[50+] Life Changing Quotes in Hindi (JAN 2022)

[50+] Life Changing Quotes in Hindi (JAN 2022)

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life changing quotes in hindi

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The person who never moves forward because of the fear of defeat,
That person can never be successful in life..!!

who do not control the mind,
For them he acts like an enemy..!!

The biggest disease, what will people say?
It is very important to give up such thinking and mentality..!!

journey of millions of kilometers,
It starts with a single step..!!
motivational life changing quotes in hindi

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Time is the most valuable, use it wisely
If you waste time then time will waste you one day..!!

Adversity is the only sign of getting success.
You just need to work hard in the right direction..!!

Doing bad deeds destroys our knowledge,
And man moves towards the downfall..!!

If a person recognizes his powers, then he can achieve anything,
Then why do we get sad after giving up on adversity..!!

Do not hold an election,
Live life as if it is in its totality..!!

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Who are there in the world who are happy, all are unhappy,
Some are unhappy with their own sorrow and some are unhappy with the happiness of others..!!

Best Life Changing Quotes in Hindi Images

Motivational Life Changing Quotes in Hindi Images

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Earn…keep earning and earn till then,
Until expensive things start looking cheap..!!

If you are right then don’t try to prove something right.
Just be right, the testimony itself will give time..!!

When there is no love and hate,
Everything becomes clear and clear..!!

People who spoil the work of others, search for one and get thousands,
But the one who creates the work of others is only one in a thousand..!!

It doesn’t matter how you came into the world
It matters that you are here..!!
Hindi Life Changing Quotes

as you think,
That’s how you will become..!!

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get angry quickly
Will soon prove you a fool..!!

Be happy,
But never be satisfied..!!

The mind is restless and difficult to control,
But with practice it can be controlled..!!

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If you want peace in life,
Stop putting people’s words to heart..!!

Motivational Life Changing Quotes in Hindi 2022

best life changing quotes in hindi

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Always remember three mantras in life,
don’t promise in joy
die in anger
Don’t take decision in sorrow..!!

A person can be whatever he wants,
If he constantly contemplates on the desired thing with faith..!!

Know your strength and weakness.
Use your power to achieve success,
And try to make your weakness your strength..!!

Mistakes can always be forgiven,
If you have the courage to accept them..!!

Neither struggle nor trouble, then what is the fun in living,
Big storms stop when there is a fire in the chest..!!

Always keep in mind that your determination to be successful,
More important than any other resolution..!!

It takes twenty years to build credibility and only five minutes to lose it.
If you think about it then you will do things differently..!!

all the troubles of the world,
I kneel before your courage..!!

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When luck is not supporting you,
So understand that hard work will support..!!

If money helps to do good to others, it has some value,
Otherwise it is just a heap of evil and the sooner you get rid of it, the better..!!

life changing situation

life changing situation

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impossible is Nothing. who can think
They can do and they can also think what they have not done till date..!!

If you do not go to temple, mosque, gurudwara or church after drinking alcohol, then how do you go home,
Here you are a birth mother, a loving sister, a respectful wife,
A supporting brother and a supporting father, home is also a temple..!!

In a word,
It is ideal that you are divine..!!

That person has attained immortality,
One who is not disturbed by any worldly thing..!!

What a fool cannot learn from a wise answer,
A wise man can learn more from a stupid question than him..!!

where there is love,
There is life..!!

Man in vain blames God for his miseries,
Man is born alone and dies alone,
He himself bears the fruits of his good and bad deeds..!!

Everyone knows how success can be achieved,
But no one wants to do the changes that they have to bring in themselves to get success..!!

Don’t let it express what you’ve thought of doing,
Keep it a secret wisely and be determined to do this work..!!

Education is the best friend An educated person knows respect everywhere.
Education defeats beauty and youth..!!

Best Life Changing Status in Hindi for Whatsapp

Best Life Changing Status Hindi

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Patience man has such a thing,
Through which he can achieve anything..!!

A man is great by his actions,
Not from my birth..!!

Live life thinking what people will say,
What would God say, have you ever thought about it?

No matter how much you hold, it definitely slips,
It’s time sir, it definitely changes..!!

life cycles,
Proceed to be in balance..!!

Lots of people want to ride with you in luxurious cars,
But you want that there should be someone who is ready to go with you in the bus if the car breaks down..!!

If you want to see the truth,
So put your opinion in neither agreeing nor disagreeing..!!

I don’t know what are sins and virtues.
Just know that the work which hurts someone’s heart is a sin.
And the work which brings a smile on someone’s face is a virtue..!!

The effect of the medicine is after eating, not by keeping it in the pocket.
In the same way, good thoughts are not in the mobile, but if they enter the heart, then life becomes successful..!!

Life is a balance between stagnation and motion..!!

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