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Life Status in Hindi for Girl

Life is a beautiful and exciting journey, which we should enjoy every day. There may be many challenges and difficulties in this journey. But whenever such a difficult time comes, then the status and quotes written on life are very useful. In this post we are for you Life Status in Hindi Have brought In life status It gives you a new energy and remembers the true beauty of life.

Life is undoubtedly beautiful but we cannot avoid the difficulties and struggles of life. At such times try to convince yourself that whatever is happening to you in the present will eventually make you a stronger person. If there has been any change or difficulty in your life or in the life of any of your friends, then these statuses given below will inspire you.

Life Status in Hindi

Lose the weight of your desires, life will light itself up.

We have taken the phone with touch, but it is also very important to stay in touch in life.

What is being cut is age, but what is living is life.

If you want to change life then you have to fight and if you want to make it easy then you have to understand it.

If you want to become something in life, change your ways, not your intentions.

real life status in hindi

Life keeps on enjoying you, sometimes you also take pleasure in life.

Life teaches you a lot even without books.

Life teaches us as many lessons as we do not learn from books.

positive life status

The purpose of life is only to be happy.

You live life once, but if you live it that way, then only one is enough.

Life Status

Most of the losers in life are those who did not know how close they were to victory.

If you want to live life happily, then attach yourself to a goal, not a thing.

life status in hindi for boys

Time is short, so don’t waste it living the lives of others.

truth of life status in hindi

To write about life, you must first live it.

Life is not a problem which has to be solved but it is a reality, feel it.

Without a goal, life would not be worth living.

Always take experience from failures in life.

heart touching life status in hindi

Have low expectations in life and appreciate everything.

The smaller the circle in life, the more private the life, the calmer the mind.

Life is not about people who are true to your face, but about people who stay true behind your back.

I don’t talk as much in real life as I do in my head.

Life Status in Hindi

sad life status in hindi

If only! Life is also written with pencil, there are some pages which I want to erase.

When you feel that you are not happy in life, think that someone is happy because you are in their life.

truth of life status in hindi

We all make mistakes in our life, because there is no book to live life.

No matter how well you do to people in life, they never remember. Make a mistake once, they never forget.

Life is never perfect, but be thankful for whatever you have got in life.

motivational life status in hindi

Sometimes in life the questions are easy but the answers are difficult.

positive life status

Love everyone in life, trust only a few and don’t do wrong to anyone.

Life Motivation Status in Hindi

Four Pillars of Life: Love, Honesty, Truthfulness and Respect.

You have to first understand the rules of the game of life, then only you will be able to play well.

Life Status in Hindi 2 Line

In a minute spent with someone, you give him a part of your life and you take a part of his life.

We do not understand the importance of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Life Status in Hindi for Girl

Do what makes you happy in life.

Learn to enjoy every moment in life and be happy always.

life status in hindi for boys

Peace is the beauty of life.

Life is beautiful, recognize its beauty.

Life Status

Life is meant to be lived and keep your curiosity alive.

If you have good friends in life, it will increase your good and reduce your evil.

Always be happy, it will never be out of style.

Life Status in Hindi One Line

In life you need knowledge and confidence, success is certain.

The pressures and challenges in life are an opportunity for you to move forward.

Criticism received in life makes you stronger.

heart touching life status in hindi

Live every moment of life without any hesitation.

Life is like riding a bicycle, to maintain balance you have to keep moving.

best status on life

Life is really simple, but we make it complicated on purpose.

In life, you get many lessons one after the other, which you must live to understand.

Life is like a coin, you can spend it however you want, but only once.

life status

Life is a flower and love is its honey.

Keep smiling always! Life is beautiful and there is so much to smile about.

Life Motivation Status in Hindi

The greatest pleasure of life is love.

Life is as we make it.

Many of us are not living our dreams but fears.

Every human has a limited heartbeat, don’t waste it.

life status in hindi

New Life Status in Hindi

Life is a new beginning every moment.

When you stop dreaming you stop living.

Some things are better if they get on time. If you meet first, you lose your value and if you meet later, you lose your importance.

Supporting someone in their bad times is the best act of life.

Take advantage of every opportunity in life but do not trust anyone.

By the time we start understanding life a little bit, half is gone.

Life Status in Hindi 2 Line

Pain gives life, death is equally infamous.

We hope that the above given Life Status in Hindi may have given some inspiration to you or any of your friends in difficult times of life. You can use these status as status on social media platform like whatsapp or instagram. If you have any suggestion for us then please don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for spending time on this post. Have a good day.

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