[50+] Zindgi Status in Hindi (MAR 2022) | Jindgi Status

[50+] Zindgi Status in Hindi (MAR 2022) | Jindgi Status

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Zindgi Status

Status on Zindgi

O end of life, now this spectacle,
I am tired, giving comfort to the heart..!!

If life is to be lived on its own terms,
So never be anyone’s fan..!!

learn to appreciate
Neither life comes back nor people..!!

When and how life is changing, everyone is understanding,
But I am neither able to do anything nor am I able to say anything..!!

Time starts in the morning,
Those who can’t sleep at night..!!

Yes, there were many complaints about your journey in life.
But when the pain reached to register, there were many queues..!!

What have we become a little confused in life,
People have removed it from the heart..!!

When you get the real insurance of your life,
When you learn to overcome every difficulty in life..!!

It is necessary to be independent in life,
Because even you do not carry the burden too much..!!

The lips are silent, the heart is also sad,
Like life is missing from issues..!!

Zindgi Status in Hindi

Status on Zindgi
Zindgi Status Hindi

Big storms came, but even today I am standing there,
Look, my life is not your fear in me..!!

Often stubborn achieve,
Which would not have been written in his case..!!

If the promise were true,
God dies first..!!

Not to test my life,
Spend it to understand..!!

expect from yourself,
No one else..!!

Let the light of your memories be with us,
Don’t know in which street the evening of life should be..!!

Life is too much to learn from you,
Let it be but today is sunday..!!

I don’t even remember now
When was the last time we talked well..!!

Do not be surprised if you have love in your growing age, Sahib.
This life is in the insistence of smiling again..!!

Life is a journey of thorns, courage is its identity,
Everyone walks on the path, the one who makes the path is a human being..!!

Best Zindgi Status Hindi

Zindgi Status in Hindi
Zindgi Status in Hindi

The one we rely on the most in life,
Often those people cheat us the most..!!

Whether we are talking or not,
But I have kept your share of time..!!

Hear everyone’s problems
But I don’t feel like telling myself..!!

Life is not that easy To make it easy,
You have to stumble a lot, only then it becomes easy..!!

Victory in life belongs to the one who even after losing the next battle,
Ready to fight again with double zeal..!!

See life, you leave us crying,
If we are angry then we will leave you..!!

It happens in the journey of life that some unknowingly become their own,
And some become unknowingly..!!

Those who left me by calling me LOSER,
Will show them now by being SUCCESSFUL..!!

There are tears in the eyes yet there is a smile on the lips,
What is the harm in laughing when life is in any condition..!!

Change yourself in life, not the world
The world will change by itself..!!

Jindgi Status

life status
Jindgi Status

Do something in life so that we don’t feel sad about someone’s departure.
Rather, the one who goes away from us should be sad to leave us..!!

You go out in search of yourself
If, but, but, but crores of people are living here..!!

He is busy solving his own problems.
I will calculate my life in my spare time..!!

Whose life is too crowded,
It is better to get out of there..!!

People are suspicious of hearing good about you,
And on hearing bad, immediately believe it..!!

This is how I made my life easier,
Forgiven someone and apologized to someone..!!

When there is anger with loved ones, then silence is better.
Now it is not necessary that there should be war on everything..!!

Don’t be deceived by beauty, sir
No matter how beautiful the sword is, if you ask for it, there is only blood..!!

People who work hard in life always win,
Because in front of hard work, even defeat changes its path..!!

Man can win most in life,
But I cannot live with the ocean of emotions..!!

I keep walking around like a traveler,
In search of myself..!!

Sad Jindgi Status Hindi

life status hindi
Jindgi Status Hindi

If you want to see the real face of the world in life,
So it is visible in your bad times..!!

always tell the truth
So that you don’t need to swear..!!

Time, faith and respect are such birds,
Those who fly away do not come back..!!

The pain is when you stumble,
Otherwise only the blood of others is seen, not the pain..!!

Our hard work is the most precious jewel in the world.
And the best partner in life is our confidence..!!

This is also the issue of this bloodthirsty world,
If someone is good then why is he good..!!

People blame fate
Don’t think that we have sown the seed..!!

When your dreams are broken in your life,
And when you get angry on your own, then there is a lot of trouble..!!

Those who take care of everyone in life,
They should also take care of themselves a little..!!

When someone’s time is running out,
Then no one supports him..!!

To the dreams seen in life with open eyes,
One has to stay awake for many nights to make ends meet..!!

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