[60+] Cute Boy Status in Hindi (2022)

[60+] Cute Boy Status in Hindi (2022)

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Cute Boy Status

Cute Boy Status

Be like a girl,
Boyfriends look like me..!!

If it is not mine, then it is not surprising that
Because if you put your heart to the lion, the goat doesn’t have that much status..!!

I can forgive
But can never forget..!!

are bad we are living only then,
If it were good, where would the world allow it to live..!!

Listen, it is not in our nature to be crazy SENTY,
Bhag Re Chori, this boy is not in your luck..!!

Deception status is also ready,
Just need someone to cheat..!!

Don’t doubt my character
This is more clear than your face..!!

Mother had said never break anyone’s heart,
That’s why we broke everything except the heart..!!

We sleep peacefully,
Because we don’t understand love..!!

I am a good boy with bad habits..!!

Cute Boy Status in Hindi

Cute Boy Status in Hindi
Cute Boy Status Hindi

Let’s smile a little again today,
Some people should be burnt without matches..!!

Whatever the outcome,
But the game will be played big now..!!

Do not break relationships in my nature,
We are infamous for maintaining relationships..!!

Have you ever seen a lion walking in a herd?
And that lion is me..!!

Some people are jealous of my stumbling,
It is said that this person has gone ahead in experience..!!

In whose eyes we do not look good,
Don’t know why they don’t say anything in front of me..!!

It’s fair enough that I’m great,
Who cares..!!

Enemies are many but they say don’t they
Lions are not hunted by dogs..!!

Take care of my evil,
Some of your loved ones include me too..!!

I am very happy today,
Because now I keep hope from myself, not from others..!!

Cute Boy Attitude Status in Hindi

Cute Boy Attitude Status in Hindi
Cute Boy Attitude Status in Hindi

Do not understand that we are not worthy of you,
We are suffering those who are not getting it..!!

I don’t pretend to be nothing
I know I am the best..!!

Day by day our smartness is increasing so much,
That every girl is going to fall in love with us only..!!

Our name is not so weak that,
Get defamed by the sound of two or four enemies..!!

The things people fear
We love those things..!!

Hear son, where does your money go,
There my name goes..!!

Son don’t go on the face,
There is a lot of gunpowder in the trunk of the car..!!

We did love with his simplicity,
Otherwise we have not become slaves of beauty till today..!!

wait for the time sir
This time not us, you will come to meet us..!!

The neighborhood of desires was big,
We turned to the lane of needs..!!

Best Cute Boy Status Hindi

Best Cute Boy Status Hindi
Best Cute Boy Status Hindi

the things belong to them,
In which there are some things..!!

When the girls are caught,
So this heart gets sick..!!

Don’t treat us like those boys,
Who celebrates the rude and makes the people laugh..!!

Be happy seeing the spectacle of my life,
I was also very happy seeing the spectacle of others..!!

Some call me good and some call me bad
People call us spoiled Nawab..!!

There will be no shortage in my attitude,
One day you will be on my bike..!!

What does this love even do?
And what do people think too..!!

Attitude of boys does not decrease,
Whatever happens in love, there is no sorrow..!!

Where are you going with the burden of sorrow?
Man why are you singing this sad song..!!

Life becomes beautiful
When the one who walks with you is not a cheater..!!

Cute Boy Shayari

Cute Boy Shayari
Cute Boy Shayari

In whose eyes we are evil,
He should take care of his eyes..!!

That boy has a little too much emotion,
The boy who came is from some village..!!

See you tomorrow, today there is a lot of work,
We are not the slaves who obey you..!!

Will be crazy about my attitude,
Who will be the queen of my heart..!!

Old friend is angry and,
Don’t bow your head in my nature..!!

I can’t sleep through the night in love,
That’s why studies are not done in class..!!

you look very nice to me,
Sometimes praise our eyes..!!

Pagli your choice is rotten,
That’s why you are not standing with me..!!

Attitude of cute boys should be cool,
Coffee is hot too..!!

We don’t like to follow girls
We are not less than anyone..!!

Love is not for showing people,
Rather it is the union of two hearts..!!

Cute Boy Shayari in Hindi

cute boy status
Cute Boy Shayari Hindi

Don’t show such attitude, no one asks,
Give such a smile that no one ever forgets..!!

Don’t die in love anymore,
Support me in love now..!!

Your memories are no less than surgical strikes.
Every day without talking often comes in the night..!!

How much they hated us in the beginning,
Then don’t know how I fell in love so much..!!

Where are you going with the burden of sorrow?
Man why are you singing this sad song..!!

There will be no appearance, no witness,
Now whoever entangles with us will just be directly destroyed..!!

We sleep peacefully because,
We don’t understand love..!!

How lucky are those people?
Those who have cute sisters..!!

Live this life as a mirror,
If you smile, she will smile too..!!

We often buy people’s sorrow,
And sell your happiness..!!

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