[100+] Love Quotes in Hindi (JAN 2022)

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love quotes in hindi

love quotes in hindi

Some people are so close to heart,
Seeing them brings a smile to my face..!!

The heart is your only desire, the heart has only love for you,
Whether you come or not, we will wait..!!

When there was no love, it used to come in front,
If you have fallen in love now, it is not even visible..!!

Love is between two beautiful hearts,
Not between two beautiful people..!!

love is not done,
Love just happens..!!
romantic love quotes in hindi

Do not make restless heart restless,
If you want to love then do not do favors..!!

Whether you stay with me now or not,
Love is only with your memories..!!

You don’t go away, we will live with the help of your memories,
But these memories will not let me live..!!

Those who are not in luck,
Their love is amazing..!!

There is some strange relation between him and me,
Neither the reason for hatred is being found nor the thread of love..!!

love quotes 2022 in hindi

best love quotes in hindi

I don’t know much about love,
If you just come in front then the search ends..!!

Love is not something you look for,
Actually love finds you..!!

I didn’t find friends in life
I have found life in a friend..!!

If I get upset then you convince me,
Don’t say anything, just put it on your chest..!!

Those who are not in luck,
Their love is amazing..!!

We will do something like this in your love,
People will see you and remember us..!!

Who does not know when love will happen,
This is the house which does not have a door..!!

It is not necessary to be with love,
It is important to have love throughout life..!!

Relationship should be from heart, not with words.
Anger should be in words not in heart..!!

We will cross the limit in your love,
If you do not meet in life then you will really do something..!!

true love quotes in hindi

heart touching love quotes in hindi

They too will one day belong to someone else who says,
That no one can come in life except you..!!

The foundation of love always rests on trust and respect..!!

I didn’t find friends in life
I have found life in a friend..!!

Your color is in every dish,
You are with me even after staying away..!!
hindi love quotes

There are thousands of gatherings and lakhs of fairs,
But where you are not there we are all alone..!!

These mirrors that you like less,
They know we like you..!!

So much so that no one would have even wanted you,
As much as I only thought of you..!!

If she is happy leaving me, then how can she complain?
Now if I don’t even see her happy then how is love..!!

I wish you would come and hug me and say,
Man, now I can’t feel my heart without you..!!

I don’t want your life with me
Rather, as long as you are with me, life is needed..!!

romantic love quotes in hindi

emotional love quotes in hindi

The way of life becomes easy then,
When the one who doesn’t understand is a companion..!!

It is not necessary that love should be met with the help of arms,
To feel someone whole life is also love..!!

I’ll spend myself on your smile
You can’t even imagine that I should love you so much..!!

To give love to someone is the greatest gift,
And getting someone’s love is the biggest honor..!!

It is free to beat, take a look and see,
Love doesn’t hide you hide it and see..!!

Where is the restlessness of this love written in words,
I have called you every time from the depths of my heart..!!

There was a wonderful love in his eyes,
Didn’t even feel that he was about to leave..!!

Take away all our troubles by putting us on the chest,
Let us be only yours, force us so much..!!

One feeling is enough for you,
For my love..!!

By crying and persuading in love,
Love keeps on increasing..!!

best love quotes in hindi with images

romantic love quotes in hindi

Love is not what is shown to the world,
Love is that which is done from the heart..!!

Be together for life or not,
But feeling for life is also love..!!

I know you can’t be mine
Still it is nice to think about you only..!!

I wish the days would have ended when you had started to know us,
I wish that those moments would have stopped when we started loving you..!!

You forgot, let me go well,
At least one of the nights passed peacefully..!!
love quotes in hindi

Look in the eyes of what is true on my lips,
I used to smile that I still remember..!!

You will not be able to decide the extent of my love,
We love you more than my breath..!!

No name of this relationship but,
You are very special to me..!!

Your anger is so sweet that
Heart wants to keep troubling you all day long..!!

What is the news to the senses,
Love once and see what is life..!!

feeling love quotes in hindi

love quotes in hindi for husband/boyfriend

the distance does not matter
When two hearts are loyal to each other..!!

