[100+] Attitude Quotes in Hindi (APR 2022)

[100+] Attitude Quotes in Hindi (APR 2022)

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Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Don’t take my softness as my weakness,
If I bow my head and walk only because of the fear of God..!!

Show the same attitude
As much as suits your face..!!

As I look from outside, so am I from inside too.
It is not my nature to cheat anyone by talking softly..!!

Make your struggle your passion,
Until he writes your story..!!

The smoke of our rumor rises from there,
Where our name catches fire..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Top Attitude Quotes in Hindi

The attitude that was yesterday is still there today.
Live life like it’s the father’s secret..!!

The story of the meaningless world ends,
Now the world as we are..!!

How much attitude do girls show on Facebook?
More beautiful girls come to our farm to harvest wheat..!!

I will give proof of ability by not making a habit of speaking,
Those who speak against me today, tomorrow I will take their word..!!

If I had made friends by seeing my status,
You are not even near me..!!

Best Attitude Quotes in Hindi

No matter how sinner the enemy is,
We alone are enough for that..!!

Somebody told me you are not so beautiful,
I said that the devotees of Mahakal look good only by dread..!!

Don’t talk behind my back and go to the corner,
Otherwise whole life will be spent in crying..!!

The world is angry with me on this matter,
That is not included bowing my head in nature..!!

They keep money too, they keep guns and listen, son.
Stay a little different or else you also have the life of hitting..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

New Attitude Quotes in Hindi

A little strictness is necessary in the mood, sir.
People would drink if the sea was not salty..!!

I am Tiger, not Badshah
That’s why people meet with my permission not with respect..!!

Making noise doesn’t make a name,
Do the work in such a way that even silence gets printed in the newspapers..!!

There’s something to mess with us,
Like sitting on a pile of gunpowder and playing with spark..!!

There are countless stories of life,
I do not understand whether to write a book or write an account..!!

Best Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Hindi Attitude Quotes

The status is such that when you raise your eyes,
So the Nawab also salutes.

You will keep on burning like fire,
And we will continue to bloom like a rose..!!

Our name is not so weak that,
Get defamed by the sound of two or four enemies..!!

Even stray dogs create fear,
But the terror is always that of the lion..!!

There are countless incidents of life,
I do not understand whether to write a book or to write an account..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Latest Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Worse, I went on the same day,
As soon as she was born, the nurse kissed and said, “Cute Boy.”

Learn to live in your position, son.
Otherwise, those who knock in our eyes, they wander in the crematorium..!!

Attitude is from childhood when born,
So one and a half year I did not talk to anyone..!!

Its a very strange habit,
Hate or love do it with great enthusiasm..!!

If a thorn pricks a lion’s feet,
So it does not mean that now dogs will rule..!!

Hindi Attitude Quotes

I am sitting tired not giving up,
Only the bet is out of hand, not life..!!

Let’s live a little alone
A little shunned from those who hurt the heart..!!

If you have lakhs in your pocket, you will get lakhs who give lakhs.
Some people are alone, and alone is enough..!!

If we take revenge, then we take revenge.
Forgive me straight from my heart..!!

There is no crown on the head,
And neither this head is a fan of the crown..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

attitude quotes in hindi

I’m a little tired, but I haven’t stopped.
Hit someone with respect, I am not so inclined..!!

i will never forget,
People have left them alone after seeing the time..!!

My tongue is bitter but my heart is clear,
Who has changed the account of everyone when..!!

It’s easy to resist me,
But it is not possible to be my opponent..!!

Because whenever I’m scattered,
I have flourished by breaking people’s bones..!!

Attitude Quotes Hindi

Attitude Hindi Quotes

I will not lose this life so easily,
Just now I have started playing, the real game is yet to come..!!

I also have Attitude but not so much focus,
Show Attitude on whatever matter..!!

Coming of problem with growing life is compulsory.
But put the world’s wattage with the problem, it is also necessary to have such an attitude..!!

If the move is good then the pawn also falls heavy on the king..!!

Who pricks you again and again as a nail in your life,
Hit him like a hammer once..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Latest Attitude Quotes in Hindi

I am not fond of habit,
I block the good ones..!!

If you make others expensive,
You will be cheap yourself..!!

Till yesterday there was a wind of money,
And today is the money of air..!!

Neither I fell, nor did the tower of my hopes fall,
But some people fell many times to bring me down..!!

