[50+] Papa Status in Hindi (MAR 2022) | पापा स्टेटस

[50+] Papa Status in Hindi (MAR 2022) | पापा स्टेटस

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Papa Status

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When dad’s hand is on the head,
So what is there to be afraid of..!!

Happiness was still close to us,
When we were poor because father was close to us..!!

I am very proud of my father
Every festival is happy if father is with you..!!

What should I hide from them, my laughter, happiness, they all know,
It is my father who knows me better than me..!!

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father’s shadow,
It is deeper than the shade of the house..!!
Papa Ke Liye Status

Papa you were always good
I could not understand you..!!

The family has the courage and faith,
Hope and hope is the identity of my father..!!

Whenever the world has made me cry,
Papa has picked him up in his lap..!!

Whose scolding also hides love,
It’s like this father..!!

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Say whatever the world keeps saying,
I have learned from my father to smile even in pain..!!

Papa Status in Hindi

Papa Status in Hindi

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Don’t know how many blisters there are in his feet,
Who has walked barefoot for the sake of our dreams.

Even today my desires do not diminish,
Papa’s eyes are never moist even in the face of scarcity..!!

The dreams were mine, but the way to fulfill them,
Someone else was being shown and that was my father..!!

I have a request from my Lord, a small investment is a recommendation,
Be happy my whole life my father is my only wish..!!

The bet always smiled after losing the father,
Now I understand that chess victory..!!
Papa Status Hindi

Father is that precious relation in whose anger there is love,
There is selfishness in scolding..!!

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If you want to live, then live in such a way that even the father feels,
That yes I have raised a lion..!!

I was rich then
As long as papa was close..!!

Didn’t see him refusing even when the pocket is empty.
I have never seen a rich person from my father..!!

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We had dreams, we were chic, we were chic,
As long as my father was with me, my luck was the highest..!!

Best Papa Status Hindi

best papa status hindi

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Father is like a neem tree,
Its leaves may be bitter but it gives cool shade..!!

Father is my every dream,
If we are the father then we are the Nawab..!!

Patience is like the earth and is as high as the sky,
God has made this picture out of compassion for life..!!

If there is a father, then the house is heaven.
If there is a father, then every one is a vow..!!

Neither compulsions could stop, nor troubles could stop,
The father has come, the children who remembered him, could not stop even a distance of miles..!!

My strength, my capital, my identity is my father..!!
Papa Status in Hindi

The biggest wish of every daughter is,
That his father kept smiling..!!

What is dowry, ask that father
Whose land also goes away and daughter too..!!

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No one else can handle even four days,
The character the father plays for the rest of his life.

Millions walk together in the world but,
The one who is with me in every happiness and sorrow is my father..!!

Papa Ke Liye Status

status for dad

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Only father is such a person in the world,
Who wants my children to be more successful than me..!!

Father gets old not by age but by worrying..!!

There is so much wealth, fame and respect in my world today,
It is because of my father..!!

What to boast of father’s wealth,
Fun is when wealth is yours and father is proud..!!

If I lose my way,
Papa show me the way again..!!

Let me secretly keep all the happiness in his head one day,
Who spent a year in making me a better person..!!

There is only one parent on this earth,
who love us selflessly..!!

Fathers are like coconuts, even if they look hard from above,
But he has infinite love for us from inside..!!

A father’s despair can be a very deadly force..!!

Life is desolate without father,
Every road is deserted in a lonely journey..!!

Fighting storms, not bowing before anyone,
This is what the father teaches to spend life laughing..!!

Status for Papa in Hindi

Status for Papa in Hindi

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He kept me in the shade and he kept burning himself.
I saw an angel in the shadow of my father..!!

for my little happiness,
My father tolerates everything..!!

I do not understand how to praise you,
I don’t have that word which can tell the importance of you..!!

He is our pride in the meaningless world,
Father is the first identity of a person’s existence..!!

Nothing is more dear to an aging father than his daughter..!!

What is there for papa to say,
She is the jewel of the family..!!

The value of father’s tears,
Even God can’t put it..!!

Father is like a cloud in the sunshine of life,
Father is the form of God in our house..!!

As much as parents need us in childhood,
They need us as much in old age..!!

Those who are lucky have the hand of their father on their heads,
All the insistences are fulfilled if the father is with him..!!

The biggest warrior in this world is the father..!!

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