500+ मोटिवेशनल स्टेटस : Motivational status in Hindi

500+ मोटिवेशनल स्टेटस : Motivational status in Hindi

Friends, there comes a time in everyone’s life that he gets frustrated with his life. There can be many reasons for being disappointed in life.
Like you are a student and even after doing a lot of preparation you don’t get a good job then you get disappointed.
Or you are a businessman and dedicate your whole life to that business, yet you do not get much benefit in it.
Or the reason for being disappointed can also be the weakening of relations with family members.
In such a situation, a person becomes very disappointed and sad, but at such a time we should motivate him and explain the true meaning of life. That’s why in today’s post, we have collected motivational status from around the world so that in such times we can motivate that person and motivate him to try harder next time.
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motivational status

work so hard
Let luck also kneel.

Luck gives chance
But the hard work surprises.

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Man can become so big,
As big as he can imagine.

motivational status pictures

When people can change
So what is luck?

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who survives in the struggle,
He writes history.

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Today is the same tomorrow
The yesterday you were worried about yesterday!!

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whatever you can earn
stop asking for it

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someone’s silence
Don’t take his defeat.

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every person in the queue
Who has turned my face today !!

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bad time only for you
He comes to be recognized.

who loses
He only knows the meaning of winning !!

those who believe in hard work,
They never talk about luck!

Show them by winning
Who are waiting for your defeat !!

Lost sleep in this journey
We didn’t sleep and slept tired at night!!

Guess time is running out
But it is also telling how it is alive.

better to be afraid of defeat
To die trying to win.

you never jumped in the river without her
Can’t guess the depth

Never tell your goal to anyone,
Show them your results.

There’s only one time that’s needed
And that is – now.

Self-confidence is essential for success,
and preparation for self-confidence.

If no one supports you, then don’t be sad.
There is no companion in the world greater than himself.

Confidence is not always from being right
Rather, it does not come from the fear of being wrong.

motivational status in hindi

only one person
will take you forward
And that’s you yourself!!

There is some talent in every human being,
but he often
Destroy in becoming like others !!

Never give up
do you know your success
one more try
Are you waiting!

change with time
Or learn to change the times
Don’t curse the compulsions
learn to walk anyway

if you want to win
increase the ability
the bread of luck
dogs get lucky too

if someone you
wants to show off.
so that means
You are way above that.

stay as you are
and with your own hard work
be so successful
People copy you.

neither I fell nor mine
towers of hope fell
mean people to bring me down
Fell many times….

any dream
magic can’t become reality
It includes sweat, determination and
Looks like hard work!!

Weak people stop when
when they are tired.
And the winner then stops,
When they win.

my loved ones pushed
to drown me
advantage that
I learned to swim.

it’s too good to fall in life
shows worth,
grow when you raise your hand
So you get to know your loved ones.

motivational status hindi

Life always gives a new chance,
In simple words it is called tomorrow.

Those who wish to get the Majinlo,
They even build bridges of stones over the sea.

Mistakes are proof of that,
that you are trying..

Greatness is not in never falling,
Rather, it is in getting up every time.

How can I give up in front of troubles
My mother is sitting in the hope of my progress.

what a man learns by making a mistake
He cannot learn any other way.

best motivational status

Didn’t dare
is shown.

those who have intentions,
They didn’t have excuses.

Mistakes are proof of that,
that you are trying..

Respect, love, praise and prayers…
It is not demanded, it is earned…..

Knowing your own minus-points,
Biggest plus point of life.

there should be a goal
Which forces you to wake up in the morning.

what a man learns by making a mistake
He can’t learn any other way.

a person who has good deeds
There was never darkness in his life!

Any relationship is a pearl,
Even if you fall, bend down and lift it.

When stubbornness is won,
Then what will defeat defeat us?

When the buildings of Destiny collapsed, there was not even a scratch on the floor of the hard work due to the storm.

Success is never achieved by staying within the limits, one has to cross the limit to win.

Don’t be afraid to try again
Because this time the beginning will not be from zero but with experience.

If you want to reach the goal, then your desire to win should be more than the fear of losing.

Be late but do something because people ask for status, not well-being with time.

Soul comes alone and goes alone
no one supports him
No one becomes his friend.

When something has to suffer,
And it has a history,
So she becomes more beautiful.

best motivational status in hindi

conquering yourself millions
It is better to conquer the enemies.

Coming together is a beginning.
living together is progress
Working together is success.

If everyone’s moving in together
So success takes care of itself.

Truth can be told in a thousand ways,
Yet each one will be true.

The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

If mankind is to survive
So we will need a completely new approach.

No problem can be solved by staying at the same level of consciousness at which it has arisen.

We should know that luck is earned and not imposed. There is no grace that has not been earned.

that person has attained immortality,
One who is not disturbed by any worldly things.

Unless you believe in yourself, you cannot believe in God.

All differences in this world are of some sort, not of type, because unity is the secret of all things.

Opportunities are hidden in the midst of difficulties.
We lost because we told ourselves we lost.

short motivational status

Don’t make mistakes, find solutions.

Learning never tire the mind.

There is no love where there is no desire.

You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

Anger resides in the bosom of fools.

Opportunities are hidden in the midst of difficulties.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Never give up in the face of difficulties.

You have to be stubborn to win.

Admitting your mistakes is a great art.

You become what you think.

Great work is not done by strength but by doing it continuously.

The lamp of success burns only through hard work.


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