[50+] Dil Tuta Shayari in Hindi (2022) | दिल टुटा शायरी

[50+] Dil Tuta Shayari in Hindi (2022) | दिल टुटा शायरी

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In today’s time, heartbreak has become a common thing and people keep their feelings inside, due to which they have to face many problems in their life and today we have brought for you Dil Tuta Hua Shayari, which you will definitely like to read. .

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Dil Tuta Shayari

Broken existence, broken dreams, smoldering loneliness,
How many beautiful gifts this love gives..!!

It’s not that you are no longer fit,
There was no desire to just break and scatter..!!

He cried but turned his face to me and cried,
There will be some compulsion that breaks the heart and weeps,
The pieces of my picture placed in front of me,
After me, he cried adding them together..!!

I have lost everything in his love,
I have left all my sorrows and happiness with him..!!

I said the heart is definitely broken,
But love is still in it,
He said my life is one,
It’s still there..!!

Had seen scattered dreams and a broken hope,
When I looked inside myself..!!

Wounds healed, I still have traces of it left,
How many days are left for your love..!!

How can I say that the mirror tells the truth,
I am broken but I see clearly in the mirror..!!

When this heart is broken, the mirror is shattered,
Feeling, dream and desire have all been shattered..!!

We are scattered, the scene has been shattered,
The ocean is thirsty in search of a river..!!

Dil Tuta Shayari in Hindi

Since when have we died from inside,
Just a death tu bhi aaja, because people ask for proof..!!

You broke my heart again and again,
And I fell in love with you every time..!!

The crowd of the gathering was very intoxicated,
Some were broken and some were scattered..!!

Let me cry all the pain,
How can I make myself so cheap..!!

The wound felt on my heart with great simplicity,
What do you ask about my broken heart?
Rejected what you love like this,
What do you see with the love of reversal..!!

Today when someone took his name in talks,
As the heart stumbled, the pain increased and took hold..!!

What do you know about heartache after breaking a heart?
What do you know about the customs of love in this age,
How much trouble happens after heart break, what do you know..!!

Hearts were sacrificed on them,
I was right but I had full rights on them..!!

I should spend everything in his love,
I know it will break my heart but,
I do the connection then I will be of him..!!

There is no lesson from life that you are not with me,
Just be happy you always don’t care about me..!!

Dil Tuta Hua Shayari

The heart had become angry too,
Thank goodness that man turned out to be unfaithful..!!

It is not a bad thing to go to someone’s heart in my heart,
It is not a letter to settle someone in the heart..!!

I know that all of us are sacrificed on that,
True in dreams but she is my pride..!!

Even two moments in dreams are like heaven with him,
Hey, we will love them even if we are guests for a few moments..!!

After a few stumbles, I got pleasure,
Now I do not trust the advice of the heart..!!

The princess said to my heart that it was on fire.
There is a lot of fondness for spectacle in the heart today,
By bowing the head all the lovers said,
If the love of the princess remains safe, there is still a lot more..!!

These days the heart remains in its strict restlessness,
Stays in this condition from morning till evening..!!

When there is no love, why don’t you forget
Why are the letters kept, why don’t you burn them?
For what is my name written on the palm,
I’m always wrong then why don’t I delete it..!!

Talked to him right the first time,
You got the help of God on the poor..!!

Received such a harsh reply for the first time,
We couldn’t do anything after this..!!

Tuta Dil Shayari

I don’t know if it got worse or better.
Just now this heart does not love anyone..!!

Sometimes it was called a stone, sometimes it was called a mirror,
What was called a thing like a heart..!!

Made worthy of waiting in lakhs,
The heart you saw turned into a heart,
Where were these pride before, Ishwa-o-Ada,
Give blessings to the heart, you have made a murderer..!!

You don’t remember, we can’t forget you,
Your relationship with us is so beautiful,
You can’t think we can’t tell..!!

What do I mean by long lines of relationships,
If someone is from my heart, then only one person is enough..!!

I am looking for someone exactly like myself,
I am making a mistake, but I am in my senses..!!

There is no dearth of fans, we have thousands of people who are wowed by hearing the pain,
But the wait is for the ointment..!!

Tired we wait
cried a thousand times, quarreling with himself,
What would have happened if I had spoken two words of love?
Broken heart love one sided..!!

There is no jam in a broken cup,
The patient does not get relief in love,
Before breaking this unfaithful heart, I would have thought this,
A broken heart is of no use to anyone..!!

This is often the custom of Ulfat,
Whoever you want is away from you,
Heart breaks and breaks like this,
Like a glass toy is shattered..!!

I am not conscious, you may be aware,
People say you ruined me..!!

Shayari Dil Tuta

When you are gone from your heart,
There is no longer any dream left in my heart,
You kept getting the floor and I kept looking for you..!!

My heart is broken but there is no doubt,
He has a feeling but he is not near,
We definitely have the pain of separation,
But not so special..!!

I have tears in my eyes but I can’t show anyone
I can’t listen to my troubles to anyone,
The punishment for loving is like this guys,
Heart is broken in love but I can’t tell anyone..!!

How to narrate the pain of love
Today my heart is broken, how can I tell?
Got the punishment of loyalty in love,
After all how to hide this pain..!!

My pain turned out to be very unbearable, less we,
were not even, then only bad came out,
We could never be you
Consider it a foreigner and keep it in your heart..!!

Never understand that you have forgotten,
Your fragrance is still in my breath,
These compulsions did not allow love to fulfill,
Because the truth is still in my loyalties..!!

Promise we will bring you to that point,
The turn in which we will show our pain through your eyes..!!

That thing was strange that she got angry with us,
The one who was closest to the heart broke our heart,
And people say that girl was very nice..!!

The wounds you gave will slowly heal,
Just don’t mention you from time immemorial,
Thank you so much for giving your pain,
Just don’t worry about me..!!

I am averse to the exhibition of wounds,
Let my sympathizers remain – the things of the sick..!!

They know that without them we are broken,
Then why do they try by separating us..!!

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