[100+] Chanakya Quotes in Hindi (2022)

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Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

Never befriend them
who are of more or less prestige than you,
Such friendship will never make you happy..!! – Chanakya

Cow’s calf to drink milk,
Hits his mother’s buttocks..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Those who do not believe in fate,
Their work is not complete..!! -Acharya Chanakya

If you don’t try, there is a problem in the work..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Even if the snake is not venomous,
He should show himself as poisonous..!! – Chanakya

If someone has a good nature,
What other quality does he need,
If a man has fame, then good,
And what is the need of any makeup..!! – Chanakya

Test the servant when he is not working,
A relative in trouble, a friend in trouble,
And the wife in severe calamity..!! – Chanakya

A great thing that can be learned from a lion,
That is, whatever the person wants to do,
Do it with all your heart and hard work..!! – Chanakya

those who shirk from their duties,
They are not able to feed their dependent family members..!! -Acharya Chanakya

He who does not know his karma,
He is blind..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Acharya Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

Debt, enemy and disease should be abolished..!!

Happiness is the best medicine,
Wisdom is the greatest asset,
patience is the greatest weapon
And trust is the strongest protection..!!

Why do you look for it in temples, they are there too.
Where you commit sins and crimes..!!
Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

Every morning of life brings some conditions,
And every evening of life goes by giving some experience..!!

Neem cannot be sweet by adding sweet milk to the root of neem.
Similarly, no matter how much
It is difficult for an evil person to become a monk..!!

One is born alone and dies alone,
And he himself bears the fruits of his good and bad deeds,
He alone goes to hell or heaven..!!

Knowing the time is considered the best art of human learning..!!

The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind,
But the goodness of a person spreads in all four directions..!!

Two enemies of the same country are mutual friends..!!

God is not in idols,
Your feeling is your God
Soul is your temple..!!

Chanakya Motivational Quotes in Hindi

Chanakya Motivational Quotes in Hindi

The biggest guru mantra is
Never tell your secrets to others,
This will ruin you..!! – Chanakya

Be careful even if there is a treaty and unity..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Laxmi abandons the person who works without thinking..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Man’s tact by serving old men,
By acquiring knowledge, one can get credit..!!

One should also learn from the mistakes of others,
Because if you use it on yourself, your life will decrease..!!

May you always be happy
The biggest punishment for your enemies is..!!

Iron should be cut with iron only..!!

If the mother is evil,
So he should also give up..!!

Don’t let this be expressed
that what you thought to do,
Wisely keep it a secret,
And stay strong to do this work..!! – Chanakya

Feeding a snake with milk only increases the venom.
Not nectar..!!

Best Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

Don’t make the mistake of laughing at someone’s bad time.
It’s time to remember faces..!!

There is no other enemy like hunger..!!

When mixed with gold, silver also looks like gold,
That is, satsang definitely has an effect on human beings..!!

one who is skilled in
He should be engaged in that work..!!
Best Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

Considering a powerful enemy as weak, attack him only..!!

There is no penance equal to a balanced mind,
There is no happiness equal to contentment,
There is no disease like greed,
There is no virtue like mercy..!! -Acharya Chanakya

The means of income also increase with the following rituals..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Forest fire burns even sandalwood,
That is, evil people can harm anyone..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Keep the enemy as your friend till you know the weakness..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Lion does not eat straw even when he is hungry..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Chanakya Quotes in Hindi for Students

Chanakya Quotes in Hindi for Students

A true friend is the one who gives bitter knowledge like salt.
History is witness that till date insects have never been found in salt..!!