My love is not a compulsion
It is not necessary if I want it or get it..!!

I wish you ever hugged loudly and said,
Why are you afraid I am yours only..!!

It’s nice when without me saying anything,
Just looking at me brings a smile to your face..!!

The sea can be crossed without soaking feet in the world,
But love cannot be done without tearing your eyes..!!

To say that my heart is one,
But the one who has given it is one in a million..!!

Without you all my happiness is incomplete,
Then think how important you are to me..!!

Do not look at us with your eyes, we will hide in you,
Keep your hand on your heart, we will get you the same..!!

What to say in the words of your love,
Only you are in us, the God of your heart knows..!!

If you are angry then there seems to be an end of doom,
Where else does my heart feel other than you..!!

short love quotes in hindi

love quotes in hindi for girlfriend/wife

As it is necessary to have night after day,
Similarly, happiness for me means being with you..!!

If I see you, the whole day blooms like a flower,
I don’t know why my heart feels relaxed just by listening to your voice..!!

Love is life and if you don’t love,
So did nothing in life..!!

You are my last thought before sleeping,
And after getting up my first thought is you..!!

My love is different from you,
You live not only in thoughts but also in prayers..!!
best love quotes in hindi

Just getting someone is not called love,
Love is said to make a place in someone’s heart..!!

How beautiful the world becomes at that time,
When someone says that you are missing..!!

love is life if you lose it
You lose life..!!

Whether it is love or worship, I don’t understand anything now.
You are a beautiful thought, which does not go from the heart..!!

If you don’t believe me from morning, then from evening
This heart beats only in your name..!!

hindi love quotes

love quotes in hindi

By drowning in your love, let me become a river from a drop,
I will start with you and end with you..!!

We don’t force ourselves in love.
Whenever your heart wants to take heart with us..!!

If you can, come to my side today.
I am too late and I am also sad..!!

Whom the heart chooses for the first love,
Whether it is your own or not, the rule of the heart always remains with him..!!

Just as a flower does not bloom without sunlight,
In the same way there is no life without love..!!
hindi quotes for love

I still remember the first round of your street
I was not a scientist but my discovery was amazing..!!

You said, look me with a full eye,
Now the eyes get filled but you can’t see..!!

You are the principle of my love,
Anyway, I agree..!!

There was a lot of difference in the love of both of us,
I was with him and him from someone else..!!

One day we will lose each other thinking that,
When he doesn’t remember why should I remember him..!!

hindi quotes for love

best love quotes hindi

Take care of yourself
I am worried nothing happens to you..!!

Today I lost what was not mine,
But he lost that which belonged only and only to him..!!

Don’t imprison my heart like this, a pagli,
We are the Nawabs of the heart, not the birds of your cage..!!

The best that can happen is
Keeping each other in life..!!

Your relationship is very special.
If you meet or not meet, it is a matter of luck..!!
love quotes hindi

Guess we fight a lot but,
Love also only you do it..!!

Even smiling in loneliness is love
And hiding this thing is also love..!!

What is the use of crying who cannot understand love,
What will that pain understand..!!

The wonderful thing is that love can be incomplete,
But it can never end..!!

One day I found myself smiling inexplicably,
Then I realized that I love you..!!

New Love Quotes in Hindi

Latest Hindi Love Quotes

I wish all these movements would stop for a moment,
And there should be no sound except your heartbeat..!!

I have no right on his love but,
Heart wants me to wait for her whole life..!!

Love is such a fruit that is available in every season,
And everyone can get it..!!

Love starts with a smile,
That’s why everyone should meet with a smile..!!

To fight all the difficulties of life,
Just one thing is needed, that lovely smile of yours..!!

I love you very much when,
You understand my heart even before I say it..!!

love quotes in hindi

Everything happens without words,
It is beautiful to meet eyes with eyes..!!,

There is no limit to desire
Even the whole life passes, love never diminishes..!!

The real happiness is when we get married,
Be with the person whom we love..!!
love quotes 2022 in hindi

love is one sided,
Whatever is two-sided, it is called luck..!!

People change, circumstances change,
Those who love change but love never changes..!!

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