[100+] Sachi Bate in Hindi (MAR 2022) | सच्ची बाते

[100+] Sachi Bate in Hindi (MAR 2022) | सच्ची बाते

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Sachi Bate

One of the main causes of sorrow is
Compare yourself to others..!!

Things acquired before time lose their value,
And got its importance after time..!!

To understand deep things it is necessary to be deep,
And deep can only be the one who has suffered deep injuries..!!

No time and words to talk,
Rather it should be mind..!!

True relationships do not ask for anything except time and respect..!!

Sometimes we’re not wrong,
But we do not have those words which can prove us right..!!

One’s simple nature is not his weakness,
Rather it has its rituals..!!

Some people don’t express but care about you,
They do a lot, that person is very true..!!

True sir, when people can’t compete with you,
Then they start hating you..!!

One has to fight the bad days for the best and the good days..!!

Sachi Bate in Hindi

Sachi Bate in Hindi

A few minutes’ talk with a sensible person,
It is better than reading thousands of books..!!

When life gives you another chance,
So never make the mistake of repeating the old mistakes..!!

Never be proud of time and luck,
Because morning belongs to those who have bad days..!!

The desire of man is to get wings to fly,
And birds think that they get a home to live..!!

Sprained foot and mean mindedness,
Never let a person move forward..!!

People’s earnings can be small or big,
But the size of roti is same in all the houses..!!

Humans are recognized by deeds only,
Even expensive clothes wear effigies in shops..!!

Make yourself good
One bad person will be reduced from the world..!!

Those who leave together need only an excuse,
Otherwise the people who work together don’t leave till their last breath..!!

No intelligence to maintain relationships
Heart should be pure..!!

Best Sachi Bate in Hindi

Best Sachi Bate in Hindi

Man must be right in his own eyes,
Otherwise the world is unhappy even with God..!!

One thing must be remembered in life,
Somebody can take it away by snatching it from the hand.
But no one is snatching away from luck..!!

The weight of our tongue is very less,
But very few people can handle it..!!

A great man is known by his spoken language,
Otherwise good things are written on the walls and posters too..!!

Anger is that gust of wind,
The one who extinguishes the lamp of intellect..!!

Don’t tell your pain to everyone
Because there is no ointment in everyone’s house,
But salt is in everyone’s house..!!

It’s good to be a big man
But being a good man is a big deal..!!

In school lessons are taught first, then exams are taken,
But in life there are exams first, then lessons are to be learned..!!

Learn to give time to people
The relationship itself will get stronger..!!

Who supports you even after tolerating your anger,
No one can love you more than that..!!

Sachi Bate Status

Sachi Bate Status

If you want to be happy in life,
Learn to ignore the nonsense of others..!!

let go of what bothers you
Because it is better to become a remembrance than to be a burden..!!

We will all forget each other one day just thinking that,
He doesn’t even remember me, so why should I remember him..!!

A woman is a strange thing for a man,
If you find it, you can’t see it.
And if it is not found, then nothing is seen other than that..!!

best gift to give to someone,
To understand his Feelings and give him respect..!!

Often he goes through loneliness,
Who chooses the right decisions in life..!!

No degree is needed to rise up in life.
Good deeds make a person great..!!

Where resentment is not valued,
Stop being angry there..!!

Time is the biggest teacher of life
Because what time teaches, no one else can learn it..!!

It doesn’t take time to get used to someone.
But it takes whole life to break the habit..!!

Sachi Bate Status in Hindi

Sachi Bate Quotes

no one is weak
It’s all time’s game sir..!!

The nature should be good, what is the matter of Surat sir,
It changes with time..!!

Destiny and thinking should be good,
Anyone can do good things..!!

There is a lot in their heart,
Those who have nothing in their pocket..!!

Whether it is a palace or a hut,
Your home is yours..!!

Remember to break the relationship,
People also make wrong accusations..!!

Everything in the world breaks after a stumbling block,
But there is only one success which comes only after stumbling..!!

If you want to be happy then learn to be silent.
Because happiness does not like noise..!!

Some relationships are ruined by God,
So that our life is not spoiled..!!

