[100+] Heart Touching Status in Hindi (2022)

[100+] Heart Touching Status in Hindi (2022)

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Heart Touching Status

Heart Touching Status

She is so happy that now I do not feel like asking her,
Do we miss or not..!!

Evil is not spreading in the world because there are more bad people,
Rather it is spreading because good people are silent..!!

Beautiful people are not always good
Good people are not always beautiful..!!

Relationships and paths are two sides of the same coin,
Sometimes the paths get lost while playing the relationship,
And sometimes relationships are formed while walking on the path..!!

I could not understand the things of this cruel world,
Relationships full of meaning made me helpless..!!

Even a broken heart beats for a lifetime,
Whether in someone’s memory or in any complaint..!!

It was to write that I am happy even without you,
But before the pen, the tears fell on the paper..!!

never wanted anything before wanting you,
The wishes you got have come true..!!

The people of this world are also so strange, aren’t they?
Leaving all the toys and playing with emotions..!!

There is a strange custom of love,
Somebody gets angry, some breaks down..!!

Heart Touching Status

What did you get by not being mine,
You too will not be able to live being someone else..!!

If you get time, sit and think,
Are you mine too or only we are yours..!!

Wounds are not visible,
But don’t think that it doesn’t hurt..!!

Do not know how many untold things will be carried with you,
People lie that they came empty handed and will go empty handed..!!

We accepted every punishment by bowing our heads,
The only fault was that we were innocent..!!

When he passed by me, I came to know,
Life goes on like this even if it is buried..!!

If it was a matter of loyalty, I would never have lost.
If it was a matter of luck, I could not even do anything..!!

If you do not like me then tell me,
Can’t even feel you will go this far..!!

I bear this pain with a laugh,
Because the giver is also his own..!!

The wait is only for that day,
The day our name will be behind your name..!!

Heart Touching Status in Hindi

Heart Touching Status in Hindi
Heart Touching Status in Hindi

Even if you become death, then you swear,
We will still pray to meet you..!!

was sitting with me but was close to someone else,
It was someone else’s destiny to look like himself..!!

I had to write something new but
The wounds all look old..!!

He was looking for ways to forget me,
I got angry and made his problem easy..!!

Where do I get to tell where I got that luck,
Who will make you mine for a lifetime..!!

There was no hope that we loved him,
There was a stubbornness, if the heart is broken, then it will be broken by his hands..!!

The darkness of oblivion has fallen like this,
We have also liked to live by becoming a story..!!

Hands used to keep the colors covered even in swirls,
She is more color changer than chameleon..!!

Looking at the pieces of a picture of a beauties on the way,
I felt that someone crazy has become wise today..!!

Never give importance to anyone that,
When he leaves you can’t even live..!!

Heart Touching Status Hindi

There is a lot of wound, but still look at my spirit,
If you laughed then I also laughed with you..!!

It was not a question of poison, so I drank it.
People got hurt when I lived a little..!!

What we sowed with you is a plant of love,
He yearned for every drop of water today..!!

Had the desire been of your body, you would have snatched it from the world,
Love is from your soul that’s why I ask God for you..!!

Let’s assume that I do not know how to love,
But just tell me who taught you to break your heart..!!

Whom we care for,
Often the same people do not understand us..!!

I wish some election season of hearts also comes,
The pits of emotions would have been filled in just five years..!!

When I get angry, you convince me,
Don’t say anything, just put it on your chest..!!

I have remembered her, let’s take a slow breath,
Even the beats disturb the prayer..!!

just stay close to him,
Who can’t stay away from you..!!

Heart Touching Emotional Status

Emotional Heart Touching Status
Emotional Heart Touching Status

Lost in love with that person,
Who used to say that we are only yours..!!

One thing in life is never deleted,
And that is someone’s memory..!!

In this life of two moments,
We have died a thousand times..!!

If you are good then good will happen to you.
All this is just a matter of saying..!!

Who doesn’t care about your feelings
To be mad after him is not love is stupid..!!

get away from that person
The one who needs someone else even though you are..!!

When there’s so much to say,
Then the person often starts being silent..!!

The truth of life is just like this,
A person becomes a memory in a moment..!!

people who laugh a lot often,
In prayer for you, we ask for death..!!

