50+ Death Quotes In Hindi

50+ Death Quotes In Hindi

Looking for the Best Death Quotes In Hindi , If yes then you are in the right place because here we have collected life death quotes in hindi in english. Read these quotes on death in hindi and share with friends, relative and social media also. thanks

sad death quotes in hindi


Death is infamous only by name, otherwise only life gives trouble!


Death is bitter but it is true, this is the only truth of life.

Death Sad Quotes In Hindi

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Live every single moment like this,
Even if death comes, then life should not be taught.


I’ve never seen death
But she sure must be beautiful
fucking whoever meets him
Life stops living.


If you have got life, then death is also certain.


Whatever is born in this world,
it ends,
Don’t cry for him.


Death is like exhaustion, but the true end is in the lap of the infinite.
– Rabindranath Tagore


Why fear death?
This is the highest adventure of life.
– Charles Frahman


Everything that is created in the world ends
One should not grieve for him.
– Brahmapuran

Life Death Quotes In Hindi

Life Death Quotes In Hindi


life is just a moment
Whose last vision is death!


Death is an invitation from the Lord.
When he comes, welcome him by opening the door and greet him with heart and wealth at his feet.

life death quotes in hindi


Death and destruction come uninvited. Because they come to us not as friends but as enemies!
-Bhagwati Charan Verma


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Death moves and rises together and
They come back after walking together even on long distances!
– Balmiki


life is a dream
Its real reality is death.


death is such a station
through which one day
All humans have to go!


real and ultimate truth of life
Death is no one can avoid it!


The complaint was not from death but with loved ones.
What happened when he closed his eyes a little, he started digging the grave.


This life is a beautiful journey between life and death.


Death is the biggest mystery of this world.


You can run away from everything in this world, not from death.


The angel of death is blind and deaf.
If he had eyes and ears, then in the world
Many heart-wrenching scenes of destruction could not be seen.


soul at death
union with god
That’s why mourning is pointless!


as it is morning
it’s evening too
that’s how life got
Then there will be death too!


You cried when you were born,
While the whole world celebrated,
Live your life in such a way that the whole world cries at your death
And you celebrate.


Money can buy everything, but not the life of a dead person..!


everything that exists on this earth
its end from its birth
already determined.


Death is never an end or a hindrance,
Rather, it is the beginning of more and more new steps.


Death is the golden key that opens the house of immortality.
– Milton

death quotes in hindi


When a call comes from above, everyone has to go.


He did not know what sigh he must have given, he must have given a voice while leaving.


Death is the only thing which has no fixed time in this world, it can come anytime and to anyone.


Wise men never die and those who are ignorant,
They are already dead.


every one of our lives
the day we near death
is taking!

Death Quotes In Hindi 2

Death Quotes In Hindi 2


man is made of clay
and to be found in the soil
so what the hell
What a show!


Why fear death? This is the highest adventure of life.


way of life
is the journey to death
who did it literally
He is a fearless one!

death sad quotes in hindi


Nothing can exist forever…..


There is no one in this world greater than death!!


life’s first
installment is born and
The last installment is death!


Debt has to be paid even for breath
so don’t hate death
If you want salvation, then someone pay the debt!


Shortly before death the memory is cleared,
The events of a lifetime come to the fore one by one,
The mist of time is completely removed from them.


something u today
The meaning of desires is decorated
hug your own corpse
Eyes filled!


as we change old clothes
Only the soul changes the old body.


Good people go down in hearts like this,
that even after death they become immortal.


Human body is mortal but soul is immortal.

quotes on death in hindi

quotes on death in hindi


death is terrible because
Because we didn’t even try to make a close acquaintance with it..!


life comes once,
This is absolutely wrong
Death comes once,
Life comes everyday.


death is no secret
it’s a condition
once in everyone’s life
Surely it will come!


The name of life is life,
But in reality it is death!


in front of time
no one moves
when he calls
So everyone has to go!

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