[50+] Chai Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | Tea Shayari

[50+] Chai Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | Tea Shayari

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Chai Shayari

Tea is another such thing, which opens the eyes,
Cheating is still at number one..!!

Keep the tone cool, sir.
We only like tea hot..!!

I have only one thought for you,
Otherwise who drinks tea while sitting alone..!!

How to say no one is ours,
The one who eagerly waits for evening tea everyday..!!

I love you everyday
You are done with my first tea in the morning..!!

Neither love, love and love, nor anyone’s sight,
We love that Kulhad tea with our friends..!!

Still take care of yourself, after I’m gone,
Who will give you tea after you leave us..!!

Inflation has killed the lovers,
It is the tea that has been handled till now..!!

With a cup of tea, hold your hand in your hand,
in mind Bholenath Be it’s name and as soon as the eyes open, Kedarnath is in front..!!

I haven’t seen any weather,
I want you like tea..!!

Shayari on Chai

Shayari on Chai

After tea, the second color is yours.
Which I like very much..!!

Time from making tea to filling the glass
Very full of restlessness..!!

One is your dark complexion and one is this tea
Both will take my life one day..!!

I don’t want fame, no applause,
Got tea at the nook, what more is needed..!!

That moment is also a moment, in which moment you do not realize,
How is that tea then tea in which there is no sweetness like your lips..!!

Immerse the memories in sips of tea,
Don’t blame the things of this world with your heart..!!

Tea in hand and you are in memories,
Then what about that happy morning..!!

He doesn’t like my relationship with tea,
That’s why now tea and I meet secretly..!!

I was always in love with tea, have been and always will be,
May the whole world die for coffee..!!

This tea habit, your going away and one this loneliness,
There is a lot of time to waste life..!!

Chai Shayari in Hindi

Chai Shayari

Don’t take your dark complexion lightly,
I have seen more than milk, I have fond tea..!!

I often sit there,
Where is the smell of tea coming..!!

A small meeting like this,
We give you tea and light rain..!!

Who are you looking for in the ruined settlements, sir?
People madly in love often meet at the place of tea..!!

Those who love tea
There is definitely a wound in his heart..!!

Last night I had a beautiful dream,
Saw myself with you on a tea stall..!!

The color is dark, there is a slight temper,
Listen, you like us, we taste like your tea..!!

It was fucking beautiful weather, it was there and it was tea,
Love was inevitable, there was no way to escape..!!

Tea is also like love,
The one who got used to it, it never leaves..!!

One such tea, may everyone be lucky,
Have a cup in your hand and Mehboob in front..!!

Chai Par Shayari

shayari on tea

I also drink some gum with hot tea,
There is little sweetness in life, but I win with pride..!!

Loved like tea
If you don’t meet people, then there is a pain in the head..!!

If you love like tea,
If we don’t sink like biscuits then say..!!

What can I tell how sweet his words are,
Sitting in front and drinking pale tea..!!

Steps stop where someone tells,
If you stop then chai is being made and go after drinking..!!

Love and morning tea are the same,
Every time the same newness, every time the same freshness..!!

Whenever tea and character fall,
The stains go away..!!

We don’t know how to show off our pain,
Now it has become a habit to drink tea alone..!!

Whoever has the right will remain the same,
Love is not a tea that everyone should drink..!!

We should not love with the smoke of love,
Kambakht tea will be considered bad..!!

Chai Shayari

Chai Shayari

Sitting with a cup of tea to warm up the old tales
The tea got cold and my eyes were moist..!!

Only two lights of winter,
Your memory and tea..!!

Tea is also a wonderful gift,
Only tea drinkers know this..!!

A cup of tea joins two hearts,
A cup of tea removes the tiredness of the day..!!

Life is lived the same
Those who drink tea even in summer..!!

Re-heated tea and compromised relationship,
The sweetness never comes in both of them..!!

Worry about leaving, man
Let’s drink tea at some nook..!!

Tea in hand and you are in memories,
Then what about that happy morning..!!

I love you so much
But we don’t like your not liking this tea at all..!!

She makes very good tea
One reason is enough to love him..!!

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