[100+] Karma Quotes in Hindi (2022)

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Karma Quotes in Hindi

Karma Quotes in Hindi

If you’re going to do wrong to someone else,
So must wait for your turn..!!

The echo of your deeds is higher than the echo of words..!!

Karma is such a dhaba where we don’t need to order,
We get what we have cooked..!!

The sins committed by you create a new hell of your own,
And the virtues done by you create a new heaven..!!

Don’t think to take revenge Sit comfortably and wait,
Those who have done bad to you, in the end, bad will happen to them too..!!

Karma is a very unique way to handle situations,
You just have to sit comfortably and see..!!

You can do whatever you want, it’s in your hands.
But the fruits of your actions are not in your hands..!!

Problems or successes.
Both are the result of our actions..!!

Whatever action you do, there will definitely be a reaction.
This is the law of the universe and this is karma. No one is spared from this.

Luck also favors them,
Whose deeds are strong..!!

Karma Quotes in Hindi

Karma always comes to the fore,
You will fill as you do..!!

Karma is the mirror which gives us,
Shows our real face..!!

Everyone has the freedom to do whatever he wants,
But the results of those actions are not in his hands..!!

How people treat you is their karma.
How you treat them is your karma..!!

what you give your life,
Life also gives you back
The hatred you have done will definitely come back to you at some point.
If you love others then you will also get love..!!

Never waste time to take revenge on anyone,
Those who hurt you have to bear the karma in the end..!!
Karma Quotes Hindi

Karma is life and,
The biggest duty of man is also..!!

If you want to enjoy then do good deeds.
One has to suffer because of bad deeds..!!

Do your work in such a way that you can be useful to someone..!!

If you ever get stuck in the definition of good and bad deeds,
So do it on your own purpose..!!

Bhagavad Gita Karma Quotes in Hindi

Bhagavad Gita Karma Quotes in Hindi

You do not get much by doing good deeds,
But the night’s sleep will be peaceful..!!

Man is never lucky by birth,
His destiny is made by karma..!!

If your deeds are good, then luck is your slave,
If your destiny is good then my home is Mathura Kashi..!!

If you have a positive attitude towards everyone,
Then you are going to get the same thing back..!!

The value is the same
Which you earn because of good deeds..!!

A man without action is like an animal..!!

There are different forms of life on earth,
One goal is to do everyone’s work..!!

Everyone gets as much luck as he gives,
But you can change your destiny through karma..!!

Invest in good deeds, what you will get in return
You will be more than expected..!!

Karma is the only Brahmastra available to man.
By which he can make his wish straight..!!

Best Karma Quotes in Hindi

Destiny depends on our karma,
Everyone is responsible for their own destiny..!!

The standard of good and bad deeds is established in the society.
But you should choose only those actions which are the definition of your character..!!

If you do your work sincerely,
So you will get the result without any dishonesty..!!
Bad Karma Quotes in Hindi

Treat your work as your prestige,
Then there will be no room for mistake in your work..!!

My master, just do this kind of work,
Recommendations of this pain a heart,
I don’t have to do anything other than just you..!!

If the desired thing happens, it is good if it is not, then it is better.
God completes the work which is right for us..!!

Better than banging your head at fate’s door
Create a storm of karma, all the doors will open..!!

The greatest loss of life is not death,
The biggest loss is that which dies inside us..!!

Do karma by being yogastha,
Don’t act monotonously..!!

Carrying out responsibilities can be painful,
But avoiding responsibilities makes the situation even more painful..!!

Law of Karma Quotes in Hindi

Law of Karma Quotes in Hindi

If success is water in life,
Karma is the first and the biggest path..!!

not dwelling on the past,
nor dreaming for the future,
Rather focus your mind in the present moment..!!

Karma, once we used to imprison animals and birds,
Today he himself is forced to be imprisoned in his homes,
Today he is roaming freely and we are imprisoned in our homes..!!

Karma which is done with knowledge, faith and yoga,
That is stronger..!!

always remember,
You will not be able to run away from the fruits of your bad deeds..!!

If you give one good thing to the world,
So with time your karma will be good,
And you will also get good things..!!

Karma starts from our hearts
And it ends only on the hearts..!!

Karma is of two types,
If we work with virtue, the results will be good.
If you work with misconduct then you will have to face the consequences..!!

Karma entitles those who are innocent to the reward,
But karma makes those who are unfaithful, entitled to hate..!!

