सत्य वचन : सत्य वचन कोट्स

सत्य वचन : सत्य वचन कोट्स

This post contains a collection of true words spoken by sages. These truthful quotes are helpful in improving your thoughts and behavior. The price of the truth words / priceless words shown here is priceless, if they are included in life then they will help in giving a positive direction to life. The Satya Vachan given here is quite unique, you will not find such words on any other website.

Man thinks that it would have been nice if he could get to fly, but the bird thinks that it would have been nice if he had got a house to live.

He who has hands, wants expensive watches in his hands.
But what would a person who does not have a hand, long for? hand or watch?
So thank the one above for what it is.

spoken by a monk
Satya vachan – They spend half the money of the rich in telling that they are really rich.

Who keeps an account, how much was given to whom, and who will save how much, that’s why God applied simple maths, sent everyone empty handed, he will call empty handed!

The cuckoo always speaks its own voice, so flies free but the parrot always speaks the language of others, so lives in captivity for life, so always believe in your voice and yourself.

Today’s bitter truth is that four relatives are together only when the fifth is on the shoulder.

Learn to raise yourself in your own eyes because even God is not left here

Never remove a person in your life who gives bitter advice but also becomes an ointment in sorrow.

If you do good to someone in life, it will be beneficial because good has the opposite benefit, if you show mercy to someone in life, he will remember because kindness is remembered in reverse.

Whenever you start feeling more proud of yourself, then once you must look at the crematorium, innumerable such people have become ashes.

Time is the best teacher of life,
Because what time can teach, no one can teach

When the bucket goes to the deep well
Comes back full.
Just like in this well of life
He who is humble gets fame.

The best lesson can be taught bad times and health

If you want to have good relationships in life
Make sure to mix the sweetness of truth in your relationship because truth and true relationship always lasts.

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