ये मूवी की वजह से बॉलीवुड को अल्बीदा कह दीया

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Friends, Bollywood’s famous actress Vidya Balan has opened a big secret of her film Begum Jaan, knowing that you will be surprised to know that friends, the life of Bollywood actresses is such that they have to make a lot of compromises to move forward continuously. All such people are found who also try to take advantage of them and there are very few actresses who can talk openly about it, something similar happened with this Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, which she disclosed about 2 years old. Later, during one of her interviews, Vidya Balan told some such things that happened during a film that you will also be shocked to hear that yes friends Vidya Balan says that when she got the offer of the film Begum Jaan, first I read the script. She was scared because according to the script, the role given to her could spoil her reputation as the film was full of intimation scenes, so she thought it appropriate to consult her husband Siddharth Rai about it and only then she signed this film but Diya says people try to take wrong advantage of you on the set itself and you have to be very careful for that.

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