[100+] Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi (2022)

[100+] Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi (2022)

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Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

no matter how hard you try,
This world will never be happy with you..!!

No matter how much difficulties began to overwhelm you,
But in front of your strong mind, it will be light..!!

Of course you stay in the gathering,
But stay alone with your mind..!!

You get nothing here without doing something.
Then this is your dream..!!

Without a word my pain is with me,
Come to make me cry with your memory..!!

I am silent, just for your happiness,
Don’t think that my heart doesn’t hurt..!!

Who can forget someone
Only stubbornness ends the relationship..!!

This is the illusion of the mind which cannot be found while living,
What will he get after dying..!!

There will be a little love for him too.
No one wastes so much time just to break the heart..!!

Used to laugh earlier, today the heart wants to cry,
Hearts to get those who were forgotten to be again..!!

Heart Touching Life Quotes in Hindi

Heart Touching Life Quotes in Hindi

Not every question has a solution,
No one else loves like a mother..!!

When someone leaves, it feels like this,
That the meaning has gone out of the words..!!

No matter how hard you follow the relationship,
Those who change always change..!!

I had asked you for light for life,
But you have set it on fire..!!

Your displeasure is also justified, I am
I am not happy with myself nowadays..!!

I had heard that to gain something, you have to lose something,
I don’t know what he found by losing me..!!

It’s too hard to be far and can’t come near,
Don’t even want to be and can’t even get them..!!

Whoever’s fault is,
Tears come out of innocent only..!!

Life is not there but in life,
Mother’s stay is very important..!!

had a meeting with him,
And I’m done..!!

Very Heart Touching Sad Quotes in Hindi

Very Heart Touching Sad Quotes in Hindi

Some things are better than words,
Silence speaks..!!

What I have today, yesterday I was in its justju,
And what I am in today, maybe tomorrow it will be myssar..!!

Whether the words are small or big,
Must be heavy..!!

The quest for life begins with desire,
And it ends only because of desire..!!

Didn’t even fight
With whom should I apologize..!!

This relationship has been hurt so much because of your telling a lie,
Still no crack in it..!!

Now the distance will be right with you,
Can’t bear the heart and pain now..!!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday, you were us,
And it was a dark night but sadly it was yesterday..!!

Do not throw stones in the water, he too will have a father,
Never be sad in life guys,
Because seeing you too someone would have won..!!

It is not so easy to live your life,
Many people start knocking, when we start living ourselves..!!

Emotional Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

Emotional Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

Some relationships are like this
The person who connects, breaks himself..!!

I am good in some eyes, I am bad in some eyes,
The reality is that I am what I am in his eyes..!!

Never love someone just because you can control him,
Do it so that you can give him every freedom in the world..!!

If she is happy leaving me, then how can she complain?
Now if I don’t even see him happy then how is love..!!

Who could not learn whole life by reading books,
If there are some faces close to you, then don’t know how many lessons have been learned..!!
Heart Touching Quotes Hindi

Looking at my eyes, a man said,
Your silence tells that you were once fond of laughing..!!

The enmity that the enemies have done, what the friends have also lacked,
Pain also has its own style, it is also on those who suffer..!!

O mirror, your condition is also strange,
Change you like my heart,
After breaking these guys..!!

Who knows what loneliness is,
Those people are always present for others..!!

If you keep smiling, the world will be at your feet.
Otherwise even the eyes do not give shelter to the tears..!!

Heart Touching Thoughts in Hindi

Heart Touching Thoughts in Hindi

Away from all the noises of the world, when sitting alone,
Then I got a chance to meet myself somewhere..!!

Mother I am really illiterate, I just ask,
I do one roti, she always serves me two rotis..!!

Friendship, love and charity are never done by looking at religion..!!

Often with a slight smile on the tongue,
The hearts of those who roam are very heavy..!!

Love is done from the heart, sir,
Only the meaning is fulfilled by the body..!!

Never take the sacrifices of your parents as your duty.
Otherwise you will regret a lot in life..!!

Even the world only remembers him,
The one who lays the foundation of success..!!

Not by wealth and fame,
Happiness comes from loved ones..!!

Sometimes abilities know,
Know after winning..!!

Believe that money speaks,
But I am deaf..!!

Heart Touching Lines in Hindi

Heart Touching Lines in Hindi

If love had been with himself instead of him,
So there would have been loneliness but this pain is not..!!

