[60+] Maut Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | मौत शायरी

[60+] Maut Shayari in Hindi (DEC 2021) | मौत शायरी

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Maut Shayari

If you want to learn loyalty, then learn from death.
The one who once made his own then does not allow anyone to happen..!!

Where will you find me, go on taking my address,
A grave will be new, it must have been burnt on it..!!

The complaint was not with the death but with my loved ones.
What happened to the eyes closed, they started digging the grave..!!

I don’t know how my death will be
But it is certain that it will be better than your infidelity..!!

O death, you just wait for my friend,
He will surely come if he has true love for me..!!

No one ever comes to live in fear,
You don’t even go like you went..!!

When life was dear, there were thousands of enemies.
Now if you have a passion to die, you can’t find murderers..!!

You are taking God’s name from time to time,
But why doesn’t the ink end of life..!!

O Ajal, how was this ignorant with you,
The flower that broke Chaman became desolated throughout..!!

Your dominance is empty till your life,
Zamindari does not work inside someone’s grave..!!

Maut Shayari in Hindi

Maut Shayari in Hindi

You will find some who admire us too,
If someone spread the rumor of our death, friends..!!

I have lived my life in your only jutju,
Embrace me and make the journey of the end breath..!!

Nothing can exist forever..!!

Neither death nor any medicine is needed, O God,
Don’t know what poison he had mixed in love..!!

I am still sure that you will come back one day,
Even if it is the day of my death..!!

Take care of every single breath or else,
He can do it whenever he wants, wherever he wants..!!

I don’t know which poison you mixed in love
Neither life is good nor death comes..!!

Don’t blow my grave with stumbling blocks,
This is the only sign of my love..!!

The extent is such that even death is far away,
He is also waiting for my suicide..!!

Where does death come from drinking poison?
God’s will is also needed for death..!!

Maut Ki Shayari

death shayari

Death is a reality, there is no shame in it,
What will you bring friends, there is no pocket in the shroud..!!

Avoid love, sir
Heard it is a slow death..!!

If you leave him, then you know that death is also a thing,
Life was that which passed in his gathering..!!

Death does not take any bribe..!!

a man who lives completely
He is ready to die any time..!!

What can I say if I tell you my dream, it will be broken,
If I tell my heart, it will be shattered,
Come let me name you Zindagi,
Before death, you will not be able to leave your side..!!

Today my death left me by saying,
When you are alive, then inform me..!!

After kissing my face wrapped in the shroud, he said in agony,
Don’t even see us wearing new clothes..!!

Tomorrow in the lap of death in the lap of mother, today
We got these two happy times in the world..!!

My life was passed with the help of your Hijra,
My death also needs some excuse..!!

Sad Maut Shayari in Hindi

poetry on death

No one will come in my life except you,
There is only one death which I do not promise..!!

In whose memory everyone has forgotten,
I have heard that nowadays they have even forgotten our name,
Who swore to keep up with the friend,
Today they forgot to visit our dead body..!!

Ishq says look at me once
If you do not introduce me to death, then change my name..!!

This is my wish, just come once,
Whether death comes or friend comes..!!

Stopping my funeral, he said in this manner,
We told you that you are leaving the world..!!

Life is full of wounds, learn to make time a healer,
To lose is to learn to live life from death one day..!!

All the ages cut off in the tussle of death-o-celebrity,
Gum didn’t let live, hobby didn’t let it die..!!

Two yards of land is rightly my property,
O death, you have made me a landlord..!!

Do not ask for long life for me,
Lest you also leave and death does not come..!!

Come on, traveler, the last breath is left,
If you were interested, my eyes would have opened..!!

death shayari

death shayari

Don’t put so much on your existence, life
It is death that is giving you time..!!

You are also my pain and you are also the medicine of pain,
You are also the reason for my death, you are also the reason for living,
You are far away from me with open eyes,
You are also with me everywhere in closed eyes..!!

What a lot has anyone said that,
My life is not so sweet that I am afraid of death..!!

Take the last look, open my shroud
Now don’t be ashamed that Chashm-e-Muntazir is Benur..!!

No one will come in my life except you,
There is only one death which I do not promise..!!

With death comes honesty..!!

It’s you who doesn’t even remember love,
I’m in the one who doesn’t remember anything else,
Life is only two ways of death,
I don’t remember you, I don’t remember..!!

Wished him so passionately that he forgot himself too,
How many times did I cry my heart out for them,
He turned down only once,
And we put ourselves to death..!!

What did death say secretly,
And life remained silent..!!

someone must have died in Hijra
I can’t even sleep..!!

death shayari

Who says that if death comes, I will die,
I am a river, I will go down in the sea..!!

What will be your death too?
One day you will die like this but you will die by dying..!!

Where was the courage of death to hit me,
Fucking gave my betel nut to love..!!

You come and knock on this heart sometime,
If love is less than expected, then punish-e-death..!!

You will find some who admire us too,
If someone spread the rumor of our death, friends..!!

Saaz-e-Dil was filled with love,
Youth has come with death..!!

What fear of death is a game of minutes,
Disaster is life that goes on for years..!!

What a dead man has said,
Those who are crying over my death, if I wake up now, I will not let them live..!!

Why should I worry, where will I find a place after death?
Where there will be gatherings of friends, my soul will be found there..!!

I have heard that death does not give a moment’s time,
Forgive me if I die suddenly..!!

last word

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