[100+] Sad Quotes in Hindi (FEB 2022) | सैड कोट्स इन हिंदी

[100+] Sad Quotes in Hindi (FEB 2022) | सैड कोट्स इन हिंदी

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Sad Quotes in Hindi

Whom shall we be after you,
The name of that relationship will be compulsion..!!

These lonely sad nights do not cut me,
Tomorrow I will tell the sun to take me with you and drown..!!

What has taken a turn for a while,
We found our loved ones at the forefront of the line..!!

Never sleep with your head on someone’s lap.
Because when he leaves, he cannot sleep even on a silk pillow..!!

mirrors, memories, dreams, relationships,
I don’t know when or where it breaks..!!

Love would be beautiful in some other world,
Here only we know what has happened to us..!!

who always tells the truth,
Most people hate him only..!!

Don’t expect sympathy in this world,
Hurts with great love to the one who loves sincerely..!!

I was sure that you would forget me,
Glad that you lived up to the expectation..!!

Are you mad who are still remembering,
He has forgotten thousands even after you..!!

Very Sad Quotes in Hindi 2022

Very Sad Quotes in Hindi

Some dates don’t pass
Even after all the years have passed..!!

you write me somewhere,
I am getting out of your words..!!

Why increase the importance of someone by hating,
It is not bad to forgive and embarrass him..!!

Always remember one thing, you will find many like me in the world,
But we will not find you in them..!!

who have a good heart,
Often their luck is bad..!!

The heart is also stubborn like a child,
Either everything is needed or nothing..!!

When you meet someone else, you will know,
If we were not good then we were not bad either..!!

No one could understand my sorrow
Because I was used to smiling..!!

If life is there then only you will remember
If you don’t remember the day then understand that we have died..!!

Whatever be the relationship,
Must be strong not forced..!!

Feeling Sad Quotes in Hindi

Feeling Sad Quotes in Hindi

Always remember one thing, by pleading in front of someone,
There is neither respect nor love..!!

Sometimes looking at the pocket of a smiling person,
May the handkerchief get wet..!!

Some people in our life only,
Come only to break trust..!!

Don’t be sad in memory of any webfa,
He is happy in his own world because of your desolation..!!

What did you keep in your youth?
Some pics Dude’s Rest bottles of wine..!!

This one sided love is also very strange,
There is always a fear that someone might steal them from us..!!

They think I don’t feel pain
Well, what to increase the matter, otherwise it would not have happened..!!

Don’t make me a toy of leisure time,
I am also human, I also feel pain..!!

Cowards are those who do not love,
Fuckin liver must be wasted..!!

wanted to break you,
And you broke me and kept me..!!

Hindi Sad Quotes

Hindi Sad Quotes

If he used to walk with me,
But looking for someone else..!!

I was nothing until you were there,
I was ruined if it happened to you..!!

It’s hard to live without you
This is even more difficult to tell you..!!

Had I forgotten it would have been a different matter.
But he has deliberately forgotten me..!!

Earned friends are lost,
In the pursuit of earning..!!

I will get angry with you so much,
Your eyes will yearn for a glimpse of me..!!

Strange nature has become of the people of the times,
Keep good memories in pendrive and bad memories in heart..!!

I had committed a crime of loving you,
You were punished to die moment by moment..!!

If you want to pass the time, then play the game,
Please don’t play with anyone’s feelings..!!

I had a wonderful love, it started suddenly with me,
And it ended without telling..!!

sad quotes in hindi

Sad Quotes Hindi

Life passes alone
People give consolation but not with..!!

Today that person becomes offline after seeing me online.
Who used to call on the phone when I went offline..!!

Today he raises his fingers,
Those who had ever asked by raising their hands..!!

I watched silently for a few days,
Have forgotten even my name, those who walk with me..!!

Maybe someone is doing my lack,
Only then do you remember me now..!!

no matter how much the situation changes,
But you don’t ever change..!!
Hindi Sad Quotes

People really do change
Don’t mess with anyone even by mistake..!!

One sided true love is love,
If you are not there then what happened to me I am uncountable..!!