If you lay thorns for someone,
So only thorns are found back,
And you will lay flowers for someone,
Then you will only get flowers back..!!

Quotes on Karma in Hindi

Whether it is good or bad, but the fruits of actions are definitely received.
Some get it early, some get it late..!!

If you have good thoughts, then everything will be good,
If you keep bad thoughts, then everything will be bad,
So stay positive, this is karma..!!

Honesty and intelligent work never goes in vain..!!

There is a mistake in the heart, love with the tongue,
Many people do this business in the world..!!

The results of the deeds we have done keep coming to us.
Today, tomorrow, after a hundred years or after a hundred births..!!

The reason for a person’s success is not his luck,
But it has its deeds..!!
Best Karma Quotes in Hindi

someone has done bad to you,
So leave it and go ahead with it, his karma will punish him..!!

If you help those in need,
So God helps you too..!!

do your good deeds
Otherwise your karma will never give you freedom..!!

Do good or bad to someone in life,
It always comes back in good or bad, this is the karma..!!

Karma Thoughts in Hindi

Karma Thoughts in Hindi

Who believes in his work,
They don’t cry for luck..!!

Good or wrong deeds in life,
Only then the future is born..!!

Make the present better with your deeds,
So that your future is as good as yours..!!

Instead of being ashamed, indulge in action..!!

time keeper,
Always busy in his work..!!

Do karma, don’t worry about the fruit, but do karma only.
Whose possible result should not be a reason for your concern..!!

they have good luck,
Those who do good deeds..!!

If someone has hurt you, don’t pay attention to it.
The more you think about that, the more it will hurt.
If you don’t pay attention to him and learn something from him,
Will take you forward in life..!!

Karma is like a boomerang,
Returns back to the person who threw it..!!

From every offense and every kindness,
We give birth to our future..!!

Karma Quotes Hindi

don’t worry,
Your sins will be found by your karma..!!

If someone has harmed you,
So you can’t harm him,
Because you will suffer the same way as they will suffer..!!

yourself with someone else’s karma,
You have to be very careful while including..!!

Karma finally comes to the fore,
You will reap as you sow,
Sooner or later, the universe to you,
He will serve you what you deserve..!!

Your karma should be good and everything else will be good,
Your good deeds will always triumph over your bad luck.

people pay for what they do,
Sometimes more than that..!!

People are not punished for their sins,
Rather it is done by sins..!!

Karma is Karma Karma is in life,
If you do wrong deeds, you only get back wrong deeds..!!

I can not escape the consequences of my actions,
Our actions are the basis on which we stand..!!

Karma is not just about troubles,
But it is also about conquering them..!!

Karma Status in Hindi

Karma Status in Hindi

If you want to be successful, then not the fruit,
You have to worry about your karma..!!

If you want success, work sincerely, you will definitely get success.
If you try to get success by hurting someone, then you will never get success.

Broken faith and missed childhood,
There is no getting back in life again..!!

Being silent through action,
No one else can give a better teaching than an ant..!!

Whatever you do, you get the same result.
So keep your thinking good,
say nice to anyone,
Do good work and be with good people.

everyone has freedom,
To live your life as per your wish,
But don’t forget your karma in freedom,
Remember one wrong deed can snatch your freedom..!!

There is no religion in the world greater than love,
And there is no greater deed than the good of others..!!

Higher thoughts lead to higher deeds,
And high deeds lead to the highest success..!!

Man can copy everything
But no luck and luck..!!

Karma is sir
Whatever he does, he will fill it..!!

Bad Karma Quotes in Hindi

Don’t be happy deceiving someone
Karma is the one that keeps track of everything..!!

Water is the blood of the earth,
Don’t just shed it..!!

God did not hand to show the lines to anyone, but
To show the glory of your hard work..!!

free is the same
One who does his own work..!!

believe in karma,
If you have sown well then you will reap well..!!

Bad Karma is similar to today’s Instant Coffee,
You don’t have to wait much..!!

According to karma that you call yours,
Cheating them is the saddest, disgusting and degrading thing..!!

Fear deeds more than God,
God can forgive once but Karma cannot..!!

Like a calf finds its mother even in a crowd of a thousand cows,
Similarly, karma finds its karta among crores of people..!!

If your karma is good,
Your luck will also be in your favor..!!

Believe that the mill of karma moves slowly,
But grinding is also very fine..!!

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