[50+] Ishq Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | इश्क शायरी

[50+] Ishq Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | इश्क शायरी

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Ishq Shayari

What is the news to the conscious?
Have love then understand what life is..!!

Only angels will be whose love is perfect,
We have only seen human beings getting ruined..!!

I also used to be a lawyer for Ishq Walon,
What did my eyes get from him, today I am in the dock..!!
Romantic Ishq Shayari

Love is what is one sided,
If love is expressed, then love becomes desire,
If there is love then show it in the eyes,
Opening one’s mouth makes this an exhibition..!!

I also used to be a lawyer for Ishq Walon,
What did my eyes get from him, today I am in the dock..!!

We have closed the doors of love,
But fucking your memories came only through the cracks..!!

Got my love
This fame to your beauty..!!

Learn some decency, O love from alcohol,
If it is written on the bottle then I am deadly..!!

Used to walk in this place where I used to stretch my chest,
What happened to this love affair..!!

Your beauty has got this fame from my love,
Where was your mention before my passion..!!

Ishq Shayari in Hindi

Ishq Shayari in Hindi

Know when the debt of his love will come down,
Everyday I fill the installment of love with tears..!!

Innocent love has just such a trap,
It’s time to have a paper mansion..!!

If there is love then how is there doubt?
If it is not then what is the right..!!

I’m not beautiful, it’s your love
The one who emerges as a light from my eyes..!!

We ourselves took the path of destruction,
We have given my heart to some stone,
We know what is the opinion of people for love,
We have seen the light by blowing the house..!!

It was my desire to stop and his hobby to go away,
Those hobbies have been fulfilled by breaking my dreams..!!

Love makes every person crazy,
Love makes a trip to heaven,
If you are a patient of heart, then do love,
Because throbbing teaches the hearts love..!!

Love teaches everyone to live,
Teaches to die in the name of Wafa,
If you did not love then try it,
The bloodthirsty teaches to bear every pain..!!

Ishq has hatched some such conspiracies for us,
I am not in me, now you are just you..!!

To say one thing, love will not feel bad,
There were days of great fun, before you were recognized..!!

Mohabbat Ishq Shayari in Hindi

Best Ishq Shayari Hindi

No matter how much displeasure you have with you,
But even today the thought of forgetting you does not come..!!

What happened to you?
I fell in love with myself..!!

Love has many debts on you,
Talk about paying, then fix some installments..!!
Best Ishq Shayari Hindi

There is only sorrow wrapped in the arms of love,
Love does not diminish with the flame of loneliness,
God also regrets on the sky,
Whenever the lover cries on the ground..!!

Love is love, what is the dispute in this?
Love is the trust of the heart, what is the denial of it?
I suffer day and night in your memory,
You are also desperate in my love..!!

What is the ocean of love?
The lover who drowned, the one who survived was crazy..!!

People say don’t love so much
That the beauty should ride on the head,
We say love so much,
That even the stone heart should fall in love with you..!!

Whether you believe it or not, I am blessed with you.
I have crossed all limits in the passion of your love..!!

Like the breath, you are also involved in me,
You live together and don’t even stay..!!

Life doesn’t pass without you anymore
Your memories do not erase from my heart,
You are in my eyes,
Your picture is not removed from the eyes..!!

Adhura Ishq Ki Shayari

Ishq Shayari

I don’t know whether it is love or something.
But I like to care about you..!!

When people came to stone me, they were also with me.
Whose sins we used to take on our own heads..!!

Where was your mention?
Before my passion..!!

Love makes every person crazy,
Love makes you walk to heaven,
If you are patient, then do love
Because throbbing teaches the hearts love..!!

So let’s go with me, see the style on me,
As if he is doing favor by loving..!!

Whoever has created a bad condition in love,
He says what is there in love..!!

Don’t let the lack of love hurt anyone,
Love the one who tells you everything in your heart..!!

Love is a drug, the desire of the heart is,
Hearts fall in love,
Whose fault with the eyes..!!

Will give every test in your love,
We have love for you, will tell the whole world..!!

If they are good then better are bad,
Even then, in the confessional mood-e-ishq,
Ab o skills are not seen..!!

Romantic Ishq Shayari

Ishq Shayari Hindi

If the love remains incomplete, then be proud of yourself,
It is said that true love is not perfect..!!

We were very fond of putting our hearts too,
Wasting life in hobbies..!!

If you are a sahib-e-akal, then give me a consultation,
Should I love with caution or be careful with love..!!

Now we have also left the school of love,
Now we don’t have to pay the fees of love..!!

Couldn’t bear a moment’s separation,
We could never do such love again,
Wasted his life in his love but,
Only one heart could not do it for us..!!

Don’t get carried away by the intention of the flame,
Don’t extinguish the lamp with your lips..!!

I had tasted love by chance,
There are blisters of pain on the tongue even today..!!

There was only one sadness in my heart,
Somebody loves me like me..!!

He is very fond of living in a house of fire.
Don’t give shelter to love in the basti of heart..!!

We had only asked for love by spreading our hands,
He took my life by kissing his hand..!!

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