[50+] Family Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | फॅमिली शायरी

[50+] Family Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | फॅमिली शायरी

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family poetry

The treatment of every merge is not in the dispensary,
Some pain goes away in smiling with family..!!

Having someone is enough in life,
Someone’s hand on the shoulder is enough,
Far or near doesn’t matter
Because the love of family is enough..!!

Everyone shows a lot of love in the house but no one,
The one who loves without showing it is my father..!!

The members of the house make up the family, they support each other,
They bind courage in difficulties and celebrate every celebration together..!!

Parents raise us like Sahajads, so it is our duty,
That in old age we should keep them like kings..!!

The way the potter slowly makes the pot,
In the same way family is formed but,
Just don’t ever break it like a pot..!!

You are rich if you have your own family,
What is the matter of money if it is today then there is no tomorrow..!!

The family whose solidarity is the most powerful,
That family does not face any problem in fighting the troubles..!!

There is only one tree which gives shade to all beings.
And there is only one family which gives support to the people of the house..!!

Today, lakhs of rupees are worthless in front of that one rupee,
What ever mother used to give while going to school..!!

family shayari in hindi

family shayari in hindi

I have a small family in this lovely world,
I get so much happiness like everyday is a festival..!!

The family that made me so worthy today,
I want to say thank you to him today,
I can’t repay my family’s debt.
But I want to give them all the happiness of the world..!!

The thirsty get water, the hungry get food,
May the straw get support, let the kayak get the edge..!!
A ray of hope is still alive in my hearts,
May every person get the love of family..!!

Use your brain outside the home
Because this world is a market,
But use your heart at home,
Because there is a family..!!

Ask God, just this prayer
That every birth I should get this family,
Get this mother’s love and this father’s shade..!!

Living together at home is not called family,
Rather living together and caring for everyone is called family..!!

Where there is a ray of sun, there is light,
And where there is a language of love, there is a family..!!

The person who moves towards success after hurting his parents,
That person can never be successful in his life..!!

When a person is going through some trouble,
Then no one supports him except his family..!!

My home is a temple and my parents,
Lord of this temple and I the priest of this temple..!!

poetry for family

poetry for family

Where there is a ray of sun, there is light,
And where there is a language of love, there is a family..!!

Who has the love of family,
He has the hand of his God,
When no one supports you in trouble,
So there is only one family with us..!!

It doesn’t matter how poor you are
If you have family then you are richest..!!

Neither need anyone’s support
And no one’s identity is needed,
Far or near doesn’t matter
All we need is family love..!!

A family in which there is a sense of peace and unity,
God always resides in that house..!!

There is no easy way,
Nor do we need any identity,
Asks only one thing everyday from God,
Every moment sweet smile is needed on the face of loved ones..!!

I love with the hands of my mother,
Don’t know how many times I must have handled falling..!!

When I feel most helpless,
At that time I always get my brother’s support..!!

The days spent with family, life
And the days that passed without family is that age..!!

I don’t know how lucky I am
I get lots of happiness everyday from my family..!!

Emotional Family Shayari Hindi

family poem

The person who has a family, understand that the person has,
It is the most precious gift given by God..!!

He’ll follow you every time
Even if you turn them down every time,
If I got any love bigger than my parents,
So bury me alive..!!

I haven’t been seen anywhere for a long time.
The children never came home when they started earning.
Seeing my condition, he thinks that parinda too,
It is good that my children did not come..!!

Fights and fights happen in the family,
But never leave each other’s hand..!!

When I see smiles on the faces of my family members,
It seems that all the happiness of the world has come in my destiny..!!

These blood relations are very precious, don’t waste them.
You take my share too, don’t build a wall in the courtyard of my brother’s house..!!

I can fight with you everyday, my sister.
But I can never leave..!!

If one who does not have a family,
Ask him what is family
Whenever there is any difficulty in life,
It is the family that always stands together..!!

Everyone asked what did the daughter-in-law bring in dowry,
No one asked what did the daughter leave..!!

I have loved many and many have broken my heart,
Be it good or bad, my family never left my side..!!

poetry on family

poetry on family

Maybe the happiness we get from our family,
We do not get that happiness even from any special person..!!

I have seen that poor person fighting for his family.
For the first time in my life I have seen fear as well..!!

day is incomplete without sun
Moon is incomplete without stars
Flowers are incomplete without fragrance
And we are incomplete without family..!!

There are some things that need to be told first.
My every happiness is in every sorrow, let me tell you the need of mother,
It would be disrespectful to compare with anyone,
No matter how beautiful I can tell my mother is ugly..!!

Tradition, culture and consideration should all be together,
Then only Barkat becomes merciful,
And in a family where there is no respect for elders,
Happiness is the guest of few days in that family..!!

I will rain every cloud of sorrow on myself,
But I will keep seeing my family happy always..!!

Only parental love is available for free,
After this something has to be paid for every relationship in the world..!!

Neither need any money nor,
Nor do we need any identity,
This is my only prayer to the Lord that you,
A sweet smile is needed on the face of the family..!!

I love that moment the most,
When a sweet smile comes on my mother’s face..!!

Before worshiping God, you should worship your parents.
Because parents are the form of God,
He thinks of you before thinking of himself..!!

I am in love with all the fingers of my hands,
Don’t know by which finger the mother would have taught me to walk..!!

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