राजस्थानी स्टेटस : Marwadi Status & Quotes

राजस्थानी स्टेटस : Marwadi Status & Quotes

Ram Ram brothers, my name is Kapil Tetarwal and in today’s post we have collected Marwadi / Rajasthani Status and Photos, this Status / Quotes is very unique, you will not find this type of Status and Photo on any other website. The main purpose of writing is that the personality of the people of Rajasthan is very influential and at present the important role of the people of Rajasthan is definitely seen in all the works of the interest of the country.

If we look at the history, Rajasthan is also a very rich state from the point of view of history. The history here is written on the edge of swords. The history of Rajasthan has created the scenes of being warring. Even the Munds lying in the battlefield used to speak after hearing the cries of their bard poets, such incidents only Rajasthan can be seen in the history of

Self-respecting brave warriors like Maharana Pratap and mighty heroes like Maharaja Surajmal Jat have been born on this land of Rajasthan, who made the history of Rajasthan immortal.
And since ancient times, Marwari traders have had a special place. From the British period till now, Marwari traders have a very strong hold in almost all of Asia, do not know how many people have been employed by Marwadi traders till date, and the country’s economy too. made strong.

The history of Rajasthan has not only been glorious, but in the present Indian Army also the youth of Rajasthan have an important place. The people of Rajasthan are giving their service even in the big posts of the army and have been honored with big awards from time to time and when it comes to sacrificing their lives, the soldiers of Rajasthan never back down. Till date maximum martyrs have been from Rajasthan.
In the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, you will get to see a soldier in every house and 5 to 10 soldiers martyred in every village.

That’s why in today’s post, we have collected Rajasthani Quotes, these quotes are very unique, hope you will definitely like this Rajasthani status, you will like these status. Facebook And can upload on Whatsapp, it will make your profile unique. If you like this Marwari Status then definitely share it with your friends.

Rajasthani Status

Angrezi mahane aave koni,
Neither Hindi cry ghanno knowledge,
Rajasthan is resident
Rajasthani Mhari Pichan

The sand of Dhoria has a sleeping nature
to Rajasthani
hot in a mint
cold in second mint

Only two things are famous in Rajasthan
In the cover :- Thunderstorm
In Javanese :- Light

Marwadi Status

To become knowledgeable alone, listen to that
Be like a foolish person..

We are not in the habit of looking for help
We are Marwaris alone
equal to the whole

I am also a resident of Rajasthan
how to end the matter
end straight story

rajasthani status download

rajasthani status
rajasthani status
rajasthani status

Marwari Status

No tension No worry District Sikar

where matters grow
Rajasthani Jats stand there.

Man doesn’t burn only with fire
Some people even get burnt in the name of RJ-18.

I have come to Rajasthan too
Heart’s king
heard the heart
And do heart too

who climbed the Chetak
Enemies were sanghare with spear…
for mother land
Spent many years in the forest…
#Maharana Pratap

rajasthani status

the desert turns green
When your brothers stand with you

The heart is with the hopefuls
Rajasthan is coming
How are you?

I am also a resident of Rajasthan
how to end the matter
end straight story

A debauchery in front of the father,
And a bully, like the Rajasthan king,
son, don’t forget

Once there was a looki
She was very hungry
She saw a bunch of grapes
But it was very high
She jumped & jumped
but could not
She fall down on a reflux
& said grapes was very eaten

All the status given here will definitely define the personality of the Rajasthani people. We have specially selected all these Rajasthani status for you. Hope you must have liked all the Rajasthani status given here. So friends, do not forget to share all these status with your friends and loved ones. Along with this, if you also have some unique Rajasthani Status, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment or you can also reach your status by following on social media. If we like your status then we will definitely add it to our collection. If you like this Marwari Status, then you can add our website Newsbeats.in to the home screen so that whenever you need any status, you can directly download it from our website Newsbeats.in.


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