रूस पर कर सकते हैं ये 30 देश एक साथ हमला

रूस पर कर सकते हैं ये 30 देश एक साथ हमला

of Ukraine nato Due to the insistence of joining NATO and Russia’s anger with NATO, war has started in both the countries today, Russian President Vladimir Putin has started military operation against Ukraine. has ordered.

But now the thing to be seen is whether all 30 members of NATO will attack Russia together? Will the US, France, Germany and Turkey attack Russia?

Because America is repeatedly threatening to attack Russia and nato According to the rule of law, if any one of the 30 countries is attacked, then all the countries will fight this war together, although Ukraine has not yet become a member of NATO and NATO is the main reason for this war.

The total 30 days of NATO is so powerful that if they attack men together, Russia will not be able to compete with them and if any country supports Russia, then the third world war will start with it, which is a bad thing for humanity. There is news.

At present, Russia has attacked Ukraine and some of the reporters present there have also shared its photos and videos. The sound of explosions has been heard from many areas including Ukraine Kiev, Donbass, Odessa.

Let us know which are the 30 countries which are currently members of NATO.

  1. Albania (2009)
  2. Belgium (1949)
  3. Bulgaria (2004)
  4. Canada (1949)
  5. Croatia (2009)
  6. Czech Republic (1999)
  7. Denmark (1949)
  8. Estonia (2004)
  9. France (1949)
  10. Germany (1955)
  11. Greece (1952)
  12. Hungary (1999)
  13. Iceland (1949)
  14. Italy (1949)
  15. Latvia (2004)
  16. Lithuania (2004)
  17. Luxembourg (1949)
  18. Montenegro (2017)
  19. Netherlands (1949)
  20. North Macedonia (2020)
  21. Norway (1949)
  22. Poland (1999)
  23. Portugal (1949)
  24. Romania (2004)
  25. Slovakia (2004)
  26. Slovenia (2004)
  27. Spain (1982)
  28. Turkey (1952)
  29. UK (1949)
  30. US (1949)


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