[100+] Life Quotes in Hindi (FEB 2022)

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Life Quotes in Hindi

Life Quotes in Hindi

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Learn to enjoy life
Time will keep enjoying you..!!

Remember one thing throughout your life, you have to be happy,
The biggest punishment for those who love you is..!!

You have to fight to change your life
It is easy to understand..!!

If you want to achieve something in life,
Change the way, not the intention..!!

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There’s no way to happiness
Being happy is the only way..!!

If the tongue improves
Life doesn’t take time to improve..!!

To support someone in bad times,
Best job in life..!!

What is the dilemma of the farmer too, his roof has leaked,
Still prays for rain..!!

The greatest joy in life is in doing that work,
What people say you can’t do..!!

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We think a lot in life,
But feel very little..!!

Best Life Quotes in Hindi

Best Life Quotes in Hindi

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Life always gives you a new chance,
In simple words it is called tomorrow..!!

Life doesn’t change in a few minutes,
But a decision taken after a minute can change the whole life.
So give importance to decisions..!!

If you don’t know the time,
It means you are having a good time..!! Quotes on Life in Hindi

Two horses run in the human mind, one negative and the other positive.
The one who will win in these will get more dose..!!

We are the best book in the world
Believe yourself, all problems will be solved..!!

The weight is only of our desires,
Rest of life is very light..!!

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Looks like life is a bit sad today,
Let’s leave which is the first time..!!

Handheld touch phone is good for bus status,
Stay in touch with everyone is better for life..!!

Bhavna is the most dangerous river in the world
Everyone gets swept away in this..!!

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The lessons that are learned without books,
Its called life..!!

New Life Quotes in Hindi

New Life Quotes in Hindi

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just find peace
Needs are never fulfilled..!!

What is cut is called age.
And the one who lives is called life..!!

To understand life, look back
Live life so look ahead..!!

Leave the one who gets fed up with you,
Because it is better to become a remembrance than to be a burden..!!

Seeing Nayan weeping, I saw the smiling face,
Saw the ointment in the hands of strangers and the dagger in the hands of loved ones..!!

Don’t ask what these eyes saw in this life,
I saw every person here just unaware of himself..!!

Respect is not of man, it is needed,
If the need is over, then the respect is over..!!

Sometimes we unknowingly keep our feet on time,
That’s why life falls on the face..!!

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That person is successful in his life,
Who knows how to make the broken one and celebrate the angry..!!

Those who are not greedy for anything,
They do their work in life very responsibly..!!

Life Quotes in Hindi 2022

Hindi Life Quotes

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Life does not give happiness,
Gives them a lot of experience..!!

Life doesn’t let you die
Until you learn to live..!!

Life is a cycle
And I am Abhimanyu..!! Quotation on Life in Hindi

If you have ego and you get very angry,
So in life you don’t need any other enemy..!!

Didn’t think that the time would come like this,
Everyone will have time but no one will get it..!!

You don’t have to prepare to speak the truth.
Truth always comes from the heart..!!

The mistake is made by the one who works hard,
The life of the useless ends in finding the evil of others..!!

The speed of life has become so fast,
That morning pain becomes old in the evening..!!

Learn the skill to trust yourself
No matter how reliable the support is, one day they leave together..!!

Respond to insults with such respect,
That the person in front should also be embarrassed..!!

Life Quotes in Hindi with Images

Beautiful Quotes on Life in Hindi

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Every crying moment will smile,
Be patient, friend, time will come for you too..!!

If you want to think the best in the world,
First of all stop thinking bad of anyone..!!

Never be angry with your life,
Do you know that life like yours is a dream for others..!!

Life is a book with thousands of pages,
You haven’t read yet..!!

Things have their value before they are found,
And after losing the value of man..!!

Killed his own dreams
To fulfill someone else..!!

Words don’t affect anyone else anymore,
Got imprisoned in his own alphas like this..!!

I am afraid from this time that what should I deal with..!!

Those who meet everyday do not know,
And those who know do not meet everyday..!!

