[50+] Tareef Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021)

[50+] Tareef Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021)

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Tareef Shayari

Everything seemed simple in front of the glow of his face,
The moon was full in the sky, but it felt half..!!

What about the beauty that has blossomed in anger,
You stay angry with me for a while now..!!

Some dishes are colourful, some you are beautiful,
Should I praise or keep quiet, both the crimes are serious..!!

Seeing you felt like I saw the moon on the ground,
We have seen the doom in Tere Husn Tere Shabab..!!

Your beauty is not your answer,
No one like you in thousands..!!

Let me drown in your love and become a river drop by drop,
I will start with you and end in you..!!

Who should not die on this simplicity, O God,
Fight and don’t even have a sword in hand..!!

Wants to make you sit on the eyelids,
I want to cling to your arms
You are waiting for beauty
Wants to settle you in life..!!

Millions of things have been asked just in this hobby,
I will see your beauty till your Husn-e-Bayan..!!

Whoever writes on paper praises you,
So the ink should also become the slave of your beauty..!!

Tareef Shayari in Hindi

Tareef Shayari in Hindi

There is turmoil in the sky, everyone is asking this,
Who walks on the ground with a face like a moon..!!

To be imprisoned without bars,
There are some discussions about your eyes..!!

Just look down and look in the depths of my heart,
that you may also know my feelings,
Heart wants to put the moon in front of you,
Just let him know about his position..!!

What will these mirrors be able to give you about your personality,
Ever come to our eyes and ask how wonderful you are..!!

There are others but where is someone like you,
The heart that burns a lot, still it feels like heart-ruba..!!

There is a turmoil in the fairies, everyone is asking each other that,
Who is on the ground, who is dearer than fairies..!!

What should I write, man in your praise-e-surat?
Alphas are falling due to your innocence..!!

is just like the moon,
Noor too, Gurur too, far away..!!

Even without wanting, your name comes on the lips,
Sometimes in your praise and sometimes in your complaint..!!

I think I praise you on every paper,
Then the thought came, even the one who studies somewhere should not be crazy about you..!!

Khubsurti Ki Tareef Shayari

shayari appreciating beauty

Shall I write your praise in one line,
Even if you see water, you will become thirsty..!!

Got convinced of her innocence today,
He got injured with just one look..!!

Even today the wind is praising your beauty,
O sanam, it seems that you have given time to smell the air today..!!

I do not say tales of his praise,
If I look at them now, then from whom should I judge..!!

Afraid to praise you now,
Don’t ask me anywhere, who do I think is yours..!!

I dance on your gestures, is the magic yours?
Ever since I saw you my heart is uncontrollable,
Julfen is your ocean in your cloud-like eyes,
Your face is dearer than all the pieces of the moon..!!

Everyone praises my poetry but,
No one ever listens, the sobs of my alpha..!!

The whole world is surprised by your beauty,
One look of your killer, Kajal’s havoc on her..!!

Whichever artist you are,
He must have thought of you for centuries..!!

Ajab Teri Hai O Mehboob Surat,
Everyone has fallen out of sight..!!

praise shayari in two lines

praise poetry

What praise should I write on your beauty, my dear?
Not only those words, which can describe your beauty..!!

Seeing your face, thousands have made hearts beat,
Who says that pictures do not gamble..!!

He praised me in such a way,
I saw my own picture a hundred times..!!

Don’t go out like this tonight,
The moon will hide after seeing you..!!

If the veil is removed from the stand, then the beauty is exposed,
When I saw him, my heart became desperate..!!

She used to tell me everyday, bring me the moon,
I have left him alone by giving him a mirror..!!

What is the need of veil your beauty,
Who remains in the senses after seeing you..!!

What can this mirror give you,
the news of your personality,
Sometimes coming from our eyes,
Ask how wonderful you are..!!

What do you ask for his praise, the age has passed in all the sins,
Now he is becoming Sharif as if he is bathing in the Ganges..!!

We will also find those who praise us,
If someone spread the “rumor” of our death, friends..!!

praise shayari in hindi for beautiful girl

poetry on beauty

How beautiful does your face look
The moon looks old in front of you..!!

What should I write in your surat-e-praise, my friend,
Alphas are over, after seeing your actions..!!

I do not know the praise of beauty,
Beautiful in my eyes is the one who is like you..!!

She says we praise her falsely,
Oh God, give tongue to the mirror just one day..!!

It is useless to praise yourself
The fragrance itself tells which flower it is..!!

Seeing your beauty, we were convinced of you,
As soon as you got your first sight, we got injured..!!

poetry on beauty

She used to ask me every day that piece of the moon,
Today by giving a mirror to him, he showed the full moon..!!

Even if people do not praise my poetry,
Happiness is double when I see it in copy paste..!!

When you will be praised in my poetry,
The value of the moon will also decrease..!!

My friend has made you in great leisure,
Julfen, let me remind you of the cloud,
Take a look at whoever,
The purpose of a good hearted person should also be spoiled..!!

By not accusing us of love again and again,
Have you ever asked yourself why you are so beautiful..!!

last word

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