Those who die will find a thousand crying,
But the one who is alive will get even one who understands..!!

Sachi Bate Image in Hindi

Sachi Bate Images

Appreciate only those relationships more than time,
Who has supported you on time..!!

The fear of slander is felt by that person,
The person who does not have the courage to earn a name..!!

People say that money can buy everything,
But I say that someone should buy the broken trust with money and show it..!!

no matter what the relationship,
Password is only one Trust..!!

Forgiveness can only be given by those who are strong from within,
Hollow people burn only in the fire of revenge..!!

Love always likes to apologize,
And the ego always likes to hear forgiveness..!!

Of course forget the mistake,
But always remember the lesson..!!

Don’t tell everyone your secrets,
He may be against you in the coming time.
And know your weakness..!!

stop being afraid of people
Respect is given above all, not people..!!

The strange thing is that no one has time to help others.
But everyone has the time to obstruct the work of others..!!

Sachi Batin Quotes

true things

It’s good to be smart
But it is foolish to think others are fools..!!

People will stop looking in the mirror,
If the character will appear in the mirror instead of the picture then..!!

As long as you’re afraid,
Other people will keep taking the decisions of your life..!!

Chameleon changes color seeing danger,
And seeing the human opportunity..!!

without admitting my mistake,
You can never be better..!!

Excessive attachment to any person is harmful,
Because attachment leads to hope,
And hope causes misery..!!

Whenever you break, break alone because,
This world is expert in watching spectacle..!!

Those people who understand the pain,
Never be the cause of pain..!!

If the relationship is deepened by bowing, then bow down.
But if you have to bow down every time, then stop..!!

One who loves is better than thousand people..!!

Sachi Bate Shayari

true sayings in hindi

Who really knows how to talk
Those people are often silent..!!

Don’t trust me?
Don’t know how many people get cheated by saying this..!!

It’s better to be ignorant of some things,
Sometimes knowing everything hurts a lot..!!

broken pen and jealousy of others,
Don’t let you write your own destiny..!!

Laziness of work and greed for money,
Never let a person become great..!!

Everything is available in the world,
But man never gets his mistake..!!

As the crowd is increasing in this world,
People are becoming so lonely..!!

How strange are the people of the world,
Leaving toys and playing with emotions..!!

The world could not roam with empty pockets,
But the empty pocket definitely showed the world..!!

more than a hundred words of advice,
A stumbling block of experience makes you stronger..!!

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true sayings status

No one can change that person,
The person who does not see his own fault..!!

There is a blow on the heart only when,
Have faith in the cheater..!!

It is not necessary that every tree gives fruit,
Someone’s shadow also gives great comfort..!!

Of course it’s good to laugh
But not on others..!!

Till date no one has been able to laugh by making someone cry.
This is the law of law, which till date no one has been able to understand..!!

Injury to the foot teaches us to walk carefully,
At the same time, the hurt in the mind teaches us to live safely..!!

People in this world have illusions on hearing good about someone,
Whereas when you hear bad, you immediately believe..!!

A person does not get that much wisdom by eating almonds,
How much wisdom comes from being cheated..!!

How strange are the habits of human beings,
He preserves the signs and loses the man..!!

Even a leaf falling from the branch of a tree teaches us that,
If you become a burden in life, you drop you on your own..!!

Sachi Bate DP

true sayings shayari

There is no need to take life so seriously
No one will go away alive from here..!!

If you have good intentions,
So your luck can never be bad..!!

Bending of the mind is also very important,
God does not meet just by bowing your head..!!

Qualified people neither suppress anyone,
Neither do you get suppressed by anyone..!!

The worst thing in pride is that,
He doesn’t even let you feel that you are wrong..!!

This world is very strange not because of lying here,
Rather, speaking the truth breaks the relationship..!!

If you get qualities, make a guru, if you get a mind, make a disciple.
If you want, make friends or else stay alone..!!

Son is spoiled by giving love, woman by giving distinction,
Servants are spoiled by giving greed and friends by cheating..!!

False people have great skills in the world,
True people die of blame..!!

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