[50+] Matlabi Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | मतलबी शायरी

[50+] Matlabi Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | मतलबी शायरी

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mean shayari

Now the era of friendship is gone, friends,
This is the time of mean people..!!

People are standing in the mean world, with stones in their hands,
How far will I run with the case of glass..!!

Ishq is meaningless right,
But it happened to mean people..!!

Everything means friendship
This is the biggest disease of the world..!! shayari matlabi

I had just heard before
Together with you, I learned how mean the world is..!!

This is the day that even friends do not trust them,
Gone are the days when there was no hatred for the enemy..!!

Will forget you too, have some patience,
It will take some time to be mean like you..!!

If anyone understands, then I should say one thing, sir.
Solitude is a hundred times better than mean people..!!

Don’t give in to the talk like this, sir.
People are mean, don’t ask for anything..!!

The story of the mean world is very old,
This every person is crazy behind beautiful things..!!

matlab shayari in hindi

matlab shayari in hindi

It means who belongs to someone in the world,
Only those friends cheat who have more trust..!!

for mean people,
No relationship matters..!!

The world has taught it to doubt even its own,
Otherwise, I had to rely on Gauro in my nature..!!

He gave me a good stitch of my friendship,
Everyone forgot me in this bad time of mine..!!

Every person in my world turned out to be mean,
It was just a mirror, that only turned out to be true..!! matlab shayari in hindi

My cigarette is better than a mean girl, friend
Who starts her life from my lips,
And breaks her breath under my feet..!!

We are not mean to deceive the loved ones,
Just understanding us is not the matter of everyone’s bus..!!

Surely one day that person will yearn for us,
Right now, he is getting a lot of happiness from mean people..!!

Something happened like this. Whenever I needed,
Everyone was forced by coincidence..!!

Tell me the reason for leaving me
were angry with me or there were thousands like me..!!

Matlabi Log Shayari

Matlabi Shayari 2 Line

Will forget you too, have some patience,
It will take some time to be mean like you..!!

Some say the world runs with love,
Some say that the world is run by friendship,
But when I tried it, I came to know that,
The world just runs on meaning..!!

It’s fun to be strong
When you are bent on weakening the whole world..!! Matlabi Shayari 2 Line

Seeing the world, now we will also change our mood,
Relationship will be with everyone but it is not related to anyone..!!

Some have instinct and some have compulsion,
Whatever it is, it is wrong to be mean..!!

He who trusts, and when he deceives,
Then the whole world starts feeling mean..!!

Never make yourself addicted to any person in life,
Because man loves only by his own means..!!

Today I am anonymous, so keep a little distance from me,
If I become famous again tomorrow, then take out some relationship..!!

We also like to be mean to them,
Right from the mean, remember us..!!

Dil-e-Masoom does it, after getting a little love,
Heart breaks my world by taking out the meaning..!!

matlabi world shayari

mean poetry

We are aware of the customs of the world,
If the meaning goes out, then everyone forgets..!!

Here every man walks along to the extent of the meaning
Means the end is the end, this is the ritual of the world..!!

Keep the relationship of the heart with so much passion,
Those who change always change..!!

Don’t know what is the look of this mean time,
Now I can’t find reason to smile..!! world shayari

Time has changed, it’s time for cruelty,
There is a mean relationship here, yet it has to be maintained..!!

Who gives place in whose heart,
The dry leaves also make the tree fall,
We are aware of the customs of the world,
If the meaning goes out, then everyone forgets..!!

In the mean world, people say with regret that no one belongs to anyone…?
But no one thinks who we are..!!

In the mean world, the crowd of people is increasing,
But man is getting extinct..!!

By sacrificing the life of your desire,
We have become great in our own eyes,
Ishq is visible now in the books dear,
Don’t know why you have become a mean person..!!

Who would be more mean than my heart,
Who loves only you even without any meaning..!!

Matlabi Dost Shayari

Meaningful Shayari Hindi

Whoever starts counting your shortcomings in bad times,
There is no more mean person than him…!!

Hear how good it would have been that you were mean,
And you meant only me..!! Dosti Matlabi Shayari

Turned out to be very mean-Even though you are mine,
You are in my chest, but because of someone else..!!

I don’t feel like in this false and mean world,
Oh God, let me see his arms..!!

No one comes here in trouble,
Mean friends are mean friends..!!

Matlabi Pyar Shayari

What right do I have to call someone mean,
I myself remember God in trouble..!! Rishte Matlabi Shayari

The world is very mean, why would anyone give it?
If you don’t get a free shroud here, then who will give love without sorrow..!!

There is a sign of a true people,
They don’t find time and meaning to meet..!!

Meaning in heart and love with tongue,
Many people do this business in the world..!!

The masks were seen in childhood, hanging in the fair,
If the understanding increased, I saw that people have climbed..!!

This is how mean people have made an impact on the world,
Even if you ask the situation, people understand that some work will be done..!!

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