He who is very attached to his family,
lives in fear and misery,
The main cause of all miseries is attachment.
That’s why it is necessary to give up attachment to be happy..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Knowledge is the wealth of the poor..!! -Acharya Chanakya

The qualities of the enemy should also be accepted..!! -Acharya Chanakya

An ideal wife is one who
Serve your husband like a mother in the morning,
And love like a sister during the day,
And please like a prostitute at night..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Man is worshiped only by staying in his place..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Never accompany the enemy in the achievement of any goal..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Lazy has neither present nor future..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Completely protect your kingdom from enemies..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Dhekuli draws water from the well by bowing its head.
That is, hypocrites or sinners always get their work done by speaking sweet words..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

There is no simplicity like a balanced mind, there is no happiness like contentment,
There is no disease like greed and there is no virtue like kindness..!! – Chanakya

Even if the truth is wrong,
So he should say no..!! -Acharya Chanakya

time-consuming person,
Don’t stay smooth in your life..!! -Acharya Chanakya

It is rare to have faultless actions..!! -Acharya Chanakya
Chanakya Quotes in Hindi

He whose knowledge is limited only to books,
And whose wealth is in the possession of others,
He can neither use his knowledge nor money when needed..!! – Chanakya

The work of a fickle mind never ends..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Do not delay even for a moment in any work..!! -Acharya Chanakya

A great thing that can be learned from a lion,
That is, whatever the person wants to do,
Do it with all your heart and hard work..!!

Enemy becomes friend only for some special purpose..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Among those who make a treaty, there is only the fastest of the treaty..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Chanakya Quotes in Hindi for Success

Chanakya Quotes in Hindi for Success

The person who fights with himself for his mistakes,
No one can beat him..!!

The raw container breaks after hitting the raw container..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Never think of Tulsi as a tree.
Never think of a cow as an animal.
And never think of parents as human,
Because all these three are the form of God..!!

The hunting king destroys both Dharma and Artha..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Even a good deed becomes painful when it is against the fate..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Hearing the bad habits of the enemy gives pleasure to the ears..!! -Acharya Chanakya

The earth rests on truth, it is the power of truth.
whereby the sun shines and the wind blows,
In fact all things rest on truth..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Money should be protected from thieves and royal employees..!! -Acharya Chanakya

There is only sorrow in birth and death..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Don’t think that love and attachment are the same thing,
Both are each other’s enemies, this is attachment.
Who destroys love..!! -Acharya Chanakya

chanakya quotes in hindi

Wealth, friends, wife and kingdom can be regained,
But this body cannot be regained..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Sly people serve others for their selfishness..!!

fire should not be put on fire
That is, an angry person should not get more angry..!!

Don’t treat the weak..!! -Acharya Chanakya
Chanakya Thoughts in Hindi

By becoming capable of the ruler himself, of able administrators,
should rule with help..!!

There is no other wealth except food..!! -Acharya Chanakya

If Kuber himself starts spending more than his income,
So one day he will be poor..!!

A person should not wear a rogue or gawar costume..!!

No work of a drunken person gets completed..!!

Even after trying the work done without any measure,
Can’t be saved, gets destroyed..!!

Do not increase self-respect so much that it becomes pride,
And don’t be so proud that self-respect is destroyed..!!

Chanakya Thoughts in Hindi

Chanakya Thoughts in Hindi

It is better to hear your praises from fools,
That you listen to the scolding of a wise man..!!

Don’t let this be expressed
that what you thought to do,
Wisely keep it a secret,
And stay strong to do this work..!!

world’s greatest power,
There is beauty of youth and woman..!!

Behind every friendship there is some selfishness,
There is no such friendship in which there is no selfishness, this is the bitter truth..!!

There is poison in the hood of a snake, the mouth of a fly and the sting of a scorpion.
But the evil person is full of it..!!

It is better to die than to be humiliated.
Death only hurts for a moment,
But every day insult brings sorrow in life..!!

The fear of slander is the biggest of all fears..!! -Acharya Chanakya

Those who want to reach God,
They are blessed with purity of speech, mind, senses and,
A kind heart is needed..!!

For the work hidden in the darkness of the future,
Best advice gives light like a lamp..!!

Examine the work with the estimation of direct and indirect means..!! -Acharya Chanakya

He who has sleep in his eyes does not have a good bed,
He who has a good bed has no sleep in his eyes,
He who has mercy has no money to give to anyone,
And there is no such thing as mercy in the mind of one who has money..!!

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