[100+] Maa Quotes in Hindi (MAY 2022) | माँ कोट्स हिंदी

[100+] Maa Quotes in Hindi (MAY 2022) | माँ कोट्स हिंदी

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Maa Quotes in Hindi

Emotion is different but thing is same
Call her a mother or God is one thing..!!

We become that
What our mother makes us..!!

like a mother’s lullaby,
There is no other art in the world..!!

Mother and forgiveness are one,
Because both are good in forgiving..!!

Let the coolness be the shade of Mother Taruvar
Let the shadow of your lap hide in the sorrow..!!
Maa Quotes Hindi

Why do people wish for heaven?
Did he not see the idol of Mamta sitting at home?

For all my life, O mother, you have been in love with me,
Now if I am worthy of praise then you have left..!!

Mother’s love: All love starts from here,
And that’s where it ends..!!

When you’re looking at your mother,
You are looking at the truest love in the world..!!

The impact a mother has on the lives of her children,
It doesn’t count..!!

Emotional Maa Quotes in Hindi

Emotional Maa Quotes in Hindi

Like there is no one like the way to heaven,
Similarly, there is no one like mother in millions of relationships..!!

Mother’s only importance is M.
Without it the world is another..!!

have seen beauty so beautifully,
When I have seen my mother smiling..!!

any wealth in the world,
Can’t repay the debt of mother’s milk..!!

Knows my sad heart too well,
She is the mother who asks the Lord for my success..!!
Mummy Quotes in Hindi

There is no such relation in the world,
Who is bigger than mother’s relationship..!!

Whatever I am today and whatever I can become,
I am grateful to my mother for that..!!

To ease my heart by shedding tears,
Mother’s lap is the best place..!!

Mother understands everything,
The child who doesn’t even speak..!!

If you fail the first time at something,
So do it like mother told..!!

Heart Touching Maa Quotes in Hindi

Heart Touching Maa Quotes in Hindi

Only parents do true love in the world.
Everyone else pretends to love..!!

Mother had put her to sleep by hugging her,
But time has taught the darkness to sleep by embracing it..!!

Whenever there will be division of the pride of the houses,
Mother will be mine, brothers’ house will be whole..!!

Why shouldn’t everyone be present in the house?
If mother is not seen then the house seems deserted..!!

the child’s first teacher,
And friend is mother only..!!
Hindi Maa Quotes

Many have just tested me
There is only one mother who has understood and known me..!!

There is only one prayer from the Lord,
I got a mother like you in every birth..!!

There is no love like mother’s love,
At least there is no fear of getting cheated in him..!!

the house where the mother is,
Everything is happy there..!!

God can’t be everywhere,
That’s why he has made a mother..!!

Maa Quotes in Hindi 2 Lines

Quotes for Maa in Hindi

The name is many, it means only one,
Some call “Ram”, some “Allah” and some “Mother”..!!

Every one of my stories has a story,
My mother is a part of my life..!!

Everyone has a good mother,
But every mother has a good child..!!

There was not a single sorrow in my fate,
If my mother had the right to write the fate..!!

If you are not a mother, then I have to say goodbye to life too.
Mother is my life, you have to live with you whole life..!!
Quotes for Maa in Hindi

In the shade of Mamta, every wound of mine was healed,
God got what he got in the form of a mother..!!

I have so much fame in the world,
It’s all because of my mother..!!

not dying,
I am scared to live without mother..!!

The body is torn from the hard work of the day,
But when mother saw me, the tiredness was forgotten..!!

When we did not know how to speak, mother understood,
Today we say on everything, mother, you will not understand..!!

Maa Quotes in Hindi from Daughter

mother quotes hindi

Ask me this prayer to God, then this world should be found,
Then the same lap, then the same mother met..!!

In this world without any selfishness,
Only mother can love..!!

Mother is not your wealth,
Rather need time to talk for two moments..!!

There is only one mother in the house,
Who does not let the family break even after breaking himself..!!

Never wish for such happiness,
Which hurts your mother’s heart..!!

When there are four pieces of bread and five to eat,
Then I am not hungry, mother is the person who says that..!!

Whatever I am or hope to be,
I keep that credit goes to my “mother”..!!

What will you teach me how to love,
I have slapped my mother with one hand and ate roti with the other..!!

Where will all this be at your feet one day,
Those who decorate Tabassum on mother’s lips..!!

It is very bad, yet she calls him very good,
Mother also calls her dirty child a wash of milk..!!

