[50+] Smile Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | स्माइल शायरी

[50+] Smile Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | स्माइल शायरी

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smile shayari

best smile shayari

Learn to be the reason for someone’s smile
Everyone becomes the cause of pain..!!

He liked my smile a lot,
He took them and went with them..!!

Love started with a small smile,
It doesn’t end even after shedding a thousand tears..!!

Know what sorrow he wants to hide,
Saw him laughing at everything today..!!

Lend me a little smile, O life,
Some of you are coming, you have to perform the ritual of meeting..!!

Just a small prayer
The moments in which I smile on my own, those moments never end..!!

There is a different smile on my face,
Ever since the news of meeting you has come..!!

I have started smiling even while listening to sad songs,
It seems that I have started loving you to the extent of passion..!!

He was talking about something with a smile.
And his words were also scattered in the moonlight..!!

I don’t know whether you are smiling
I am proud of my heart that I have lost my life..!!

shayari on smile in hindi

shayari on smile in hindi
smile shayari in hindi

Smiling is not for everyone
Only the one who is rich in heart can smile.
Be cool, keep smiling, keep making a place in everyone’s heart..!!

I have heard that your smile has disappeared nowadays,
If you have permission, then I will come close to you again..!!

This smile on your lips
I am not the reason for that,
You were telling that you love someone,
Somewhere I am not that lucky..!!

sad smiles,
Most beautiful..!!

From whom should I hide you now?
You have started appearing in my smile too..!!

Capture every moment, make every smile yours,
Every morning is full of love, you just weave a new dream..!!

There is sorrow in laughing hearts, smiling eyes are also names,
I pray that your smile never stops,
Because we are also crazy about your smile..!!

Do you know that love will happen,
We just liked your smile..!!

Well, there are many reasons for drowning in sorrow,
But we have chosen a reason to smile in it..!!

Everything has to be hidden from this time,
Heart burns, gets hurt and still has to smile..!!

smile shayari in hindi

Pyari Smile Shayari
shayari on smile in hindi

A thousand sorrows can’t change my nature,
What should I do, I have a habit of smiling..!!

Smiles standing snatching the childhood of the innocent,
Now I understand the responsibility, why are you called so shameless..!!

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is fine,
It means that you have learned to live above sorrows..!!

Now what else should I write about her lovely smile,
Just understand something like this, there is a shining moon among millions of stars..!!

Saw your picture again today,
Lost in your eyes again
That sweet smile of yours MashaAllah,
Today my heart is fascinated again..!!

Fake smiles may have robbed millions of hearts,
Innocent smiles often touch the soul..!!

If she is happy by staying away from me, then let her be happy,
I like her smile more than I want anyway..!!

If you could smile then,
When you are completely broken, believe me,
No one can ever break you in the world..!!

Control your laughter, Mohtarama,
Seeing your laughter, someone is going crazy..!!

What do you need to decorate
Your smile is enough to bring doom..!!

Pyari Smile Shayari 2 line

smile shayari
Pyari Smile Shayari

Well, there are many reasons for drowning in sorrow,
But we have chosen a reason to smile in it..!!

Won’t let you part with my heart
Will never let my hand leave,
Your smile is so sweet
Even if we die, we will not let you cry..!!

No money, no cost,
Smile, it looks great..!!

You will not find merchants like us in this city of loyalty,
We even buy tears by giving our smile..!!

Your smile has an effect on health,
And people ask what is the name of the medicine..!!

Your smiling face can save someone’s life,
Can make it even more beautiful..!!

One of his smiles blew our senses,
We were coming to our senses that he smiled again..!!

Smile as if smiling is the need of life,
When someone sees you, they tell you how beautiful life is..!!

Sometimes smiling alone
Look away the guards on the heart,
Friend, your life will be beautiful,
Spend some moments on yourself and see..!!

her smile is amazing
These eyes create a ruckus in the crowded gathering..!!

shayari on cute smile with images

smile shayari hindi
cute smile shayari

People say that time is no one’s slave,
Then why does it stop on your smile..!!

Keep your smile under control
Dil-e-nadan should not be martyred on this..!!

By controlling the palpitations,
Oh my heart has just bowed its eyelids, they have yet to smile..!!

Keep laughing all the time in life Laughing is the need of life,
Live life in such a way that people see you and say,
Look how beautiful life is..!!

No money, no cost,
Smile, it looks great..!!

Your smiling face can save someone’s life,
Can make it even more beautiful..!!

Smile as if smiling is the need of life,
Smile as if smiling is the need of life..!!

A smile has no value,
Some relationships have no weight,
People meet at every turn,
Not everyone is as precious as you..!!

Life is a beautiful dream, there should be a desire to live in it,
Gum will automatically turn into happiness, only smiling should be a habit..!!

O God you need a favor,
I want a smile on the face of my loved ones every moment..!!

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