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ache vichaar

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Ache vichaar in Hindi


A man is that great, who does not let the person sitting next to him feel small.


Suffering comes in a person’s life so that that person can understand the importance of happiness.

Ache vichaar in Hindi

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Neither “good” nor “true” relationships can be “bought”, . Nor can be “borrowed”, so give “importance” to those people who give importance to “you”..!!


You should stay away from the person with misbehavior because no matter how intelligent you are, why not be clever, sometimes you will definitely get into trouble because of him.


Learn to control the mind, because uncontrolled mind is the thorn between you and your success.


People whose character is immaculate i.e. those who are away from evils and do not have bad feelings towards others, they are superior.


Joy is the only joy in life lived with ease.

good idea

good idea


If the character of a person is corrupt and the thoughts are not pure, then one should stay away from them.


Travel the whole world in search of truth and goodness, if it is not within yourself, then you cannot find it anywhere.


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Enjoy what you have first

good thoughts in hindi

good thoughts in hindi

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Knowledge is better than wealth because you have to protect wealth and knowledge protects you.

good thoughts status in hindi

good thoughts status in hindi

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Those who spread their feet more than the sheet, one day they face the danger of spreading their hands.

bahut sundar vichar

bahut sundar vichar


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Have faith in yourself sir, then see 1 day
It will come that the clock will be of another and the time will be yours.


If you make hard work your habit, then no one can stop you from being successful in life.


No person is defeated by the challenges outside, rather he is defeated by the weaknesses within himself.

good ideas:

good ideas:


The foundation of a successful person is his good thoughts.


If a person has learned to smile even in pain, then understand that he has learned to live life.


If you want to be very successful in life then
You need to work hard with a lot of focus.


Lucky are not those who get everything good, but those who get


Time is a million thanks to you, whatever I have learned is learned from you only.


Don’t look for good people in life, be good yourself. Maybe someone’s search will be complete by meeting you.


How wonderful is the balance of God in the world.
Which can lift 100 kg grain sack.
He cannot buy and he cannot buy what he can buy.


If you want to be very successful in life then you need to work hard with a lot of focus.


No one else can tell you how capable you are in any work, because no one else can know you better than you know yourself.


Your one fault can destroy all your qualities.


Even if you seek goodness and truth all over the world, if it is not in your heart, it will not be found anywhere else.


A big person is not the one who shows his pride on others, but a big person is the one who does not let others feel small.


Both pain and happiness are very good teachers, because both of them teach us a lot in their own circumstances.

good thoughts status in hindi


When the duty is not done, it creates anger among the gentlemen.


By never mentioning their weaknesses, people loot the cut kites fiercely.


Achievement is something that instills a sense of self esteem and confidence in the heart.


If a person’s character was determined by clothes, then the clothes shop would be called a temple today.


God never writes the fate of a person, because it is the thinking, behavior and actions of a person who write his fate.


To make mistakes is nature, to accept is culture, to improve is progress.


Don’t worry about the past, forget it. Worrying about the past cannot improve it.


It is good to celebrate success but it is important to learn from your failure.

Bhut Acche Vichar


Let those who do evil to you because such small acts are done by small minded people.


Neither friend nor enemy is born by birth, they are made by our pride, strength or behavior.


Real men fight with situations,
And weak men from the women of the house.


No matter how much money falls in this Kaliyuga, it will never be able to fall as much as a person has fallen for money…

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