[50+] Maa Status in Hindi (FEB 2022) | माँ स्टेटस

[50+] Maa Status in Hindi (FEB 2022) | माँ स्टेटस

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Maa Status

Your only love is true mother,
Others have many conditions..!!

I ask this prayer that this is where it is found again,
Then meet the same lap then meet the same mother..!!

What will you teach me how to love,
I slapped my mother with one hand and ate roti with the other..!!

There are not many flowers in this world that I can tell my mother,
How much does she mean to me..!!

I wish I could be an angel again,
To cling to the mother in such a way that I become a child..!!
Maa Status Hindi

She is the mother whose love never diminishes or ends..!!

There are not many flowers in this world that I can tell my mother,
How much does she mean to me..!!

There is no manual on how to live life.
Only mother comes along..!!

If there is a mother then what is the need of any other superhero..!!

The cries of the house do not just echo in the corner of the courtyard,
Life has to be kept on the palm of a mother to be a mother..!!

Maa Status in Hindi

Maa Status in Hindi

Times changed, people changed
What did not change, it was only my mother..!!

Mother’s love dies,
When children say what have you done for us..!!

She scolds the children herself and cries alone,
She is the mother who is like this..!!

A mother’s heart is a deep chasm,
At the bottom of which you will always get forgiveness..!!

no matter how old you are,
Sometimes all you need is a mother..!!
Status of Maa

Now no one gets a solution for any problem,
Maybe now no one comes out of the house by touching mother’s feet..!!

People have gone to get heaven,
Tell the uninformed that mother is at home..!!

Mother, what will be the right of your milk to me,
If you are angry then what will God be happy with me..!!

The food items that the mother has sent from the village,
It has become stale too, so the shame remained the same..!!

keep the mother of the house happy,
The temple mother will be happy automatically..!!

Best Maa Status Hindi

Best Maa Status Hindi

God cannot be everywhere,
That’s why he made mother..!!

There was not a single sorrow in my fate,
If my mother had the right to write the fate..!!

Of all the mothers in the world, I am the happiest,
that you are my mother..!!

whatever i am,
Thanks to my mother..!!

There is no bigger hero than mother..!!

I have so much fame in the world,
It’s all because of my mother..!!

Mother’s soft lap is the safest place in the world..!!

Have seen beauty so beautifully,
When I have seen my mother smiling..!!

I never came to break my heart,
Love what you have learned from mother..!!

Being a mother is no less than a treasure..!!

Sad Maa Status

Sad Maa Status

There is no one like this in the world except a mother,
One who understands everything in the heart without saying..!!

If the prayer doesn’t work, then it takes away the eyes too.
This is the mother sir, where does she accept defeat..!!

Behind every successful person,
His mother’s prayer is there..!!

Mother is that celebrity
Whose blessings showers mercy..!!

Seeing the endless beauty of beauty,
When I saw smiling mother..!!
Sad Maa Status

I never came to break my heart,
Love what you have learned from mother..!!

Those two loaves of your box are not sold anywhere,
Even today the hunger does not go away in the expensive hotels..!!

Because of which I consider myself perfect,
After my Lord I only know my mother..!!

Butterflies come out of books and recite ghazals,
My mother keeps the tiffin, the bag smiles..!!

When the steps are kissed, the emotion smiles,
Come with blessings, mother’s path smiles..!!

Maa Status in Hindi 2 Line

status for mom

no matter how good someone is,
Can’t fill the lack of a mother..!!

For a long time my mother did not sleep,
I once said I am scared..!!

Every moment of paradise was seen,
When mother had loved by lifting her in her lap..!!

Everything in the world is sold
Except mother’s love..!!

Everyone has a good mother,
But not every mother has a good child..!!

Mother can take everyone’s place but
No one can take the place of mother..!!

Everyone in the world can stop caring about you,
But not mom..!!

It is mother’s prayer that saves you from every trouble..!!

What is that thing that is not found here,
Everything is available but mother is not available..!!

Just ask God in life,
Without a mother there is no home and no mother is ever homeless..!!

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