected motivational poetry from all over the world so that at such times we can motivate that person and motivate him to try harder next time.

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motivational poetry

Trying, the solution will come,
If not today, tomorrow will come.

No one grows with a limited mind set,
No one can stand with a broken heart.

Neither struggle nor trouble, then what is the fun in living,
Big storms stop when there is a fire in the chest.

the storms desire
I want too
To build the same houses.

The moon shines alone among the stars
In difficulties, a lonely person staggers.

never be afraid to take risk in life
either win and
Even if you lose, you will learn.

am a bit weak
But fate did not kill,
I just stumbled
I haven’t lost yet!!

You have to do something to get something
Success doesn’t come just like that my friend.
You have to fight with your spirits not with the lines of your hands.

for high dreams
have to work from the bottom of the heart,
No one gets success just like that
One has to burn day and night in the fire of hard work.

those who make noise in the crowd
remain as a crowd,
They get success in life
Those who do their work in silence.

don’t ask where is my destination
just planned to travel
I will not lose courage throughout my life
I have promised this to myself and not to anyone.

never be sad in life
never be disappointed
This life is a struggle, it will go on
Never lose your way of living.

If you want to learn from the lamp then don’t get burnt.
learn to smile if you want to learn
Learn to rise from the sun not to set
If you want to reach the top, then on the way
Learn to build a path, not walk.

was in sight
fall and keep falling
the winds tried hard
But the lamps kept burning even in the storms.

Despite trying, sometimes you get defeated
don’t be disappointed oh man
keep moving forward whatever the weather
Even an ant would get the floor… by falling down many times

The birds will surely get the destination
these spread speak on their
Often those people are silent
Whose skills speak in the times.

If the destination is in front, do not turn the way
Whatever is on your mind, don’t break the dream
You will find it difficult step by step
Don’t leave the ground just to touch the stars.

change the eyes, the views change
Change your thoughts, the stars change
no need to change boats
Change the direction, the edge changes itself.
The worst thing about Gurur is that
He never lets us realize that we are wrong.

The destination is still far away from my feet…
But the comfort is that Kadam is with me.

Those who believe in the ability of their steps, they often reach the destination.

always dream big guys,
Even if the moon is not found, will you reach the sky?

If we do not have patience in life,
So understand that we will not come to live life.

If you are tired of trying your luck,
Try yourself sometime the results will be better.

Winners don’t do different things!!
Rather they do things differently!!

motivational shayari in hindi

Who has the ability to walk alone.
Finally the convoy follows them.

Know how many flights are left.
There is still life left in this bird.

Even after millions of stumbles, I will keep on handling,
I will rise again after falling and keep going.

Failure is a challenge – accept it
What is missing, look and improve.

Ask a newspaper the value of time,
After the day has passed, which has no value.

Even a thousand miles long journey begins with just one step, so don’t be afraid to see the long way…

The day you made your thinking big,
Big people will start thinking about you.

The dress of success is never ready
It takes hard work to make it.

make as many mistakes as possible
Keep in mind the same thing, don’t make the same mistake again.

The road is everywhere, it’s up to you
whether to cross it or to wait.

There must be a goal that every morning
Make you get out of bed.

Think, don’t worry, give birth to new ideas,
Don’t kill your thoughts…

You have to lift yourself, your tired broken body is yours,
As long as the breath continues, no one gives a shoulder.

There will be many options, to deviate from the path,
One resolution is enough to reach the destination.

Difficult times are like a mirror to us,
Which gives us a true sense of our capabilities.

Remember your hard work is your identity
Otherwise millions of people in this world have the same name.

Hindi Motivational Shayari

There is no destination or right. Make sure you just keep walking.

There are dreams of victory in the eyes,
It seems that now every moment of life is yours.

Successful people are always the same.
Who is the biggest storm in life
Think of it as a gust of wind.”

What is missing, rectify
Do it not once but a hundred times..
This success is a guest of two days,
If you want to do it, love failure!!

Don’t falter at every step
If success is water, then take care,
don’t make noise of your efforts
Change your life in silence.

when you decide to move on
So there is no use in looking back again and again.

where is the joy in success without struggle
Even a boat without swimming does not like the shore.

To compete for success, it is necessary to set goals.

It doesn’t matter how many troubles are pulling you backwards, you just have to move forward.

It is better to admit your mistakes than to give up, which will increase your chances of succeeding in the next attempt.

Like your past, leave your negativity behind and move towards success and positivity.

It doesn’t matter how quickly you fall, it does matter how quickly you get up again.

Motivational Shayari Hindi

You have to fly, even if you have to fall many times..
Dreams have to be fulfilled, even if you have to fight with yourself.

There will be many options, to divert the way,
One resolution is enough to reach the destination.

Be patient, even these troubled days will pass,
Those who laugh at me today, they will keep seeing me tomorrow.

O fakir, why does he see the lines of his hands?
Make your spirits elevated and change your destiny.

It is not about the way but the destination.
If there is a flight in the spirit, then every destination is easy.

It is not so easy to live our life, many people start knocking… when we start living ourselves.

Mistake can never be corrected by mistake, and evil cannot end with evil.

Motivational Hindi Shayari

the race will continue
Until victory is achieved!

Man’s thinking makes him a king
It is not necessary that everyone has a degree.

Our life is a huge collection of mistakes,
These mistakes only teach us something new every time.

No matter how big the house is, if the heart is small, then the house has no value.

Many people are surprised to see me on the heights,
But alas no one has seen the blisters of my feet..

Winner is none other than the same Loser, who tries once again after losing.

Black night is only for those people
Those who do not know how to light a hard candle.

We are defeated by our inner weaknesses, not by external challenges.

If you are tired of trying your luck,
Try yourself sometime the results will be better.

So much in pain and responsibilities
similarities are that they are minor to you
Makes humans great.

Best Motivational Shayari

Those who believe in hard work..
They never talk about luck.

Try it like losing
Don’t even know when you win…

Losing is not a shame but a loss
It’s a shame to believe.

always the loser wins
So history is made…

For the best and best days,
You have to fight through the bad days.

make myself so
That people do not search the block.

Now is the time, then sweat
Otherwise you will have to shed tears for the rest of your life.

How will you know if you will not eat stumbling blocks?
Whether you are made of stone or of glass..

the flight of your dreams,
Don’t fill someone else by asking…

Not just by working hard, but in the right direction
Hard work brings success.

best motivational shayari in hindi

those who have intentions,
They didn’t have excuses.

Respect, love, praise and prayers…
It is not demanded, it is earned…..

Knowing your own minus-points,
Biggest plus point of life.

there should be a goal
Which forces you to wake up in the morning.

what a man learns by making a mistake
He can’t learn any other way.

a person who has good deeds
There was never darkness in his life!

Any relationship is a pearl,
Even if you fall, bend down and lift it.


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