Quotes for Maa in Hindi

hindi mother quotes

Children who do not have a father’s hand on their heads,
For them, their mother is not less than HERO..!!

Greater than mother’s love,
There is nothing in the world..!!

He never had a badass on his lips,
There is only one mother who never gets upset..!!

I used to walk in heaven all night long,
When I woke up in the morning and saw that the head was at the feet of the mother..!!

If I spread my hand in front of anyone, it is not acceptable to him,
If the mother has her hand on her head then the destination is not far..!!

If nothing happens, she will hide me in the lap
Mother will never allow an open roof over her head..!!

My mother is still alive, nothing will happen to me,
When I leave the house, Dua also walks with me..!!

Oh see the darkness, your face has turned black,
Mother opened her eyes, there was light in the house..!!

Whatever I am today,
Because of your mother..!!

You are the beginning and end of every story of mine.
You are the morning and night of my every day.

Missing Maa Quotes in Hindi

mother quotes in hindi

These lakhs of rupees are soil in front of that one rupee,
What mother used to give us while going to school..!!

Where is it faded in front of mother’s love,
Mother, believe it or not, you are greater than God..!!

Every child’s first teacher,
It’s his mother..!!

Mother’s heart is so big that,
You will always get forgiveness in that..!!

Sometimes mother’s strength,
It is more than natural forces..!!

Mother is the only mother who recognizes in every situation,
Whether the eye is red from sleeping or from crying..!!

Even though there are thousands of sorrows, I swell with joy,
When my mother is a celebrity, I forget every sorrow..!!

Your mention is like silence, you yourself are a question,
I don’t know why mother you are so amazing..!!

best sleep,
Comes in mother’s lap only..!!

On whose head is the mother’s lap,
He doesn’t need any roof in the world..!!

Maa Quotes in Hindi with Images

Maa Quotes Hindi

Mother is the one who can take everyone’s place,
But no one can take the place of mother..!!

Mother our first, best,
And always last friend..!!

Youth fades, love fades and friends also leave,
But mother’s love never diminishes..!!

Whether mother is educated or not,
But we get rare and important knowledge of the world from mother only..!!

What is the relationship, mother feels cold
And the sweater makes me wear it..!!

Every story and story of my life has a hero,
My mother is not only a mother but for me she is equal to God..!!

He never had a badass on his lips,
There is only one mother who never gets upset..!!

I wish I could be an angel again,
To cling to the mother in such a way that I become a child..!!

Mother’s heart is that big river,
Which is full of mercy and forgiveness..!!

No manual comes with us to live life,
But mother’s support definitely comes..!!

Mother works hard not to be great herself,
Rather to make children great..!!

Best Quotes for Mom in Hindi

Best Quotes for Mom in Hindi

One request, O life,
You also become like my mother, give me whatever I ask for..!!

I walk around with an empty wallet, yet I feel rich,
Hiding I keep a mother’s picture in it..!!

In this way she washes away my sins,
If mother is very angry then she cries..!!

The most important thing a father can do for his children is
That is to love their mother..!!

Mother is the one who knows us best,
And still love the most..!!

Mother’s love gives that energy,
What makes a common man special..!!

God also falls short in front of mother.
And there is no greater penance than mother’s penance..!!

I wish I could be an angel again,
I should cling to my mother in such a way that I can become a child again..!!

We were ruined by foreigners, but
Mother is telling everyone that son is having fun..!!

There is no sorrow in the life of mother,
Whether the world supports or not, but mother’s love never diminishes..!!

Mother is the greatest teacher
The epitome of kindness and love..!!

Mummy Quotes in Hindi

Mummy Quotes in Hindi

selflessly in this world,
Only mother can love..!!

Thousands of notes only fulfill the needs,
The fun was in one rupee coin asked from mother..!!

crawling on his knees when he stood on his feet,
Knowing when did you grow up in the shade of your mother’s love..!!

He bowed his head at every temple, every mosque and every doorway,
The prayer was accepted when I bowed my head at my mother’s feet..!!

greater than God and Rabb,
My mother is everything to me..!!

You are the character of my every story,
You are the history of my life my mother..!!

The age of the mother should never be asked of the son,
When the mother leaves, it hurts..!!

What do I need a folded pillow for,
Somebody’s hand is under my head right now..!!

The ink ran out while writing “mother”
The bondage of his love was so long..!!

Mother’s prayer is the biggest wealth of this world,
The one who did not understand is still true till today..!!

smile at mom
Do you know that pilgrimage is not written in fate..!!

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