The skill of smiling in sadness was not learned for free,
In return, every happiness of life is destroyed..!!

forgotten things,
That’s why there is controversy in life..!!

Sad Quotes in About Life

Latest Sad Quotes in Hindi

The reality of life is only to know,
I am alone in pain, there is a time in happiness..!!

Love is the crime that everyone commits,
But the punishment is given only to the faithful..!!

I love every sign you give,
Be it heartache or watery eyes..!!

How cute are those relationships that fight everyday,
And can’t even live without each other..!!

Thank you for cheating
If you had not met, I would not have understood the world..!!

I don’t care about myself, I forgot myself..!!

Thought I would build a house and sit comfortably,
But the needs of the house made him a traveler..!!

When a man learns to walk alone,
Then he would have understood the world..!!

It was not written in the books,
The lesson that life taught me..!!

Parted by the way that the weather has changed,
One man deserted the whole city..!!

Sad Quotes in Hindi for Love

sad quotes in hindi

When people can change,
So what is luck..!!

Give me that school bag again mother,
I find this journey of life very difficult..!!

You can find happiness in giving sorrow to someone,
But you will never be sad to give happiness to someone..!!

Don’t take me away from your close ones,
I have very little reason to live..!!

You are not alpha, today I have to narrate in the gathering,
Well, it doesn’t matter, I only scratch the wounds..!!

This period will pass too, have a little patience,
When happiness does not stop then what is the point of sorrow..!!

Broken but still smiling,
We are repaying the debt of your love like this..!!

I feel like when you ignore me
You have found someone else who has become more important than me..!!

What can I say about the changing people?
I have seen my own love for someone else..!!

There is a strange spectacle, friend of people made of clay,
If you are unfaithful, you cry and if you are loyal, you cry..!!

Sad Quotes in Hindi for Girls

Best Sad Quotes in Hindi

destroys deep inside,
Those tears that can’t fall from the eyes..!!

Don’t just want us to pass the time,
We are also human, we also suffer..!!

If there is happiness, then let it be only, I know,
There is no love but whatever it is, let it be for a while..!!

those who die inside,
Those people teach others to live..!!

I remember my mistake, I have fallen in love with one thing,
Have done the second to you, did the third unprotected..!!

Circumstances teach you to listen and endure,
Otherwise every person is a king by nature..!!

There are destinations in life,
But those people do not get what they want from their heart..!!

Suffering gives life
People defame death only..!!

There is no difference between love and job,
Man will keep crying but will not leave..!!

If there was any disease, he would have got treatment too.
It was an addiction to love that never left..!!

Sad Quotes in Hindi for Friends

Hindi Sad Quotes

By not explaining some things,
I understand by passing on myself..!!

It was not written in the books,
The lesson that life taught me..!!

Life passes alone
People give consolation but not with..!!

Tell me if you want to use
Don’t swear by love like this..!!

Whom today I see thousands of mistakes,
He had once said that you are mine whatever you are..!!

I had the stubbornness to forget you, now I have a dream to forget,
Neither the stubbornness nor the dream has come true..!!

I was in love only
He was intoxicated for some time..!!

If you knew that love hurts so much,
Before joining hearts, we would have joined hands..!!

where you once used to be,
There it hurts now..!!

If my mother had the right to write the fate,
So there would not be a single sorrow in my life..!!

Sad Quotes in Hindi Images

sad quotes hindi

Responsibilities are also a test,
The one who plays neither bothers him..!!

It’s very beautiful, isn’t it my pride?
Wherever you are you are only mine..!!

Don’t ask for the pain by giving so many wounds, dear friend,
Pain is only pain, what little and what more in it..!!

You can understand the value of your tears by this fact,
That your tear compels God to come to earth..!!

I don’t know what kind of love are we doing
We are happening to those who can never happen..!!

Every person leaves with time,
But there is only one friend who always supports me..!!

Happy are those who love the body,
Because those who are in love with the soul are often seen in agony..!!

Compulsions are hidden when a person says,
Leave me alone..!!

Those who die from inside don’t
Then those people teach others to live..!!

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