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Satya Vachan in Hindi

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Remember, Arjuna’s talk when he said that I can see nothing, only the bird’s eye.


The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in the will of the object person.

Hindi Satya Vachan

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A match stick burns itself before burning another, similarly our anger is also like a match stick which destroys itself before destroying others.


Don’t share your dreams with negative people and don’t let negative thoughts come in the way of your dreams.


power in voice

no keep it in your thoughts because

The harvest comes from rain,

Not by flood.


People want you to do better, but it’s also true that they never want you to do better than them.

saty vachan

saty vachan


Everyone says that keeping money will come in handy in difficult times, but elderly people say that believe in God, difficult times will not come.


don’t raise your voice to make people hear
Rather make your personality so high
that people wish to hear your voice


Beginning of a journey of thousand miles
With one small step….
man is the best
Finds a way out even in difficulties.


If you have a little patience at the time of anger, you can avoid at least a hundred sad days.


In the beginning of the day we think that money is life, but when we return home in the evening, it seems that peace is life.

saty vachan


death is the only truth
what we can’t change
even if the time is in fist
Can’t keep it tied!


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No one can compete with a person who has the power of patience.

sati vachan hindi

sati vachan hindi


Successful people do not do different things, but they do things in a new way.


When you are angry, you can stop a little and when you make a mistake, by giving a little bit, life becomes easier.


sometimes without asking
get a lot like this
Faith is called faith!


The poison in the stomach kills only one person and the poison in the ear kills hundreds of relationships.


It is better to remain silent in front of a person who does not understand the value of your words.


If we hide from the truth
This means that we must
Corresponding to falsehood!


As long as we do not try to do a difficult task, it seems impossible to us.


If we remain weak in life, then difficulties will attack us first.


The true character of a person comes to the fore when he is intoxicated, whether it is of wealth, position, form or alcohol.


If you have got life, then keep some purpose, only wasting time by taking breath is not life.


The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind but the goodness of a human being spreads in every direction.


As long as the money is in our pocket, it is fine, the day this money entered the mind, on that day everyone is seen as a stranger.


The person who cannot change his thinking cannot change anything in the true sense.


Things acquired before time lose their value and things acquired after time lose their value.


Truth can be disturbing but can never be defeated.

true words


Bitter truth – The understanding of man is just that if you call him an animal, he gets angry and if you call him a lion, he becomes happy.


People often say that you fight, we are with you. If people were really together, you would never have to fight.


People spend half their lives studying and what they learn – humiliating each other.

Satya Vachan in Hindi

Satya Vachan in Hindi


The only person who doesn’t make mistakes is the one who never does anything.


If you are right then you don’t need to prove anything, just be right, time will testify itself.


life’s journey

I do so often

happens… the decision

which is difficult

That’s what gets better!


life is short; Be happy in everything!
Who has seen tomorrow; be happy in your today


A truth of life – Humans like to be ruined by hearing their false praise, but do not recover after hearing their true criticism.

inspirational truth words


The true character of a person comes to the fore when he is intoxicated, whether it is of wealth, position, form or alcohol.


Humiliation is not avenged by quarrel or fight, but by success in peace.

sati vachan in hindi

sati vachan in hindi


Time and words should not be used carelessly because both of them neither come again nor give a chance.


It is a matter of luck to get life, it is a matter of time to die, but it is a matter of our deeds to stay alive in the hearts of people even after death.

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