[55+] Chand Shayari in Hindi (2022) | Moon Shayari

[55+] Chand Shayari in Hindi (2022) | Moon Shayari

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Chand Par Shayari is many because in India your lover is also considered to be the moon, your girlfriend and boyfriend are compared to the moon, for that only this Chand Pe Shayari has been made.

Today we have brought Chand Ki Shayari for you and you can also send these Chand Shayari for GF & BF to your partner, by reading below, tell us how did you like this Shayari on Moon.

Chand Shayari

Even without wanting, this complaint comes on my lips,
O moon, don’t come in front of anyone’s memory..!!

What did you walk on the roof in the sight of the moon?
The date of Eid has been completed in the city..!!

Yesterday was the night of the fourteenth, your discussion was full of words,
Some said this is the moon, some said your face..!!

The beauty of the moon is also from the ground,
There is no moonlight on the moon..!!

The night has spread like your beautiful Aanchal,
The moon has come out like a madman to find you..!!

When could I live my life by staying in the crowd?
If the moon is alone then everyone feels..!!

Screaming in the moonlit nights,
The moon who saw that face..!!

We kept looking for the moon in the sky all night long,
It was the moon that secretly came down in my courtyard..!!

Sitting on the watch of the moon,
The task of monitoring the wires,
One nice night for you,
A sweet little dream in the name of your eyes..!!

O moon not so shining, we have also seen many moons,
The only difference is that you have stains on you but we have seen the spotless..!!

Chand Shayari in Hindi

If I call him the moon, it is possible.
But people see him all night long, I don’t mind it..!!

Today the sight of the moon will break, friends,
Today I have called them on the terrace..!!

Ishq Teri Intehaan Ishq Meri Intehaan,
You are neither now nor all, I am also not all now..!!

The night drowns everyday,
I have to teach the moon to swim..!!

O I wish such an evening comes in our fate,
If a moon has come out on the board, it should come on a roof..!!

The distance between the sky and the land is every few,
O Sanam, I saw a face like a moon from afar..!!

The moon is also surprised, the river is also in trouble,
To whom does Aks belong, this much light is in the water..!!

What a beautiful moon face
Its color is dark,
God did not believe in Wafa,
That’s why there is a guard of stars on the moon..!!

The moon is smiling desperately,
The moon is hiding some conspiracy..!!

That moon had gone by saying that it will come out today,
So I have been waiting since evening..!!

Chand Ki Shayari

If I saw you then I did not see him again,
The moon kept saying I am the moon, I am the moon..!!

One act of stealing your heart,
A tribute to settle in your heart,
Your face is like a moon and one,
Our wish is to get that moon..!!

In front of the radiance of his face felt plain,
The moon was full on the sky but it felt half..!!

Do not look at yourself with your own eyes,
A shining diamond will also look like a stone to you,
Everyone would say that you are a piece of the moon,
From my eyes the moon will look like your piece..!!

How did I see your face in the moon,
The color of the sky has become muddy due to the storms..!!

Mine and the moon have the same fate,
He alone in the stars I am alone in thousands..!!

There is no peace in the day, there is no sense in the night,
Even the moon is lost, look at the clouds..!!

We spent the whole night in this wait,
Now the moon will come out in the middle of the night..!!

You saw the moon through the window,
I have seen the moon in the window..!!

The eyes are told by the eyes,
What is hidden from the world,
Ask the moon or ask from my heart,
How is the night spent alone..!!

Shayari on Moon in Hindi

Moon Shayari

It was his insistence that someone bring another from me,
With great difficulty I have pulled the moon..!!

Today again the moon is sad, today the stars have started sleeping again,
Today again you have given loneliness, today we have started crying again..!!

Why does he stay at night like me,
Tell me, O moon, with whom your eyes have fought..!!

If there was no moon on the sky,
Whom do we call laughing like you..!!

‘Qamar’ inviting him to his house as a guest,
The moonlight of the moon was done..!!

Today the moon came out late again,
You are late in coming again..!!

You call yourself the moon,
Come see it is night too..!!

Evening shadows are measured with balishts,
How long did the moon take to come..!!

The night is silent but the moon is not silent,
How can I say then today I am not conscious,
I am so immersed in the depths of your eyes today,
There is alcohol in hand but no sense of drinking..!!

Sun stars and moon be with me,
As long as your hands are in my hand,
Those leaves are not broken by the branches,
Tell the storms to stay in your position..!!

Shayari on Moon

There is a guard looking at the beauty of the moon,
Today I see Mehboob’s face in the moon..!!

When I look at the moon, I see your face,
I am in love that much I understand..!!

Our eyes were on the beauty of the moon,
On their sky people and ours on them..!!

You have seen the moon of Eid,
It must have been the Eid of the moon..!!

My heart is lost in love,
Mehboob my Eid moon has become..!!

When I saw Hilal-e-Eid, I thought of you,
He is the moon of the sky, you are my moon..!!

That moon is very proud that it has lights,
But what does he know that my friend is also Kohinoor..!!

The moonlight of four days faded with evening,
What did the person bring, got burnt with the body..!!

If you say, break the moon and put it on the palm,
If you have heart then come to the mansion sometime..!!

He was tired and slept in my arms, so what happened?
Now I have seen that the moon is also bent on some branch-e-gul..!!

Shayari on Moon in Hindi

It is morning that the sun starts teasing me,
It is said that I was very proud, now speak on your moon..!!

In the eyes in which your black night becomes kajal,
There will be a drop of tears in those eyes..!!

Neither the moon nor the face is needed,
I just want a glimpse of you..!!

Saw a falling star in the night was just like me,
The moon didn’t care, it was just like you..!!

People used to look for the moon in my pocket,
I often forget to have your picture..!!

There was noise last night, two moons had come out,
Tell me what was the need for you to walk on the terrace..!!

Who asked how the moon emerges from them,
Shocked the swirls by putting them on the stance that like this..!!

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