Where is that color in the colours,
Like colors people change..!!

Hindi Heart Touching Status

What will she return even after leaving?
Which was not mine even by living together..!!

People not only laughing while suffering pain,
Stop crying too..!!

It is very beautiful, is it not mine?
Wherever you are you are only mine..!!

Think once before leaving someone,
Why was he still with her..!!

I wish you were my death
I am sure that one day it will definitely come..!!

If you want to hug, then embrace it alive,
Even if I hugged the wrapped in shroud, what did I do..!!

Somewhere it should not happen until they realize,
Time has taken me far away from them..!!

If we don’t stay, you will regret a lot.
It is not our habit to come back..!!

If you believe in others, you will find me bad but,
If you meet yourself, the promise is that you will go away with a smile..!!

you love us or not,
We will always love you..!!

Heart Touching Sad Status

Sad Heart Touching Status
Sad Heart Touching Status

I think I should apologize to myself,
I have hurt myself a lot..!!

When my heart was fine, I was in love with only one girl,
Now it is broken, so many pieces as many girls..!!

To love is not just about everyone,
You need a liver to ruin your own happiness..!!

I love too much
Just never pretended..!!

Have to sign your heart once,
So that I can say to God that you are my name..!!

I am not used to looking at me like this,
When I saw you, I thought I would see one more time..!!

The best man is known by his sweet tongue,
Otherwise good things are written on the walls too..!!

No matter how much money falls in this Kali Yuga,
Will never be able to fall as much as a person has fallen for money..!!

If you see a temple on the way, don’t pray, it will work.
But if an ambulance is found on the way, then praying for sure might save a life..!!

who has hope,
He cannot lose even after losing a million times..!!

Latest Heart Touching Status

I have heard that someone else has started liking you too.
If you want to grow from us, then become of him..!!

Desire, Care, Examination, Simplicity, Loyalty,
These habits of mine made me die..!!

I should change quickly, neither is my status nor habit,
Be it relationships or clothes, I run for years..!!

Our heartbeat is imprisoned in your heart,
Keep beating or else we will die..!!

What will be my biggest victory than this,
That this heart is only lost on you..!!

It seems from your condition that you had someone of your own,
Otherwise no one wastes it with such simplicity..!!

Keep closeness, life has no trust,
Then don’t even go to say and didn’t even tell..!!

The opportunity to rectify the mistake was stopped from that day itself,
The day the pen was given instead of the pencil in hand..!!

The real love was that first love,
After this, only one has to be found in every person..!!

It’s not your fault that you cheated me,
It was my fault that I gave you a chance..!!

Best Heart Touching Status Hindi

Heart Touching Status Hindi
Heart Touching Status Hindi

who have a good heart,
Their luck is bad..!!

Who says the heart is only in the chest,
If I write to you, my fingers also beat..!!

If you can’t meet everyday, meet sometimes,
Remember together always mix something like this..!!

He loved me all his life,
Then it happened that his life was full..!!

Think of me as dead and cry,
Even if I am alive now it is not for you..!!

I agree now every day,
But I do not agree with you now.

Crying, he told me to smile now,
I laughed because the question was not about laughter, it was about his happiness..!!

Some people teach me the rules and regulations of love,
We don’t know that we are the culprits of death in this crime..!!

When love is done, what is love?
Sometimes happiness and sometimes sorrow and separation are like punishment..!!

How old was that person to be yours,
He died thinking how to live without you..!!

take my hand that’s enough
Then happiness or sorrow is my destiny..!!

Best Heart Touching Status
Best Heart Touching Status

Somebody is fulfilling my lack,
That’s why you don’t remember me..!!

Takes time, don’t know how to turn,
Age was not so much as lessons learned..!!

Those wounds hurt a lot,
Those who meet without any fault..!!

Today’s day has passed just like this unnecessarily,
Neither did I get any time nor did you care..!!

Only he can understand the meaning of love in life.
Whose love has remained incomplete..!!

If your smile returns from a distance,
So you have the right to go away from us..!!

It’s nice whenever you laugh
Because my life resides in your one smile..!!

I want to hide you in my heart,
Because this era is very bad..!!

Teach me also the ways of not forgetting,
I am tired of missing you..!!

Where was my passion for love,
You just kept coming closer and love happened..!!

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