राजस्थान TT कॉलेज में B.ed के नाम पर की जा रही वसूली

राजस्थान TT कॉलेज में B.ed के नाम पर की जा रही वसूली

Jhunjhunu in the name of education course Rajasthan Teacher Training College The students protested against the recovery going on in the District Collector. Laxman Singh Kudi Memorandum submitted to

During the conversation with News Beats, the students told that due to not paying the requested amount of 5000 / – for the final session, they were absent in the final session. But the students say that as per the instructions of Shekhawati University, this time the final studies were not done and their numbers were decided on the basis of records and files and they had already submitted all their records to the college. Even after that, he was absent in the final lesson. Due to which he failed and now he is not able to get counseling in REET.

The students accused the college staff and said that when they asked not to pay the amount of 5000/-, they were repeatedly threatened by the college staff (Manoj Kumar) by calling them and asking them to cancel their degree, This time the number of students who failed in the second year is 5 – 7 out of which some children are still scared who are unable to come out and speak but Sandeep Sharma, Mohit Dhatarwal and Sandeep Kumar submitted a memorandum to the district collector and got their results. I requested to pass.

While talking to Newsbeats student Sandeep Sharma said that he is handicapped in one leg due to which he cannot see army and police recruitment and the only way he had was teacher recruitment, now that too has stopped.


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