[50+] Aukat Status in Hindi (JAN 2022) | औकात स्टेटस

[50+] Aukat Status in Hindi (JAN 2022) | औकात स्टेटस

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position of status

Kuch Logo Ki Aukat Status

Don’t talk about merit
Celebrities will be erased the day they face it..!!

He talks of his own free will and,
How mad are we who wait for their wishes..!!

I don’t do what I can’t handle
Do not talk more than your capacity..!!

If there was love, I would have given my life too.
Don’t even get my spit for cleverness..!!

I wish to touch the sky,
But does not intend to bring down others!!

By voting arbitrarily will be ruined in our attitude,
There is so much current that water will turn into ashes..!!

Learn to live in your position or else what is ours,
Knocking in the eyes, they wander in the cemetery..!!

Don’t talk about your status,
We even run internet on main balance..!!

Don’t talk about your worth,
You are not even capable of your timepass..!!

You stop living in a rage girl, they love you,
Otherwise 56 moves like you and back and forth..!!

aukaat status in hindi

aukaat status in hindi
Dushmano Ki Aukat Status

There is no place to make eye to eye,
And let’s talk about erasing our name..!!

We are still there,
Otherwise the clap falls on our every abuse..!!

By making me that God also got into thinking,
How do I make an appli for this pagal..!!

In the hearts of friends and in the skulls of enemies,
It is our habit to live..!!

Listen, if you are not with me then there is no problem,
I cry in your love, so much is not your status..!!

Don’t talk about status, O friend,
People are more afraid of my eyes than your gun..!!

What does it say about status, we are among them, Pagli
Those who do shame with great mischief..!!

If only my habits have improved, otherwise my hobbies,
They are still higher than your status..!!

We do not give and,
We can’t bear the swagger..!!

Teri Aukat Kya Hai Status

status status
Logo Ki Aukat Status

People call us a juggler, not a king.
Because bowing is not in our blood..!!

We have seen the change of times
But their changed attitude is not seen..!!

Your attitude has changed so much that,
I am scared to pick up my own thing..!!

Don’t go by the silence of the heart,
Fire is often buried under the ashes..!!

Everyone enjoys love, you also take it,
Everyone gets cut, wait a little, you too..!!

no matter how precious your watch is,
Time runs according to the one above..!!

If you want to be with me, then I have to learn to tolerate,
Otherwise learn to live in your position..!!

Never be proud of time and luck,
Morning is also for those whom no one remembers..!!

The time of decency is no more, sahib.
If you give respect to someone, he will consider you weak..!!

Don’t talk about status, O friend,
People are more afraid of my mustache than your gun..!!

best aukaat status image

best aukaat status hindi
Insan Ki Aukat Status

Our name is not so weak that,
Be infamous for barking two or four dogs..!!

She got to talk to us,
Otherwise we were also called spoiled princes..!!

Today you have left us at this juncture,
Tomorrow to see our face you will also ask for a vow..!!

Showing attitude is the work of children.
We directly show people their status..!!

Don’t care no matter how against the world,
The account will be of everyone, no matter how big a crook is..!!

If you think I’m wrong,
So you are right because I am a little different..!!

If I am good, then let it be good, it has become bad,
So you don’t have the right to bear it..!!

I will come to eat but will not drink,
This wine does not have the ability to erase my sorrow..!!

Keep your status in your pocket,
We killed so many like you like this..!!

There is no such thing as a dream,
That which one sees and it is not complete..!!

Aukat Shayari

Aukat Shayari
Best Aukat Shayari in Hindi

That destination was unlucky which we could not reach,
Otherwise, what is the point of victory that rejects us..!!

Don’t go by the silence of the heart,
Fire is often buried under the ashes..!!

I love that’s why I talk,
If I hate, I will not even mention it..!!

I am angry about this,
I don’t want to bow my head in my nature..!!

Don’t think that you don’t remember
But when it comes, we celebrate your memories like big nawabs..!!

The discussions are of those whose,
The mood is different..!!

This is a strange game of love,
We did not meet anyone and neither did we find anyone..!!

The storms in which people’s huts fly away,
In those storms we dry clothes..!!

Take care of me with a little thought,
Because I am cute but not Mute..!!

Don’t try to be too smart
Because my hair is also longer than your status..!!

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