[50+] Matlabi Status in Hindi (DEC 2021) | मतलबी स्टेटस

[50+] Matlabi Status in Hindi (DEC 2021) | मतलबी स्टेटस

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mean state

With time everything changes
It is only parents who teach to walk with the times..!!

In the mean world, belongingness is just a sham,
I challenge everyone will be cheated, this is my claim..!!
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There is no one in this mean world,
We should live our life by ourselves..!!

whom I once taught to walk,
He is in the process of bringing me down today..!!

Do not think that we are not worthy of you,
We are still suffering what we are not getting..!!

I am very happy to know that,
You are having a lot of fun that too without me..!!

Every mean friend is a coward at heart..!!

Surely one day that person will suffer for us,
Right now, he is getting a lot of happiness from mean people..!!

He keeps the news of the whole world,
Only one remains unaware of me..!!

Good friends start knocking in the eyes,
When mean people start becoming friends..!!

matalabi status in hindi

matalabi status in hindi

Sounds bad but I tell the truth,
Now I stay away from mean friends..!!

Now the meaning of friendship has started changing,
Ever since that means friendship has started..!!

How to trust the love of others,
Here you enjoy yourself on the loss of your loved ones..!!
status mean

I am not a deceiver who will give to those who live with me,
The only thing is that it is not everyone’s thing to understand me..!!

Nothing special is needed to do poetry.
Just want a friend, he should also be mean..!!

Whoever trusts when there is deceit,
Then the whole world starts feeling mean..!!

There is a sign of true friends,
They don’t find time and meaning to meet..!!

Some have instinct and some have compulsion,
Whatever it is, it is wrong to be mean..!!

It’s a question of friendship, sir.
If 1 out of 2 goes here, nothing is left..!!

For which stood before the whole world,
He left her alone today..!!

Matlab log status

Matlab log status

This world running after money,
Support us till you have money..!!

Who praises you a lot in front of you,
At the same time, somewhere behind your back does you evil..!!

Make millions of conspiracies, you will not be able to forget me,
Those who call you mean one day you will regret it very much..!!
Matlab log status

In the world of mean people there is no time to think about others.
But when you go ahead of them, it’s time to think about you day and night..!!

Oh my god, when you taught me to build relationships,
Then why not taught me to maintain relationships..!!

People love to see your success
But you go ahead of them, they will not tolerate it..!!

The reason I have less friends is also because,
I don’t take time to break up with mean friends..!!

Maybe I can even do it on the flowers,
But there are many cheaters here..!!

This hate-filled world never stops for others,
We have to take care of ourselves..!!

In today’s time no one belongs to the other,
And the one who shows more belongingness is the one who actually cheats..!!

Matlabi Duniya Status

mean world status

In this mean world everyone changes,
When you find someone better than you..!!

People are mean, we are poets.
Brings smile on people’s face..!!
Duniya Matlabi Status

The world is becoming so mean if you do not walk your feet while sleeping,
So don’t take it to the crematorium as dead somewhere..!!

Now people do not love humans but they love their needs,
If their need ends then your value ends..!!

I feel that by changing the name of Kali Yuga,
Mean Yuga should be done..!!

Desire is increasing in this world,
But no one is perfect..!!

Learning to walk alone is very important in today’s mean world.
Don’t know who will leave you when..!!

Name is not made in a day but this,
In the middle of the mean world, I have to make it in one day..!!

We had a lot of time to improve the relationship,
But you could not understand that time..!!

In the struggle for life and death,
Met only mean people..!!

matlabi friend status

mean friend status

Everything is changing in this mean world,
Some are burning on their victory..!!

We should not trust anyone blindly, brother-in-law.
The one who thinks good is the one who turns out to be unfaithful..!!

I want to fight with my loved ones
But I think if I win, I will lose..!!
quite mean situation

Mean friends are always left alone..!!

Where there is someone special, there is faith,
And where there is trust there is betrayal..!!

If you have to search, then find those who care, sir.
Those who use will find you themselves..!!

There is no one in this world except parents.
Who can understand your problem..!!

If a poor person does not eat food for two days, then no one is going to ask,
But if the rich does not get food for one time, then it becomes news..!!

Hear how good it would have been that you were mean,
And you only mean to me..!!

Turned out to be very mean-Even though you are mine,
If you beat, you are in my chest but because of someone else..!!

He gave me a good stitch of my friendship,
Everyone forgot me in my bad times..!!

last word

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