Some strange accident has happened with me,
The gin-jin I had mixed up with for a good while,
Today they don’t have time for me..!!

I am small but everyone is special to me,
Betrayed a lot but even today I have faith in faith..!!

Apologize to some and forgive some,
This is the sign of a big heart..!!

Put aside religion, all are one
And if you remove the greed then all the people are good..!!

Some things speak better silence than words..!!

Who says time doesn’t belong to anyone,
I have seen me wasting my own time..!!

I do not like the urban forts of begging,
I live like Nawabs in my village hut..!!

It’s time to let him try me,
She will cry crying, just let my time come..!!

The weather is also a strange change in my life,
Everyone has changed but don’t know why I didn’t change..!!

Best Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

Best Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

She was also very strange
That life changed itself too..!

The courage was so much that even the sea could cross,
We were so compelled that two drops of tears drowned us..!!

Dates are witnesses who have mourned to remain in the newspapers,
With the passage of time those scrap prices were sold..!!

I will sink a little, I will break a little but then I will come back,
Oh life you see I will win again..!!

How to remove you even after being far away,
Because what you feel..!!

The people of the palace have spread this filth, Sahib,
Otherwise the poor pick up even the bags from the streets..!!

O mirror, your condition is also strange,
Like my heart, they also change you after breaking these people..!!

Someone told the truth, learn to live in loneliness,
As true as love is, it always leaves you..!!

it is very difficult,
Tolerating the pain by laughing..!!

Experience has taught me one thing,
A new pain is the medicine of old pain..!!

Deep Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

Deep Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

Don’t beg for help from anyone,
You yourself are the support of your troubles..!!

Always try till the last breath,
Either the goal will be achieved or the experience..!!

We didn’t know what life is
Just met you and life became..!!

Do not stop seeing the troubles,
Rivers never change their course by looking at the rocks..!!

Whom his loved ones did when he got up and then what would he do,
What does he who does not fight with strangers fight with his loved ones..!!
Best Heart Touching Quotes in Hindi

Sometimes abilities are known after winning..!!

We were meant to be destroyed,
Leaving you has become just an excuse..!!

We could have broken hearts too, but what to do?
We are not in the habit of hurting anyone’s heart..!!

I am small but everyone is special to me,
Be deceived enough but even today I have faith in faith..!!

Don’t take me away from your close ones,
The only reason I have to live is you..!!

Latest Heart Touching Quotes Hindi

Latest Heart Touching Quotes Hindi

How strange are the people of this world, aren’t they?
Leaving all the toys and playing with emotions..!!

I am sitting today to calculate some relationships,
If you keep you in your loyalties, then the rest of the relationship will get angry..!!

I think if some wishes were not unfulfilled,
What’s the fun in living?

When money was near all the snakes crawled and licked my soles,
Now as soon as the money goes, I have got a stick in my hand..!!

All the bags of warm clothes were opened,
No sweater woven with love came out..!!

How is this today’s world, where no one likes the rules,
Neither do like promises, just like only and only benefits..!!

People change homes, relationships change, friends change,
Why is he still worried, because he does not change himself..!!

Appreciation is that which is in someone’s presence,
Whatever happens after someone’s departure is called remorse..!!

Sometimes the scratch does not come even with the touch of a stone,
And sometimes a person gets shattered by the slightest thing..!!

Live life according to need, not according to wishes,
Because even the need of mystics is fulfilled,
And even the wishes of the emperors remain unfulfilled..!!

Maybe no one will say anything in your praise,
But there will be a heap of fingers pointing towards you..!!

heart touching quotes in hindi

heart touching quotes in hindi

You are good in your own eyes,
For others even God is useless..!!

Only your situation is bad,
God is still good.

You are not that weak
That you can’t lift life on your shoulders..!!

Let the noise be of the children,
If there is an elder, then only peace is right..!!

If your mind is in this moment,
So your every moment is the best..!!

Everything falls on its own time,
There is only one behavior and attachment that never gets old..!!

My life is angry with happiness,
Love is my life,
I laugh to show people,
Otherwise my life is a book of pain..!!

What happened when I bowed before him,
He made me step..!!

The dark truth is hidden on everyone’s face,
Everyone seems guilty here..!!

bad happened to me,
Your absence has forced me..!!

whatever work you have done,
Its result will be right but surely..!!

When you know your specialty,
Only then will you become special..!!

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