[100+] Positive Thoughts in Hindi (FEB 2021)

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Positive Thoughts in Hindi

Positive Thoughts in Hindi

If you want to understand life then look back
And if you want to live then look ahead..!!

It is many times better than to be a sultan on other’s terms,
Be a fakir of your own fun..!!

What is the use of that height?
Where man ascends but humanity descends..!!

People nowadays not for admitting apology to mistake,
To end the matter..!!

Always listen to your heart,
But take your mind with you..!!
Best Positive Thoughts in Hindi

Bending of the mind is also very important,
God does not meet just by bowing your head..!!

win before you win
And you should never accept before you lose..!!

who speaks the truth,
He is hated even more..!!

move forward in life so fast that,
The threads of people’s evil should break before they get entangled in your feet..!!

It’s easy to beat someone
But it is very difficult for someone..!!

Life Positive Thoughts in Hindi

Life Positive Thoughts in Hindi

Change yourself in life, not the world
The world will change by itself..!!

This is life sir… if you don’t get entangled, how will you solve it?
And if not scattered then how will it shine..!!

Getting off the mind and getting off the mind,
Depends only on your behavior..!!

How can my feet stagger?
What my father taught me to walk..!!

Happiness or happiness is not a pre-made thing,
Rather we get it from our own actions..!!
Life Positive Thoughts in Hindi

There is no shortcut way in life,
The destination is always achieved by hard work..!!

Now no one is my own, let’s go well,
No more danger..!!

If you want something with your heart,
The whole universe takes him to join us..!!

Those who wait get only that much,
People who try hard leave and leave..!!

we must face the difficulties
Because what do you know, you have to face even more problems in other work..!!

Best Positive Thoughts in Hindi

Best Positive Thoughts in Hindi

A dream seen, remains a dream,
Unless you work hard to fulfill it..!!

We proceed on our own merit,
By no mercy..!!

As long as we keep acknowledging others as the cause of our problems and difficulties,
Till then we cannot erase our problems and difficulties..!!

Time is yours, if you want, make gold
Or if you want, spend it in sleep..!!

If you get worried because of those things and circumstances,
Which is not under your control otherwise it results in wastage of time and regret for the future..!!
Hindi Positive Thoughts

From afar we see all the roads ahead are closed,
Because the way to success opens for us only
When we get very close to him..!!

If we want, on the strength of our hard work and confidence,
You can change and write your own destiny,
If we don’t know how to work,
So we cannot write our destiny and circumstances write our destiny..!!

keep your heart clean
You yourself will start looking more beautiful than the limit..!!

Instead of knowing about the success of others all the time,
Work on your own success..!!

Take off the burden of confusion from the heart, it is very small,
Live life laughing..!!

New Positive Thoughts in Hindi

New Positive Thoughts in Hindi

The power can be guessed,
No one dares..!!

Remove the sheet of gum and look outside,
Your pain is less than the pain of others..!!

Keep the spirit, the pocket and the shoe always strong,
Nowadays man does not listen directly..!!

The scene can be bad, not the destination,
The times may be bad, but life is not..!!

Never give up. Today is a bad day
Tomorrow will be worse but the day after tomorrow the sunshine will definitely bloom..!!
New Positive Thoughts in Hindi

It’s good to believe in the happiness of success,
But it is important to learn from your failure from him..!!

as much fun as it is,
When everyone is waiting for you to lose..!!

Birds never give their children by making a nest for the future,
They just teach them the art of flying..!!

Tomorrow troubled by the sun, today troubled by rain,
Complaints are innumerable, in human habit..!!

Man has two names, he is born with one.
And the other one which he makes by working..!!

Good Positive Thoughts in Hindi

Hindi Positive Thoughts

Like it’s fun
Otherwise trouble is everyday..!!

Do not be afraid if you are not afraid you can do many things,
If you are afraid then you cannot do anything always say fear is nothing..!!

If you have never stopped while walking slowly in the race of life,
So believe me you are the fastest..!!

Whose fun is alive, his personality is alive,
Otherwise understand it is forcibly alive..!!

If you get qualities, make a guru, if you get a mind, make a disciple.
If you want, make friends, otherwise stay alone..!!
Good Positive Thoughts in Hindi

When the distance increased, the misunderstandings also increased.
Then he also heard what I didn’t even say..!!

We were crying when we were born,
While the whole world was celebrating,
We should live our life like this,
That the whole world cried on our death and let us celebrate..!!