Less than today’s Relationship Trust,
And it works more than ScreenShot..!!

Attitude Quotes Hindi

Don’t try to be like us
Lions are born not made..!!

got a lot of deception,
Now I am looking for opportunity..!!

Tell my mistakes to me not to others,
I have to rectify them not..!!

See, there should be love in the heart,
Even Royal Enfield does Dhak Dhak..!!

I was no small story,
You just turned the pages quickly..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

New Attitude Quotes in Hindi

We are single people sir,
We go to the bhandara not on the date..!!

Some pages are torn from the book of life,
Time has understood that our era has ended..!!

Listen son, not only you, but your entire family will be in tension.
The mess that took me, now see what bad consequences will be..!!

Always keep a distance in meeting big people,
Where the river meets the sea, the river does not live..!!

Whatever people say, we will do what we like.
Because he is she and we are us..!!

Hindi Attitude Quotes

Hindi Attitude Quotes

When the enemy throws stones, then answer it with a full,
But that flower should be on his grave..!!

Your attitude is like that revolver,
On seeing which people burst..!!

The one who gives respect will get respect,
We don’t bow our heads seeing our status..!!

Whatever the outcome,
But the game will be played very big now..!!

Don’t talk about status
My thinking is bigger than your status..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Attitude Quotes Hindi

be happy in your life,
I am bad stay away from me..!!

Not ready to be sold in everyone’s hands,
This is my heart, not your city’s newspaper..!!

Those people also walk nowadays by changing their attitude,
Those whom we had taught to walk carefully..!!

I don’t know how to make everyone happy
I don’t know how to look what I am not..!!

Sorry you are late
Your friend has been set in Tere Chakkar..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

You played the game very well son,
But the guy chose wrong..!!

Brother, I have given the right to speak only to friends,
Otherwise the enemies still recognize us by the name of the Father..!!

Strong relations and strong tea,
Slowly it happens..!!

Those who are jealous of us do wonders,
The gathering decorates itself and discusses with us..!!

Do not get confused with us, we could not understand ourselves,
What would you consider yourself to be us..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Attitude Hindi Quotes

In whose eyes we are not good,
They can donate their eyes..!!

Everyone talks, tell me bro how is he,
So guys, I am naive to appear but it is the bullet of the gun..!!

We live life with pride,
That’s why enemies burn in our name..!!

The need of the flock is felt by the weak,
One lion like me is enough to create havoc..!!

My tongue is bitter but I keep it clean.
Who, where, when has changed, I keep an account of everything..!!

attitude quotes in hindi

Best Attitude Quotes in Hindi

the breath of a wounded lion,
It is more dangerous than his roar..!!

I have only one dream,
Sir pe taj ek mumtaz and secret on this world..!!

Only age is young
Have the passion to make the world into fists..!!

Our way of life is a little different,
We live on our insistence not on hope..!!

Know where the enemy is now from our flight,
He was someone else who was defeated by the storm..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

Best Hindi Attitude Quotes

Look is of Attitude,
There is no pride in our heart..!!

In an attempt to erase our laughter,
Don’t know how many have disappeared..!!

Gold ornaments and our attitude,
People get very expensive..!!

There is a misunderstanding, son that you have a secret,
Come and see who is whose father here..!!

Soon pagli my style my attitude is out of your aquat,
The day you will know this, that day you will die..!!

Getting off the mind and getting off the mind,
Depends only on your Attitude..!!

Top Attitude Quotes in Hindi

If you want to win, increase your ability.
Luck’s bread gives even dogs..!!

Don’t try to be smart
Because my hair is bigger than your status..!!

The man must be right in his own eyes,
The world is unhappy even with God..!!

The number of people who love me is increasing,
Haters bring effect in your prayers..!!

Have the spirit to test the truth and the lie,
Dissolving poison in the ears is the work of the times..!!

Attitude Quotes in Hindi

attitude quotes

It’s good to be smart
But considering others as a fool is the biggest foolishness..!!

What is wrong is wrong, it is better to remain silent than to be a coward.
that by speaking there, become abusive..!!

Have seen the world very closely,
That’s why I am sitting away from everyone..!!

Character is pure, be pure, no one’s father has that much power,
Who can point fingers at you..!!

Let’s smile again today
People should be burnt without matches..!!

I accepted what I got from life,
I didn’t recommend anything..!!

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