200+ यादव स्टेटस | Yadav Status in Hindi & English

200+ यादव स्टेटस | Yadav Status in Hindi & English

200+ Yadav Status | Yadav Status in Hindi & English

Hello friends, my name is Kapil and in today’s post we have collected some unique Yadav Status that too in both Hindi & English languages.
Friends, Yadavs are also known as Yaduvanshi and Ahir.
Meaning of Yaduvanshi : Descendants of Maharaj Yadu
Ahir is a backward word of Sanskrit language which means fearless.
mostly Yadav Found from North India such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi. In Haryana and Rajasthan, he is also called by the name of Rao Sahab.

even Haryana The name of the state is also named after Ahiro.
Hari + Ion
Hari means Lord Vishnu and Ayan means home.
Meaning the house of Lord Vishnu/Krishna

At the time of Mahabharata, Lord Shri Krishna, who is Vishnu’s form, had come here, thus Haryana is named after him and Lord Shri Krishna was born in the Ahir dynasty.

That is why in today’s post, we have created some unique Status and Photos for Yadav brothers, of course, you are not going to find this type of Status & Wallpaper on any other website. So I hope you will definitely like this Yadav Status, if you like this Status / Photos then definitely share with your friends.

yadav status

Yadav is that celebrity
Whose hobby is just fun.

Your pride is the dust of my wings,
I am Yadav son, don’t forget this…!!

where matter grows up
There the Yadavas stand!

sons of yadav
a little straight, a little tissue

When the raga of the name Yadav was sung,
So there is fire in water too.

Na Ho Ho Yadav’s race
Whether you want to spend crores

Yadav Attitude Status

The style is different from us Ahirs
Everyone is fond of having Attitude,
And to break our attitude

Yadav himself does not think
forces another
to think

Yadav’s quote
is always powerful

Tera yo ego to two days story
Ar Mahara Attitude So
From childhood to family

Show the strut
Yadav’s son
straight up

There will be no appearance, no witness,
Now whoever gets involved with Yadav,
will just be ruined

ahir status

broad chest of heroes
real caste of ahirs

Ahir is the name of that person.
who is sure of his faith

we are not stone
We are the children of Ahirs.

Jin kama pai government ban
Ahir is a fan of Un Kama.

Ahir’s heart soft
Hey, please warm your mind.

yadav photo status

yadav status images
Yadav boys
yadav status photo
Yadav boy

Yadav Quotes

the age at which the stems were cut
Yadav has served jail at that age

don’t care about money
Yadav is proud

people are madly in love
and we are in yadav friendship

yadav cute na hoya kare
hum to kasut hoya kare

we are yadav cheetah
live by drinking the blood of enemies

Yadav Shayari

yadav status main hai
so the whole world
I have the noise of yadavs…

Suppose your tam is precious,
but yo yadav too
Doesn’t mix again and again!!

Baham na palio ib yadav nai will stop,
Whosoever brother-in-law will come forward,
Will strike brass in the chest.

We Yadav also become Sharif
want to live, but with pride
Your figure is 36,

ace of cards
And the coin of Yadav runs in life.

yadav status

will be yadav yadav
Hello – Hey no
Straight Ram – I will say Ram only

Yadav’s child
no heart is weak
no lath

crocodile catch
Ar Yadav’s strut
stand up

Yadav’s status is strong
so all over the world
Yadav is the noise of the society

don’t do bad things
we are proud to be yadav
Yadav community at the forefront

yadav status in hindi

shed blood forever
of the enemy’s chest,
that’s the guess
To live as a Yadav..!

Threats are given by cowardly people,
We are Yadav.
direct blast,
spread panic…

saturn in horoscope,
Money in mind and
enmity with yadav
All three are harmful…

Just on that thing,
Our introduction is all
We Yadavs do not walk on those paths.
Which way is common…!!

yadav status 2022

They feel cold
whose deeds are stained
We are Yadav
There’s fire in our blood too

If it burns, let it burn.
not my job
don’t burn it to ashes
so yadav is not my name

i am son of yadav
will do something special
fight fights
will destroy straight

yadav ki yari
the sweetest
look good
Patriotism and Honesty

na 16 ka dola
No 46 chest
son will kill by entering the house
because yadav s mahari caste

Yadav Status Shayari

Yadav’s style
Ahir looking good
good scares,
Because there is no Fogg in India
The fear of Yaduvanshi runs.

I am born in Yadav caste,
to be ahir
I’ll be proud
I am the daughter of whose Prajapati,
I respect that turban.

blood is the same
nor mourn
nor passion,
listen again,
the world has changed
But not Yadav’s status.

yadav quotes in english

I am yadav
with cool attitude

we are yadav
we broke bones not hearts

Yadav puzzle
what you can’t solve

Everyone is afraid of Yamraj,
Yamraj is only afraid of Yadav.

if you’re bad,
I’m your father…!

Brothers, in today’s post, we have brought for you Yadav status / quotes, hope that you must have liked this Yadav status.
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