45+ Best Dua Status, दुआ स्टेट्स, Dua Shayari in Hindi

do status 2 line in hindi

There will be no such person in the world who does not seek blessings from above to fulfill his wishes. Dua has a power that makes the impossible possible. In this post also we have some great for you dua status And have brought Dua Shayari. In two position You can also share on social media.

It is not necessary that people pray to God only to fulfill their wishes. There are some people who pray for the well being and well being of others. Some people ask for dua to get their love back. Keeping this in mind, we have brought for you 2 Line Dua Shayari Status.

two position

It would not have been achieved, even if you ask for a hundred times and see it,

Dua is accepted that which is asked from the heart.

If someone asks us how is our heart,

We also want to say that my blessings are yours..

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May God give you happiness, prosperity and peace,

This is our prayer..

Connecting your heart and mind with the divine,

And asking for the good of others is a prayer.

Not only to ask for dua in trouble,

Rather make a way of living..

faith and prayer,

Both are like a vitamin for the soul.

Pyar wale Dua Status

She used to pray for my departure from her life,

His prayer is accepted, I kept asking for this only prayer.

Dua Par Shayari in Hindi

Medicines are available by paying the price.

Just remember in prayers..

We neither liked prayer nor medicine,

We are alive, with the help of your love..

Hindi Dua Status

We have never prayed for our life,

When it was about my love, my hands were raised in prayer.

Will keep others if you include in your prayers,

Believe me happiness will knock on your door first..

May you keep smiling every day and humming every evening,

I pray that whosoever meets you in life, he keeps on haunting you.

Remember me in your prayers friends,

I have heard that the prayers of friends work like angels.

Dua Status

shayari on dua

Prayer has been sought from the heart, I hope it will be accepted,

I am working hard today, tomorrow luck will also change..

do status 2 line in hindi

Whether you see the prayer or not,

But believe me, prayers make the impossible possible.

If you want to pray, then ask for that love,

If you break away from it, then nothing remains.

Dua Status

Now what should I ask from God, after asking you,

I think my every prayer has been accepted.

Hindi Dua Status

May the village where you live also be safe.

You stay happy that’s why we pray for the whole village..

If you ask from the heart, then every prayer is accepted,

If you ever ask for something from your heart, then look..

Dua Shayari for Love / GF / BF

I ask for prayers with this hope,

Meet you and become life..

dua shayari for love

I pray that you always be safe,

One is you and the other is your smile..

Dua Shayari Status

It is said that if you ask from the heart, every prayer is accepted.

Why not ask you this time and see..

What is there in this world except your memories,

Nothing else without your past..

Wherever you are, always be happy

Nothing but prayers on my lips..

dua status hindi meaning

dua shayari photo

Today my love has happened,

Maybe someone had prayed in my favor..

Love is with you and will continue to love you,

Wherever you are, you just stay safe, you will always keep praying this..

Whatever births we get, we are in love with you,

This is the prayer we pray to the Lord everyday..

dua shayari for love in hindi

Don’t let even the shadow of sorrow fall on you,

Never have to face hardships..

Whatever your wish is fulfilled,

I pray that you never have to wait for anything..

God bless you and your family always,

This is my prayer..

dua shayari photo

We have done so much for a lifetime,

Now I am ashamed to ask for prayers.

prayer status in hindi

May you always find love in life,

Whatever you want, you can get it every time.

By the way, people get separated from everyone else in the world,

You get that friend who doesn’t get separated together..

Dua Shayari Status

God knows who is asking for prayers for me,

Even if I drown, the sea bounces..

Seek the happiness of others in prayer,

See yourself happy in their happiness..

shayari on dua

Prayer is not that life should be of hundred years,

But whatever it is, it’s awesome.

If you get one, that’s enough for me.

With every breath I have asked this prayer..

Know what’s wrong in your eyes,

These eyes have asked for a glimpse of you..

prayer status in hindi

What should I ask in prayer for you today?

I just want that you should not be a fan of prayers..

As soon as I got happiness, some people got angry with me,

Pray that I become sad again..

Salutation ki dua shayari

I always request this to God,

Keep a smile on your face, I recommend this..

Believe that God is far away,

See praying from the heart..

Surely it is accepted..

mother dua status

Whatever be the way, the journey seems easy,

I feel the effect of my mother’s prayers..

Whenever we remember you in loneliness,

Do it every time whether it is day or night..

May you get every happiness in this life,

This is the only complaint from the lips..

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