We don’t have to be great to start anything,
But to be great it is very necessary for us to start something auspicious..!!

Success introduces us to the world
And failure introduces us to the world..!!

There is no use in returning midway,
Because in return you have to cover the same distance,
By covering the distance you could reach the goal..!!

Hindi Positive Thoughts

Positive Quotes in Hindi

Greatness is not in never falling,
Rather it is in getting up after falling..!!

Wise men never worry,
He always thinks..!!

If we want to be successful in life,
So we should find our weakness and make it our strength..!!

All the powers of the universe are ours but still the fault is ours.
Because we put our hands on our eyes and then cry how dark it is..!!

Dreams happen only with those people,
who believe in fulfilling them,
Meaning dreams are not what we see in sleep.
Dreams are those which do not let us sleep..!!

Man is made by his faith,
He becomes what he believes..!!

Everything can be copied
But not character and behavior..!!

The lesser the traffic of thoughts in the mind,
Life’s journey will be that easy..!!

You can’t say you don’t have time,
Because you also get the same amount of time (24 hours) in the day,
As much time as great and successful people get..!!

Keep it so sweet that,
Don’t feel bitter if you ever have to take it back..!!

Positive Quotes in Hindi

Positive Status

choose your own path,
Because no one knows you better than you..!!

The crowd always walks on the path which seems easy,
But it does not mean that the crowd always walks on the right path..!!

nothing is impossible in this world,
We can do all that! what we can imagine,
And we can think of all that we have not even thought till today..!!

If trouble comes, what will happen if you are afraid?
Find out a way to live, what will happen if you die..!!

You have to fight to change your life
Easy to understand..!!

If we don’t admit our mistakes in time,
So we keep making more mistakes! Only then can we learn from mistakes,
When we accept our mistakes..!!

Change with time or learn to change time
Don’t curse the compulsions, learn to walk in any situation..!!

The person keeps the face clean,
What people have their eyes on but do not keep the heart clean,
On which the eyes of the above are there..!!

forget the mistake
But always remember the lesson..!!

Nothing happens just by thinking
Something has to be shown here..!!

Positive Status

positive status in hindi

If in your life,
If you can’t find any hero then be yourself..!!

If you do what others are not doing,
So you will get what others are not getting..!!

There must be evil
If you get small compliments everyday, you will not be able to move forward..!!

Prayers never go empty
Just accept at the right time..!!

work so quietly,
Let the success make noise..!!

Failure is often the result of stopping the effort..!!

Lost in the fatigue of life,
That word which is called Sukoon..!!

If bad times don’t come in life,
The non hidden in you and your hidden in the white are never seen..!!

The scene may be hazy, not the destination,
Round can be bad, not life..!!

It’s not just the sunrise when the sun rises,
Changing thoughts also makes a new day..!!

Positive Status in Hindi

positive thoughts in hindi

Everyone gets time to change life,
But life doesn’t get again time to change..!!

There was no fear of losing and no desire to gain,
There would have been neither God nor any worship..!!

As much as difficulties can teach a man,
Even ten gurus together cannot learn that much..!!

Sometimes life passes in a moment,
Never a moment of life passes..!!

By blaming the times,
Proving oneself innocent is a mistake..!!

Faith is the power that brings light in darkness
That means light can be brought to the ruined world,
Faith can turn a stone into a god,
And unbelief can turn a man made by God into a stone..!!

Injustice is a challenge,
Who challenges the humanity of human beings..!!

The person who is engaged in the gratification of the senses,
Only his lust eats him..!!

In the rainy season where all the birds seek shelter,
Whereas the eagle avoids the rain by flying above the clouds,
The problem is Common Just Difference of Thinking..!!

The nobility of a person depends on
What is his way of thinking and his way of working..!!

positive thoughts in hindi

positive thoughts hindi

Patience is not a weakness,
This is the power which is not there in everyone..!!

Those who believe in the merit of their footsteps,
He often reaches the destination..!!

If you want peace,
Stop putting people’s words to heart..!!

Some noble deeds in life should also be done in such a way that,
There should be no other witness except that one above..!!

The person who is the master of patience,
He is the master of everything else..!!

stay as you are
Because Original cost more than Duplicate..!!

Don’t rely on God
Do you know that God is sitting on your own trust..!!

people who can’t change their mind
They can’t change anything..!!

successful he is
Those who build buildings even with the stones thrown on them..!!

Even bad times pass
Just the Lord has to try our patience..!!

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