Look, the bird is sitting on the branch, eager to fly,
Even the clouds change their color and are eager to rain..!!

Life Quotes in Hindi 2 Line

Quotation on Life in Hindi

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At what point has this life brought me,
I am feeling my own lack..!!

There is no harm in flying, you should also fly
But only from where the land is clearly visible..!!

This calm river says something, everyday makes up a story,
Some of you tell me my words, some tell this of their own too..!!

The place you have left by writing on the paper,
Incorporate your name in my name at that place..!!

Controlling oneself is a sign of a mature man,
Losing control over yourself prematurely is a sign of immaturity..!!

learn to speak
Otherwise you will have to listen for the rest of your life..!! Beautiful Quotes on Life in Hindi

Just have a look and give it to yourself,
Why see life from someone’s point of view..!!

For some days life does not recognize me,
Looks like you don’t even know me..!!

don’t wait as long as you think
Life is going faster than that..!!

Life is not long
Must be big..!!

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life quotes in hindi

Things acquired prematurely lose their value,
And after time got its importance..!!

Not all lessons are found in books,
Life also teaches some lessons..!!

Man is a shop and his tongue is his lock.
When the lock is opened then it is known whether the shop is of gold or of coal..!!

If you become better than necessary,
People will squeeze it as a lemon..!!

Take advantage of every opportunity in life,
But don’t believe anyone..!!

Small thinking breeds doubts,
While big thinking to the solution..!!

Once you decide in life, then don’t look back.
Because those who look back do not make history..!!

no one is perfect in life,
That’s why you have to take an eraser with a pencil..!!

fault tells him,
From which you have not learned anything..!!

Live life like this, people who make fun of you should become a joke..!!

Hindi Life Quotes

best life quotes in hindi

Always like such people in your life,
Whose heart is more beautiful than face..!!

Life is boiling like tea, but
Still we will enjoy every sip with passion..!!

It’s good to be a big man
But being a good man is a big deal..!! Famous Hindi Quotes on Life

Sometimes in life people lose the best in search of better..!!

The purpose of life is to have a life full of purpose..!!

than I thought,
Life is shorter than that..!!

Believe that the one who has forgotten you will remember you too.
Just let the day of his meaning come..!!

We used to think it would take a long time to change lives,
But did you know that changing times will change life..!!

One should not only be rich in life,
He must have conscience too..!!

I am very happy with my life
Because I care more about my loved ones than my dreams..!!

Beautiful Quotes on Life in Hindi

life quotes hindi

Suffering gives life
People defame death only..!!

The person who cries of sorrow all the time,
The happiness standing at his door comes back from outside..!!

Only the habit of working can make you successful..!!

Some madness in life is very important to fulfill dreams..!!

Bad people often leave in life after giving good experience..!!

While solving life, I got entangled myself..!!

How strange are the people of these times,
Leaving the toy and playing with emotions..!!

Until we know what life is?
By then it is half over..!!

Once you have decided in life, then don’t look back.
Because those who look back do not make history..!!

Never be afraid to fall in life,
Because only those who fly have the courage to fall..!!

Quotation on Life in Hindi

Hindi Life Quotes

Life taught me one thing,
Be happy in yourself and don’t expect anything from anyone..!!

We dream in sleep but God gives us sleep every day,
Wake up and give a chance to fulfill your dreams..!! Hindi Life Quotes

If you are satisfied with what you have,
And if you are happy then you are very rich..!!

Keep your Struggle a Secret till then,
Until you succeed..!!

Zindagi tere bhi tantrum hai laughing one day and crying for months..!!

No father’s wealth to live life,
The shadow of the father is enough..!!

Whenever life makes you cry, understand
Life is not making you cry..!!

There is an easy way to get everyone’s love in life,
Always be mindless..!!

Lost in the fatigue of life,
That word which is called peace..!!

intentions are always clear,
That’s why many people are against me..!!

Our life is very clever,
By giving a new tomorrow every day, age keeps getting snatched away..!!

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