120+ New Funny Status in Hindi for Whatsapp, FB and Instagram

funny status

It is said that when you laugh, you are mentally and physically more healthy and laughter also increases your attractiveness. And I have heard that making someone laugh is an act of virtue. So why not laugh at yourself and make others with you laugh as well. Today’s era is the era of technology and everyone expresses their feelings by posting status on social media. In this post, we have brought some of the best and new laughing status for you that will make you laugh. In awkward situation Put it on your WhatsApp and Facebook and lighten the mind of others.

awkward situation

history is witness

Never had one’s own wife in someone’s dream

never laugh at your wife’s choice

you are one of them

love is a long dream

and wedding alarm clock

weird status lines

funniest whatsapp status ever

Can’t talk, wife around

funny status lines

I put my heart and my life into my work

forgot to brain

watching motivational videos

Man stays fat for 10-15 minutes only

Hansi Majak Ke Status

have come in my life

you become a ruckus

funny status for whatsapp

After surgery- Doctor saab, am I fine?

Son the doctor stayed down on the earth,

i am chitragupta

everyone has a purpose in life

I probably want to watch television.

funny status hindi


up to the will of the lord

Yamraj: I have come to take your life

Me: If she can’t be mine then how will you be

sometimes i don’t understand

Internet is free or we people

funny status in hindi

When a guest says don’t make tea it’s too hot

So understand that he is in the mood to drink cold drinks

funny status

if taunting had an olympics

So all the relatives bring gold

Me and my charger are both same

stay on the phone

facebook funny status

men have feelings too

like i’m hungry right now

banana eating time

never look into someone’s eyes

Use a handkerchief if you want to cry

no whatsapp status

funny status for boys

never leave your dreams unfulfilled

keep sleeping

funny jokes in hindi

Sometimes it seems like a panda is just like me

always lethargic and hungry

everyone is spinning

and seeing them makes me dizzy

funny status

WhatsApp is free

Not me

Dear Karma: I have a list of many people

whom you forgot

If stress burned calories

so i would be a supermodel

funny status on whatsapp

whenever i found the key to success

someone just changed the lock

funny status hindi

Spread legs as much as a sheet

Otherwise, only mosquitoes will bite on the feet.

a problem never ends

second comes and salutes

funny status for girls

I don’t know how to see my own status again and again

when will the habit

royal funny status

watch the phone all night

why not become a watchman

i live in india

But it’s America’s time to sleep

funny whatsapp status

God is really creative,

Look only at me

Do not know which vitamins are in the phone

If you don’t look for a while, it starts feeling like weakness.

Do not use mobile for a while

So the sound starts coming from the mobile,

Is the owner alive or dead?

awkward situation

you give me “Hmmm”

I’ll give you a “K”

funny status in hindi

My wallet is like an onion,

I cry as soon as I open it

half life of girls

goes out in search of rubber bands

funny shayari status

The New Way to Forget Your Past

delete old chat

funny attitude status

sleep till i feel hungry

I eat till I sleep.

Till then I will not accept technology

until i download food

funny joke status

What is woman?

god’s rubik’s cube

I have done the best graduation in the world- B.Calm

my net pack is about to run out

Spread this message so much that some good person can get recharge done.

Pyar Wale Funny Status

cum kiss in the park

love is blind, people are not

funny funny status

Every night I-

Just get 2-4 crores from anywhere

then life set

Realized after taking 50 selfies

i’m fine at heart

funny status

Mosquitoes are like family

They bother but they also have their own blood

you know your boyfriend is cheating on you

Girl – Which one?

weird status lines

clean the house, it rains

don’t do it guest

funny attitude status

if girls could read minds

So boys slap every moment

It is said that marriages are decided by the sky.

lightning and storm

funny whatsapp status

I love two things in life

gossip and golgappa

funny status for whatsapp

funny status for girls

I am a little darling,

tired of doing housework

Some people don’t know their life

Will give advice like Sandeep Maheshwari

funny status on whatsapp

history is witness

The one who sounds the alarm himself remains unconscious

the rest of the house wakes up

Hansi Mjaak wale Status

funny status for boys

take my advice

I don’t use it

if it was monday

so i break it

i want someone like that

who gives me loan

and then leave alone

funny status lines

What I have gained so far in this year

that is weight

My EX should also get a medal

well played

Fast Reply to me nowadays

only meets unknown people

royal funny status

teacher called imitation

kids call it teamwork

who needs tv

When there is so much drama going on on Facebook itself

be as arrogant as you like

wish him a birthday

who makes me

funny jokes in hindi

someone wise made whatsapp

Then his wife made the last scene

funny status

i have a talent

i get tired without work

Video call people make for others to see

And find yourself in that too

funny joke status

old people cheer each other up

increase blood pressure today

If I want to make a permanent password, but my symptoms are with my OTP.

funny meme status

Promise, 2022 will also ruin together.

We are the ones who even today greet people at the behest of their mother.

Stop cleaning everyone, you are human, not a detergent.

Whoever is crying, is it love or a conspiracy of tissue paper people?

Now whom should I blame for the ruin of my life, only my friends had come to give blessings in marriage.

funny meme status

If the wives had not asked so many questions, the man would not have been so liar.

If the girl wants to be a Patani, then the salary will not have to be shown in the gallery.

funny joke status

Do you do anything other than reading the status of others or not?

She will ask you for a pizza hut but you stick to the langar.

Other countries: Today is a bad day

India: I don’t know whose face I saw this morning

Always keep the woman and the repairer happy

Otherwise, consider ruining the house

never repeat old mistakes

make new mistakes

funny shayari status

If poetry doesn’t come to mind after breakup

so understand that love was fake

i don’t lie

Types easily

if life falls to the ground

so sleep there

Don’t dare to video call here

there people go live

Any girl whose Dp is in

View a picture of a heroin or model

Understand that his face is like a pan.

time is very precious

ruin it way

life is full of questions

stupid people with answers

If you should not eat dinner

So why is there a bulb in the fridge?

people say chase your dreams

so i went to sleep again

Hansi Majak Ke Status

If you don’t succeed the first time

then erase all the evidence

I always learn from those people’s mistakes

who take my advice

i hate those people

who steal my ideas before they even enter my mind

go ahead

Nothing new.

At first I thought the air was free

Then I took a pack of chips

funny joke status

i work out everyday

as soon as you wake up in the morning sit-up

I’m allergic to the whole world

We hope that you have liked the above tickling funny status and you must have made people laugh by putting them on social media. If you also have some new entertaining and humorous Hindi Funny Quotes right here then you can tell us in the comment section below. Thanks for spending time on this post.

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